This is the honda e lets check it out, check out the overall look of this car – very simplistic, streamline, not too much of curves here and there, and also its compact and cute very suitable for city driving. What is this thing over here? So when you press this button, this is actually for you to access this charging port, of course, like it is, after all, an ev car of which you need to charge its battery down. Here we got the camera front. Camera part of the 360 degree camera view down here. We also have the sensor. Now this car is equipped with the honda sensing feature, also sensors, all around the car headlamps full led with daytime running lights, check out the side profile of this car. If you remember the first gen honda, civic, hmm, it kind of looks like that right. Anyways lets start off with us, with these 16 inch rims over here, the side. Camera mirrors that replace the conventional mirrors of which it captures the image over here and displays it on two six inch lpd screen, so its actually inside of the car, which well show you later over. Here, we actually have the door handles when you unlock the car. Thats right pop up door handles for easier access, and also this one over here, giving it a very sexy, look all round frameless door and now for the back part of the car. You can see here full led for the back lamps reverse lights over here.

Full sensors, all around part of the honda sensing not to get that camera for reverse and also part of the 360 degree camera. And when you open up the boot space 171 liters of boot space, which is also extendable. When we fold the back seats over here to increase your boot space and now for the interior of the car – something you definitely notice is these screens over here. There are two 12.3 inch lcd screens for your media over 3d infotainment system, where it will display like certain applications and also, for example, part of that 360 degree view over there. You can actually see it as part of on the screen itself now over here. There are two additional screens. What are these remember earlier outside? There was this side, camera mirror system now that one actually displays or captures the image from outside again replacing the conventional side mirrors and already displaying it here on these two six inch lcd screens again something like the conventional side mirrors. You can definitely adjust it to your liking to show you the image. Also here there is the instrument cluster, fully digital, showing you important information of this car coming to the steering wheel itself. Remember earlier i mentioned about honda sensing now this car is also fully equipped with honda sensing, where you can find buttons for the adaptive cruise control, lane, departure warning and whatnot also coming with pedal shifters, and i also noticed the steering is actually light and speaking about The steering itself this car has an excellent turning radius.

Now you can see over here the wheels turn well like almost to a 90 degrees, but its actually not 90 degrees, so, like i said earlier, very suitable for city driving, also making parking a lot more easier. Also incorporating the size of this car, not a problem at all. You guys got ta, see this one over here, so you have your two usb ports, hdmi port and also yes, this 12 volt power outlet, but this one something special about this car. It actually has a three pin power plug or charging port over here, for you to charge your electrical devices, pretty cool, stuff, eh and also here, because this guys, an eb car does not use or does not have a gearbox. So if you want to switch between your driving modes, for example, from drive to neutral, to reverse or even park just by pressing this button over here and you can switch between two driving modes, which is the sport or normal driving mode, using this little knob over Here now this rear view mirror over here is not your conventional review mirror, because you can actually switch your visuals thats right. Actually, you can choose to also display that image or that visuals is captured by the back camera. Also, on top, we have the panoramic glass roof, which is really really nice, also very complimenting to this car. But what about the performance of this car now? This car can produce 134.

1 horsepower and also a maximum torque of 350 newton meter, and it can go from zero to 100 in about nine seconds, but because this is an ev car lets talk about its battery capacity. Now you can charge this car from zero to 80 in about 31 minutes and has a battery capacity or a driving range of 220 kilometers. But is that enough? Well, like i said its perfect for city driving lets see, for example, if you drive from home to work and back home, takes you about 50 kilometers per day an example right there can last you a couple of days. Then you need to charge it again, but with lower drive range, that would mean it can last you even longer, but because of its small battery capacity, youre able to charge this overnight and come into the car with it being fully charged for you to start your Journey again to work or anywhere around the city, thats, why i say its actually pretty perfect for city driving.