Quite that brisk yet, but charging speeds are getting quicker. All of the time in case you thought wed, be able to give you a precise amount of time for how long it takes to charge up your car, then its a bit more nuanced than that, because it depends on the speed of your charger to work out. How long it takes to charge your electric car, then we need to do a little bit of maths, but dont worry im not talking about hardcore algebra, just a simple sum kilowatt hour divided by kilowatt, so a typical 80 kilowatt hour battery pack will take around 11 Hours to fill up when plugged into a seven kilowatt home charger, some wall box and car combinations can get the job done even faster. With rates up to 22 kilowatts, although thats, rare and expensive, you could plug into a three pin plug, but many manufacturers advise only doing this as a last resort. You wont get more than three kilowatts from a domestic socket and the reality is youll, probably get even less for a car with a bigger battery. Youd be measuring the charge time in days rather than hours. If you arent, able to charge at home or youre taking on a journey longer than your ev, is capable of then theres a growing network of public charges to rely on. There are destination charges at places like shopping centers, which could deliver anything from seven kilowatts upwards and at facilities like this youre able to charge a much higher rate fast chargers that deliver as much as 350.

Kilowatts are now available making for super quick recharges cars that are capable of charging at higher speeds can go from nearly empty to 80 percent in under 20 minutes. So why 80 and not 100? Well, when a car reaches 80 charge, the rate starts to slow down. Imagine it like filling a glass of water, you slow down for that last part, so you dont spill anything its more efficient to stop charging at 80 percent and be on your way, even if that means stopping again to charge later in the journey its better. For the batterys long term, health only charged to 100 when you really need to, but lets get back to those 20 minutes. Yes, it takes longer than it will take to fill up with petrol, but still only about the same amount of time. It takes to have a cup of tea or coffee, perhaps with a cake yeah, definitely with a cake and anyone whos ever had to take kids on a road trip. Toilet stop will know that youd be lucky to get in and out of the services in much less than 20 minutes. We should point out that this is based on an ideal scenario of finding a powerful enough charger to consistently put out the maximum rate that your car is capable of charging at until it reaches 80 percent. Just because a charger is capable of a certain output. Doesnt necessarily mean youll get the full beams for the whole amount of time that the cars plugged in on a rapid charger, its common for the peak supply to start decreasing after a few minutes.

And if multiple charges share the same electricity supply, then the output per plug could be decreased or the car may throttle the charge in order to preserve battery life. So there we have it a long but reasonably straightforward answer to how long does it take to charge an ev? The real question is: what would you do while waiting? Let us know in the comments head to drivingelectric.