Today we have the latest version of mg: zda cv 2022 with us. So in this video we are going to know the ownership review of this car, so watch the video till the end to explain about this car. Today we have mr pawan kumar, sir, with us, hello, sir. How are you okay, pawn comma, sir? Please introduce yourself to our audience: uh hi friends uh. My name is pawan kumar palapudi um im residing at uh banangpet uh. I bought this car in uh march 21st. What do you do by profession, yeah, im working as a plant head for a aerospace company? Okay, im sitting at uhuru, fine, fine yeah, your name is panadis. Okay. When did you bought this car and how many kilometers do you clock till now? Uh i bought this car on 21st march 2022. Okay till today, around ten thousand five hundred kilometers is complete. Okay, within three months, you completed around ten thousand three hundred kilometers thats, a very good thing. Yes, so may i know how many kilometers you will travel in a single day, um for a regular use. I used to uh, i travel around 140 kilometers and i go far away from here, its around 500 to 600 per day, okay. So my first question is uh to board this car. How much you have spent? I! It costs uh 27.3 lakh for me on road. Okay, uh its a high end exclusive model, yeah yeah uh.

Another model is that excite, but it is not available in the market. No okay, i think from july 22 onwards it is available in the market. Okay, for this moment, is the only model available in the market. Okay, so my next question is: did you bought any ic or electric car before this, or this is the first car in your life uh? This is my second car before this car. I you used to use a i20 okay magnum model. Okay, i bought that car in 2015. I used for around seven years. Okay, then, after this i bought this car. Okay may i know the reason to shifting from ic engine to a electric engine yeah uh anyway. I have to go for a next level car like a suv yeah upgrade to itunes. So meantime, i got information that uh electrical vehicles are coming from different models: yeah different brands, okay, so for compared with uh different brands. What is available in the market? Presently? Okay, so this is the best one i think. Okay, then i tried twice from the uh showroom. Then i selected this model, okay, good one. So did you test out any electric cars before going to this? Yes, i tried the tata nexon before this yeah. That was a good car yeah, but uh. Compared to this. It is a best one: yeah yeah, okay, because its having a higher battery capacity and a higher range, yes size of the car and the range of the car and the comfort everything better than that.

Okay. So may i know the story behind this car like the process from the booking to the delivery. What is the process and did you face any issues with the showroom guys uh? There is a delay because of the availability of the battery and motors etcetera. We are importing from the other conditions. Yeah. There is a delay in the manufacturing supply and issues are there from uh last two years because of the pandemic yeah yeah, so because of the reason uh it is delayed. They promised me for three months of the delivery time, but i got this after five months. Okay, so i booked this car uh in october 2021. Okay uh. They promised me on january 2022, but its delayed. I got this on march. Okay, so if we go into the technical specification, this car got a 50.3 kilowatt hour battery pack and they are claiming a range of 460 kilometers correct. So how much kilometers range? Are you getting right now, uh, practically in daily use? It is not possible to get 463 kilometers what they promised. Yeah im getting around 400 kilometers on average okay by using daily activities. Okay, but you can get maximum of 430 to 440 – is also easy if roads are in a downfall. Okay. So what are the ideal conditions to get around 430 to 450 kilometers range uh smooth, drive, no aggression and driving? Okay? No, no braking! What is the average speed im driving 80 to 90.

? Okay. So if we go around 80 to 90 kilometers per hour, we can get a range of four to four thirty. Yes, okay, so did you destroyed the top speed of this anytime uh? I touched the 153 max section: okay, yes, on the highway. Okay, so hows the car performance at that higher speed, very good uh on road balance is good uh, even in the tunings also and thats. The speed uh very good, its very good, fantastic so with the previous car yeah, very good, actually, okay, and that uh ic car uh, i20 yeah. Okay, that maximum attached to 140 but uh regal. I can go 1900 only yeah, yeah, yeah yeah. The engine will stress. If yes, but it is a very comfortable while driving at uh 150 speed – also, okay, very very good. Okay, how is the braking performance of this car uh disgrace that that our four wheels are having yesterday very good but uh generally, i dont use brakes. So cars are there yeah thats there, so uh aggression will not be there while driving compared with the ic vehicles yeah. It will make the for sudden breaking or end of the driving. Only i use the brake thats it: okay, very, less, okay! Okay, if not, if we take our uh lick from the pedal, it will automatically slow down slow down compared to yeah the three levels. Are there one? Two three i use uh three continuously, okay, so its very within the short distance.

It will be stopped okay, so there is a benefit of regeneration, and so, as we all know, that mg is very famous for its futures. Yes, so what are all the futures you are getting, and what do you think about that future? Is that really necessary in our day to day conditions? Yes required, uh its advanced little bit? If you compare with the previous vehicles uh in the last decade, yeah um safety purpose and uh comfort, luxury, okay, uh, its required actually so its common for every vehicle. In these days, yeah, you see the other brands and other vehicles also, okay. Most of the features are available in other cars, yeah yeah. So how is the apple, carplay or android? Auto is working in this its good uh but im not using uh, whatever feature available with the car that im using uh like a maps im using uh existed in the car that i am using now im, not using google maps from the phone to car. Okay. So one time i used the starting of the car okay: now i am not using so whatever available to the car maps at the time using theres, not google map, okay. So, as you took the silver color, how is the maintenance of this color? For me, it is okay if you go for a rough driving or off road driving its, not good for maintaining yeah yeah. But for me it is okay, okay for ideal conditions.

So did you observe any difference between your ic car and this electric cars in terms of performance, a lot okay? So very big number of changes are there. If you compare with the ic cards and the electric one yeah uh first one is a noise with this car yeah and uh driving comfort, okay and maintenance, maintenance cost yeah as well as a fuel cost. Very less so running cost will be less yeah. This is the main difference with the ic card to elect the car absolutely, but the initial cost will be a little high if youre, comparing with the ic costs, yeah thats the difference. Okay, so may i know how you watch this car. Did you watch any time on your own uh general? I watch weekly okay by using a special shampoo, okay from 3m brand. Okay regularly. I just clean it, but uh weekly. I watch it. Okay, so do you take any measures by washing this electric car while compared to ic car, because in ic car we can watch as a wish? As this is electric, we must take some measures so did you take any like? I think there is no difference, while washing 19 percent, we can do as we are doing with the ic cars. Okay, there is no difference: okay, uh anyway, ip67 lock is there for batteries, and this one, so no leakage will be there for water. Okay. Anyway, we are open, not opening any doors of this car, okay, so outside only yeah.

So this is the same okay in rainy season. Also we go there directly as sec okay. So if you talk about the expenses, the main expense of this car is the charging yeah. So how much time does it take to charge from zero to hundred percent? So i use uh uh. There are three types of charges. Are there for this car for charging purpose? Okay, uh first one is: i use a home charger. Okay, thats, a three pick: uh three pin plug used for a portable 16 amps plug okay at home uh. It will take 14 to 16 hours time uh for getting 0 100 battery. For me around three 250 to 300 rupees uh charging for a full charger. Okay, on a single charge. You are getting a current bill around yes, okay and the second one is uh theyre. Providing a wall moon charger along with the car. Yes, that is having a 7.4 kilowatt capacity. Okay, you can uh hold it on a wall. You can charge it okay, a little speed if you compare it with a slow charger. Okay, that will uh take time of six to eight hours, time from zero to hundred percent. Okay is that optional between the portable charger and the dock charger, or when we have to buy additional no uh, we will get uh along with cargo. At these two okay, two charges. They are providing. Yes, okay within the cast, only okay, fine, fine, so installation everything theyll, provide training, also, okay, at the time of uh purchase of the car, okay and third, one is a high speed charger that uh.

We cannot control uh. It is available in outset, okay, like uh petrol pumps and the restaurants on charging stations. Yes, okay, that is from 15 to 15, 20, 25, 30, 60 kilowatt charges, different areas, different brands, yeah. If you go with a 60 kilowatt charger, okay, it will take 0 100 within one hour. Okay, we take a 25 kilowatt charge. It will take 1 hour 40 minutes to two hours. Okay, but it will charge yeah charge. Is that from my experience, it is uh costing 16 to 18 rupees uh per unit outside okay, a bit extra, actually yeah for full charge around 900? It is question 900, 000, yeah yeah, but yeah. The three types are good okay, but we can save the time. Yes, okay, so that much uh high speed charges are not able like. If you see the uh charging stations available in usa, yeah from a tesla, you can see okay, so theyre having a 130 kilowatt charge, yeah yeah! So, within 10 to 20 minutes we can charge the car yeah. So that is not available. Now, i think, were expecting some more uh high speed charges, yeah different brands. The infrastructure has to develop in our india yeah its yet to come. Yes, but as the experts recommended, it is better to use the slow charges or the charges which is provided for our regular use. We we have to use a slow charger, yeah yeah, so i i generally prefer to use that slow charger at home.

Yeah, like uh, when i came back to office at around seven oclock, okay ill put a charger overnight saturday morning and remove it and go for office thats right thats, a good thing: it will increase the battery health. Also, yes, yes, so very rarely. I go outside uh highways, yeah on ios ill, get the hp charging and use it for a chassis okay. So, as per your votes, you are getting a bill of 250 to 300 on a single charge. Yes, by paying 300 rupees, you are going uh around 400 to 430 kilometers, correct yeah thats less than one rupee per kilometer, yeah yeah thats, a very big savings. Yes, so running cash is very low compared with isis, absolutely the main benefit of the car. Okay, so did you test out the tata next one eva before? Yes, before going for testing of this car? Okay, i tried tata next one actually from the tata naked showroom. This comes under the luxury segment and thats uh, so only difference is there still ive gone for this okay. So if we talk about some of the positive points of this car, what do you think uh comfort, uh, speed, luxury, okay, noise, free yeah and uh range? Okay, so is that top one? If you compare with the car available in the marketplace, absolutely the high end, one actually, okay. So if we talk about the negative things so each and every car we have some positives and as well as negatives.

So what did you observe the negative things until now in this car uh, not more than that? Okay, uh, very less? Actually, okay, uh only charging time is the main negative time yeah. I have to compare with uh filling the petrol at the pedal once yeah. Very fine, but i have to wait uh 40 minutes to one hour at that: okay, outside uh, restaurants, on yeah, yeah, absolutely and um. I dont get any negative things from this car. Okay, i think its good. If i compare with the isa cards, okay, did you face any issues with this car till now, yeah anisha found after uh in the car after one month of putting in the car okay um while uh coming from vijayawada okay, i stopped at the restaurant for charging. Okay, completion of a charging car not started okay. So there is a error message found in the screen. Okay, i try to resolve by uh helping of uh the team, but its not solved midnight. They provide the cap for me and my family. Okay, you stopped at the midnight sound, so they provided the towing of the car okay for trying to uh okay service center. Is there okay service center for omg in hyderabad? Okay, so doing that, then after two days, uh came back okay, so the showroom guys provided you the cab service from the somewhere point to your house. Right, yes, uh roadside assistance is there. Okay, that is good from mg yeah uh.

If i have a uh zero battery on road yeah, so if you call the mg team, they will provide the charging point. Also, we have cost okay, so we can come and charge it for 10 to 20 percent. Okay, then we can go for nearby charging station. Our home, oh i tried to move in the city, okay, uh, to go to imax theater, okay, while going there, two charges are there on the way i plan to charge at the point, but uh these two are not working. One is elvenar. Okay, then, after completion of movie, i requested the mg team they provided. The assistance. Okay uh to uh got the twenty percent of charging of the car. Okay. Then i came back to home. I charged it though thats a very good thing from the mg team. The support is there from mj okay, so you have faced that charging issue right. What is the reason behind that? Did they explain anything? Uh from home charging is the best one to go outside, so number of charging stations are not available. Some of them are not working, also yeah yeah, so hes, showing in the map app also yeah the car also, but when im going there theres not working yeah, so like two three places are there in the city. Still it is not working. I try. It twice. Are there okay, but its not working theres, a problem yeah? If i go there, its not working so no other option yeah, i agree so petrol booms are there uh in every five kilometers theres, not a problem, but charging is the problem yeah the infrastructure had to develop in our india, so number of charging points are required.

I would say: okay thats the problem: okay, thats, the only fish you face till now, right, yes, okay, so, overall, based on your experience, do you recommend this car around the 25 to 30 lakh segment who are looking to buy an electric car? What did you recommend? Yeah, i surely recommend this car okay in this uh 20 lakhs to 30 lakhs budget. Okay. So i recommend this car only fine, fine, so mg uh, not only this car. If you see the other cars, also okay, the brand uh quality of the car and performance, the car, okay, very good, actually features very good yeah yeah and the dry comfort also awesome. Actually, okay, okay! So thank you, mr pawanji, for explaining all your experiences nice meeting. You thank you, okay, so this is it friends all about this mg zb 2022 facelift version. So if you have any further doubts, please let us know in the comment section for now.