It just broke while we were driving uh, so its kind of just hanging here now i guess thats uh so were just gon na. Do that now, probably gon na fall again um. This will be ordering a new one, all right well, anyway, Music! So now that ive had the model 3 for almost two weeks and uh have been driving it around town. A bit uh have a couple of additional thoughts on it versus the old one um, and also just as a kind of new owner again so especially now having it again. You know kind of as a new car and thinking about the experience again a couple of things that ive noticed um. So, first of all biggest difference from the old one that i had old one was a 2019 standard range. This is a 2022 long range, so the range is obviously a big difference. I think the old one at 100 uh gave about 215 to 20 miles at least quoted, but teslas are kind of notorious for often performing uh less mileage than what the car actually says. Um – and so you know on a day to day basis, charging to about 80, i think took to about 170 to 180 miles uh, whereas this one lets see. I had a 96 right now and its saying 342 miles. Thinking 100, it was saying 360. uh at 80 for a day to day basis, which i try to do to not overcharge and uh degrade the batteries um, it shows uh.

Actually i dont totally remember ive only done that, like once it was like 2 70 280. Something like that, actually maybe almost 300 300. um, and that makes a big difference. Uh. First of all, i dont have to charge it nearly as often ive only charged it once uh so far in two weeks, and that was really just to get it as full. As possible for this long drive, but it just does, it does seem to just live uh uh last forever, um. The other big difference, though, with having that long range, is that the charging takes uh significantly longer so, whereas the standard range i could uh top up and you know see a larger percentage increase uh. Even you know, in a couple of hours um this one. I pretty much have to charge it overnight. If i want to go, you know from anywhere close uh to zero back up to even like 80 uh last night um. Actually, we charged both cars, one right after the other, so the wall chargers started overheating and the car gave me a warning. So i just swapped out the two chargers and it was fine but um at one point it was or i think optimally. It was telling me about seven and a half to eight hours to fully charge from about 10 or so um and uh the when it was like overheating. It was actually telling me that it was going to be closer to um its actually 24 hours, plus another big difference uh.

Well, i guess you know with that extra range just means a lot more uh options and flexibility. You can go much further. Dont have to worry about where the superchargers are, which is honestly, never a problem anyway, because theyre pretty much always where you need to go theres at least some option along the way. But um you know just not even having to think about it and add the time for charging and everything is really nice too um, so definitely glad that you did the long range this time so another difference with this car versus the standard range. So this is a all wheel, drive dual motor that you get in the long range. The standard range is just rear, wheel, drive single motor in the back um party in the front, and you dont feel too much of a difference with it. Um car feels a little bit more connected to the road. If you like, really stomp the accelerator, you feel the uh a little bit more traction from the front than you did in the standard range, but um its honestly, not super different, feel it a little bit more in the turns too, it hugs a little bit tighter Um so overall just feels a little bit nicer, even more kind of performancy than the standard range did driving through chatham right now, really nice town, uh theres. Actually, a uh kia, um evie uh theres an ev6 over there, uh boring in the beige color, but it is a cool looking car.

You notice it as immediately obviously ill also be very interested to see with this car how the wheels all hold up and if the wear on them is a little bit more even than it was with the standard range. When i turned in the lease on the standard range one, the uh rear two tires were both uh, pretty chewed up for a car with only 25 000 miles on it and both needed to be replaced. Yes, another question that i get a lot about the car uh is how the build quality is. I think you know teslas built up a reputation somewhat earned, but i think you know a bit uh hyperbolic that the build quality is, you know, terrible theres. All these panel gaps everywhere things just fall off things, arent attached, right and um. You know i cant say that doesnt doesnt happen at all theres. Definitely some little things that you kind of pass off as tesla isms that really probably shouldnt be there on a car of this price um, especially as theyve wrapped up in price, but um. You know on this. One definitely feels like its better put together than the old one was uh if thats just theyve gotten better in the last three years, or this car happens to be a little bit better or what but um you know not that the other one was bad, but It was a little bit more creepy and stuff. This one is very well put together.

I dont notice any cream squeaks wheels or anything like that. Nothing feels loose in it. I havent noticed anything where you know something seems like its not properly uh installed or attached. Uh all the paint looks great um, although its already getting a bit dingy and i think weve got a couple of like you know little surface scratches on it. So yeah happens so talking about the lease return. I know i talked about it in the video for when i picked this up uh, but in the meantime, all of that got settled and closed out uh, nothing unexpected there, the ended up getting charged for the uh rear tire uh wear for the uh. I guess resurfacing needed to address the wear. Uh the scuffs on the three of the four uh wheels uh and then there was a disposition fee, and that was it so nothing about the charger that i forgot to give back to them. Nothing about the keys. I forgot to give and no issues with the license plate that i had a hard time getting off, so this return was probably the easiest part of the entire process. I mean it was all it was all very easy, but that all that involved was signing a single piece of paper, leaving the car there and walking away. They were able to get into it without any keys and Music. Take it back and now its out of my app and everything took maybe a little bit less than a week, maybe like five days or so so.

Another thing that i have noticed with this compared to the other one, not that its a difference that theyve created in the meantime or anything but um. I have the free 30 day initial trial on the premium connectivity um, which has been somewhat nice but um. Not enough of a difference really that ive noticed that im gon na feel like i need to sign up for it or anything um, but you know it gives you all of the internet. Streaming allows you even to stream videos and um. Uh also gives you uh real time. Traffic on the uh on the maps actually lets check that out yeah, but its gon na be traffic like almost the whole way, actually its, not that bad, its mostly it doesnt look like traffics too bad along the shore itself. Its only kind of getting over there thats, where all the traffic is its all the loud yeah but were not going there. Yeah were only going on the blue part, so thats kind of nice to be able to see that there, although its not like it, makes a difference in the routing itself. The routing takes traffic into effect anyway and itll reroute you. If traffic conditions get worse, um automatically anyway, theres really only being able to see the different colored lines on the map. The streaming has been nice, but since i dont use spotify that doesnt really make a difference, uh dont use, deezer or uh what else they have tuned in or whatever um ive just been using.

The uh like teslas sort of branded streaming, which i think is through um, slacker radio, so its just radio stations that you can put on no ads or anything, but you cant really like pick the specific songs or anything for me, um, so its fine. If they add apple music there, that might be enough to get me to pay for it, but as it stands right now, just not enough utility for me, i havent really noticed any difference with autopilot versus the old car, so the old car old car had radar Sensors in it uh for uh distance control and um controlling the autopilot. This one uh uses cameras only, but it doesnt seem like it affects anything really uh. Initially the camera. Only cars were only able to set a maximum speed of 80 miles an hour but theyve. Since increased that to 85 anyway – and i think that essentially brings it to the same as the uh old uh radar, lidar powered cars anyway, so no noticeable difference in how it actually drives automatic seems to be just as good the vision butt head back there shortly. All right so one of the uh major hardware, differences between this car and the old ones is that they added, i guess, two speakers on the outside of the car one in the front and one in the back to do the sounds that evs are required to Have for pedestrian warning so when you go in reverse, it makes like a kind of worrying spaceship, sound that i really dont like and wish you could get rid of um, but one of the cool things that you can do with it is a feature called megaphone That lets you talk through this uh microphones in the car and it projects it outside um.

So you can, i guess, talk to people outside uh and then you can also play some of the horn sounds through it, Music uh. You can also change the sound of the horn to a bunch of like pretty irritating ones, but you know its there. The boys have found that incredibly hilarious uh for what thats worth the nice thing about being in here, though, is the autopilot makes traffic much more manageable, so in the standard variety without having to pay for the extra enhanced, autopilot or full self driving, you basically just Get uh lane keep and uh automatic distance control the cruise control, which is great for which is great for driving through traffic like this. So i was able to put that on and of course, keep my hands on the wheel and pay attention to whats going on around. But the car basically took care of driving itself throughout that which made it much better than having to drive the big suv and stop and go traffic, and it was pretty bad traffic for about 30 or 40 minutes, or so so definitely very happy to have that Feature one of the best things about the tesla for sure that in the electric vehicle uh having just the the great acceleration, the regenerative braking makes it so much more comfortable to drive and stop and go traffic like this. But now at least it looks like we are clear to go and, as i say that, of course, a million brake lights in front of me, aggressive, braking from autopilot but probably actually needed it and lets see right now.

Oh guys, cop pulled another car over. So everybody has to stop yeah. Actually, a drive like this makes me miss waze and being able to see where the traffic stops are and hazards, and things be nice to be able to have that within the car or have it through carplay, which of course, tesla doesnt. Let you know one very minor difference that i noticed is the headrests here are now magnetic, rather than open, pretty strong, magnet um but um. I dont know if that really makes any difference at all, but when i first opened that up, i noticed it. I think the little um mirror flap covery. Things have always been magnetic so thats the same but uh the headrests themselves. Now uh close with the magnet doesnt seem to be an issue, its very strong, and it feels about the same as if it were a physical clip, yeah and other than that. Really the biggest differences over time for the model 3 have just been the price increases. So back when i bought the standard range one you know it felt like tesla was really moving toward their vision of having a super, affordable, uh sedan, car kind of for the masses, but thats continuously gone up, and now it seems like their focus is much more On the more premium lines of the um, the long range and with that the prices have gone up considerably, so i think, even since i ordered this car, the price has gone up by somewhere from six to eight thousand dollars, depending on uh, exactly which week it Is uh that youre watching um, and that was only about four months ago, which was after a couple of price increases, so it continues to go up.

It seems like its probably going to keep going up uh over time, theres. So much demand that i think theyre. Just going to keep increasing the price as long as they have demand, but at some point you know it really does become more questionable about. If this car is is worth it, i guess with gas prices right now with how much were saving driving this uh. It is paying off, but um, you know if it doesnt continue going up or the prices for the car itself keep going up. That definitely becomes more of a question, but im very glad. Weve got it now, its actually leading us to probably keeping the model y. Quite a bit longer than what we were initially intending, oh and, of course, one of the best features that tesla continues to have at least the one that the boys absolutely love, is the emission testing mode which does this. Who is that Music? So you can pick which seat it sounds like its coming from because of the surround. Sound speakers always get to laugh again. Please all right, no were done with them twice: theres, still more theres, still more all right, so thats everything that ive noticed in the first two weeks of having this car largely the same as the old 2019 standard range other than, of course, the drivetrain and the Um power the range but um its nice to have a new car again, one that doesnt feel quite so used and beat up.

Cars have been the boys have been enjoying it. Um and uh weve had a great time already, using it and um very happy that we stayed with tesla and continue with evs, well see what we end up doing in the longer term, but uh for now at least this ones here to stay for a while.