So how good is this truck really, but before i get into specific first lets talk about price, starting with the tesla cyber truck tesla is already at the top of the ev game, also its the price tag. This cyber truck is expected to come in at ‘. 000, compare that to the rivien r1t, for example, which starts at 67 500, and you can see why theres already so much hype around the cyber truck lets start with things. People care about that includes driving rain. Most truck drivers use their vehicles as work horses, so which ev truck has the best driving range on the truck isnt loaded with cargo. First up, we got the ford f. 150 lightning. Did you know that the f 150 lightning comes with two powerful battery options? It all depends on the driving range youre. Looking for the extended range battery pack gives you a range of up to 320 miles, while standard range battery offers only up to 230 miles of range, then there is a 2022 rivian r1t with a maximum driving range of 314 miles, not bad, but not as good, Because compared to ford f150 lightning extended range battery. Well, what about the tesla? Cyber truck, the single motor rear wheel, drive version offers up to 250 miles of range, the dual motor all wheel, drive version can reach up to 300 miles of range and the tri motor. All wheel, drive version is able to reach a whopping 500 miles of rain, but thats.

Not the only ev truck on todays list, with up to 500 miles of driving range ram, has stated that their 1500 electric pickup will also have a driving range of 500 miles. Talk about impressive driving ranges, but if youre gon na get an ev truck youre, most likely gon na load it with cargo and tow things which, of course, impacts driving range because the more weight your car is carrying the more energy it will drain and the faster It will drain it well heres the thing these are all brand new models, some havent even been released. Yet that also means they havent been tested out in the road completely loaded up. The only eevee truck thats been tested fully loaded is the ford f, 150 light with a thousand pounds of payload on board. This truck has a 300 mile driving range with the extended battery. As for the other trucks, theres no data yet, but now lets talk about towing capacity. Your trucks, towing capacity, is the maximum amount of weight it can safely pull. This capacity can change based on how your truck is configured, how much weight its carrying and how you control and distribute or load your towing manufacturers publish a towing capacity for each vehicle. They built, but you cant, always trust those numbers for your personal driving situations thats, because the calculations are based on the assumption that the vehicle is carrying only one driver, it doesnt account for any passengers, so lets say: youre planning to drive down south to your family.

This summer and you tow your trailer ride. In that case, the manufacturers calculations will not be accurate for your load, so to know the accurate towing capacity for your specific situation, you have to calculate the towing capacity yourself. So how could you do that? Well, you need to know the full gcv wr the vehicle you plan to tow g c v. W r stands for gross combined vehicle weight rate, and you need to know this number together with all the cargo youll be carrying from wiper fluid to passengers, then youll need to know your trucks. Curb weight. Curb weight is the full weight of your truck without you. Anyone else in the truck your trucks weight does include the all the necessary fluids to keep it running. Like gas, oil and radiator fluid you can find the curb weight in the car manual. We subtract your cars curb weight from your gcvwr thatll. Give you your trucks, towing capacity now heres, something very important. You should never forget. Manufacturers will always tell you, should never exceed your vehicles, towing capacity and theyre 100 right id even go so far in saying for safety reasons its best. You never come within 10. Of that total weight thats, because sometimes people miscalculate also loads shift when youre driving, which is another topic on its own. Also, your truck can break suddenly due to situations really. There are many reasons why driving a truck thats on the border of its limit is never a good thing, so, while i wont be able to yet tell you the exact towing capacity for each ev truck for your specific driving situations, i can tell you the manufacturers Calculations, the ford f, 150 light means towing capacity, is a mess of ten thousand pounds.

If you think thats impressive well, the rivien r1t can tow more than eleven thousand pounds but thats nothing compared to teslas cyber truck tesla. Cyber truck has an astonishing towing capacity of fourteen thousand pounds. Ram hasnt released the towing capacity of their 1500 electric pickup yet, but they did claim that it will be able to tell more than any ev truck competitor. So were talking about 14 01 pounds. Maybe itll be interesting to see if any ev truck can ever reach 20 000 pounds and what that will do to the battery now lets talk about payload a vehicles. Payload capacity is the maximum amount of weight it can safely carry. It refers to anything that you can load into your truck cabin and a trucks bed without breaking the suspension and voiding. Your warranty contrast that to an suv or car, which includes the weight in the trunk and cabin. If you have a trailer attached to your vehicle, that payload also includes the weight of the trailer thats pushing down on the trailer hitch that is known as tongue weight. Now i know what youre thinking sounds pretty similar to towing capacity. How is it different? Well, payload capacity is the amount of weight a vehicle can carry towing capacity is the amount of weight it can pull thats why car makers usually refer to carrying weight in the bed of a truck as hauling to distinguish it from towing or carrying weight in the Trailer battery size also has an impact on your ev trucks, payload capacity, the heavier the battery, the less payload.

Your truck will be able to carry. Did you know that towing capacity is always higher than payload capacity thats? Because, for example, you can pull more weight in the trailer than youd ever be able to carry on your own shoulders, but payload capacity does factor into towing capacity. For example, say: youre driving an suv bursting at the seams with people and playing a boat behind too thats like youre, pulling a trailer and carrying some weight on your shoulders at the same time. But remember the more you load up the better, your truck, the more strain youre putting on its mechanical components, and that means you can tow less weight. Payload capacity is calculated by taking your trucks, gvwr and subtracting your trucks, curb weight, testing, the structural integrity of your truck suspension, components, body frame and bed – is what manufacturers do to calculate this number. You can find your trucks gvwr in your trucks manual. So once you take your trucks, gvwr and subtract, its curb weight youll be able to calculate your trucks, maximum payload capacity. But if you arent a big fan of math, i have some good news for you. Ford has already taken the first step towards the future of payload calculation inside the 2021 ford f 150. You can spec your ride with an on board payload scale. The measured payload can be displayed on the trucks infotainment touchscreen. It can even be displayed on the phone. If youre the ford pass app, but by far the coolest place, you can find your f 150s payload is on its led tail lights.

These tail lights are a lot like the battery icon. At the top corner of your phone. You can tell the trucks load by the number of lights that are lit, but thats, not the only cool payload feature on the f 150, in addition to the payload scale. It also has a smart hitch. The smart hitch is able to measure the tongue weight of any trailer that youre towing with the f 150, and it also is able to tell you if the number is dangerously high. So ford is shown with past vehicles that there are alternatives to manually calculating the weight of your truck load. Speaking of ford whats, the payload capacity of the f 150 lightning, its payload capacity as high as 2 000 pounds for the standard range model and as low as 1800 pounds for the extended range model. The rivian r1te offers a payload capacity of 1760 pounds tesla cyber truck completely knocks it out of the park were talking up to 3 500 pounds in their own words. The cyber truck is the most powerful tool theyve ever built. Not only is that engineered with 100 cubic feet of exterior lockable storage, but it even has a sliding bed cover thats strong enough to stand on pretty much its like a garage door when it comes to the ram 1500 electric pickup theres, no information about its payload Capacity yet when it comes to charging time, ford offers three levels of home charging options.

This includes the 32 amp ford mobile charging unit that runs on 120 or 240 volt household ac ford claims. The unit will fully recharge the standard range battery of the lightning. In 14 hours and itll fully recharge the extended range battery in 19 hours, ford even offers an 80 amp charge station pro. This shortens the charging time for the extended range battery to only 8 hours, but remember all home chargers to draw more than 40 amps must be hardwired to the electrical wire instead of going through a plug, and that raises the total cost charged. The extended range battery is 131 kilowatt hours, while the standard range batteries provides 98 kilowatts of capacity now heres something cool about the battery on the rivian r1t. Back in february 2021 rivian released test footage of the r13 pickup in temperature below freezing in minnesota. Now this is interesting because one of the major deterrents of battery cell efficiency is cold weather. Chemical reaction takes place inside each battery cell, but cold temperatures usually slow things down. But if you live in any snowy state its vital to keep your vehicle plugged in overnight thats because it keeps the battery warm, which maintains performance and range in their tests in minnesota, rivian engineers kept the r1t cold soaking overnight at minus 40 degrees fahrenheit. That technique imitates an ev being left unplugged outside overnight, and overnight is usually when batteries meet their coldest temperatures. Doing this helped riven engineers to begin refining, r1ts thermal control software and it helped them to develop new self heating strategies.

Too. Did you know that if your power ever gets knocked out by a storm, you dont have to worry? If you have ford f, 150, lightning thats, because with this truck, you can set up intelligent backup power to kick in and automatically power your home, like a generator? All you have to do is make sure your home is properly equipped and youre ready for the storm, but of course you could still buy a gasoline generator for a fraction of the cost and itll. Last you, as long as you can refill the gasoline, whereas f 150 lightning, will eventually run out of power, in which case youll have two problems where your house and your car are out of service. All in all, considering the eggs we looked at, my personal preference is the ford f 150 life. Yes, cypre truck wins by specs on paper. The cyber truck completely smashes it out of the park in terms of driving range, towing capacity, payload and battery power. But the thing is it hasnt been built yet between now and then anything could change until the rubber meets the road i wouldnt. Consider it just just the ram 1500 ev truck does sound promising, but not enough information thats been released to give any spot on my list. F. 150 lightning is the safest choice in my book, its based on the f 150 design, which is one of americas. Most popular truck lines and im sure with 320 miles range is good for getting the average job done.

The only thing is that, realistically, if you want an extended range version, then a starting price is nearly 72 500 plus another 10 000 to 15, 000 fees for dealer, markups, destination charges and taxes, so were talking about 85 grand here give or take. That might surprise. Many people, since its advertised to start at 40 000. believe me thats, not the truck youll purchase because thats the lowest trim with a standard range battery pack and fords design department must have worked really hard to make it less desirable.