As you know, i do like to make videos about cars, motorcycles, caravans, my own life challenge, food reviews. Really, oh, are you kidding me? Please no f words in my channel holy moly, so lets do this. Epic video stay tuned, hi, guys its mr wig. Here today, im driving and testing the new pole star ii. I choose actually the most powerful one: its got 469 brake horsepower and it has 330 miles. Is that right? You have to remember these cars. They are tested in a laboratory, theres, no uphill or downhill, and they do it in a consistent speed on the road. Its completely different, as you know, theres, sometimes you have to go a pill or you accelerate too much. Whatever is the case, i want to test this car. Thank you very much to the company who invited me. This is really awesome carter. I do love the design, so lets have a quick look. All the way around is um. I do like the design of the car. This is something guys that i wouldnt like to have when i would have it remove it. I love the futuristic lines on this car here. I am in a in a golf course actually and what a better way to bring this car here, so we can have a better look at this awesome. Electric car, this car precisely comes with 20 inch forged wheels. So they are much lighter and it comes actually with one of the best tires actually that i have tried in a car.

This is the continental uh six, with the two four five, forty twenty all the way around very quiet. Actually, this is one of the best tires. Actually you can have on the market, amazing car, and you can have some up rights with this car. In this case, you can have bigger discs and this ones got its got big calipers, as he says the pole star, and you can have actually all in suspension in electric in an electric car, something that amazed. Normally you do use olins on a sports cars, but now you can everything on this car where you can adjust harder or softer. The basic model on this pole start starts from 41 900 up to almost 50 000 pounds in this specific car, for example, because it doesnt reach the 50 000 pounds. Actually, the government will help you with 5 000 pounds towards by this electric car. I do love the lines. The way is really smooth and look at that lets go open. Actually, the boot, without touching guys, look at that magic, so lets open the boot. Actually without me touching it lets see open, open, open, hey girl, magic. I didnt touch it. You saw it, wow is a big boot, i have to say. Even we got the cable the charge good space 405 liters of space. You can still fold the back seats forward, so you will have the double of the space and now lets close without touching guys lets close it without touching lets close or you can press here.

The button to close its got an amazing feature that the sensor, i think, is not very reliable, where youll put your foot and move left to right not only to to open but to close as well or you, as you saw, you got two buttons actually inside. I love the lines, it looks very smooth, but you can see the resemblance with the volvo in a beautiful way. Like me to tell you, because this it does look very futuristic, this car really stunning, as we got here, a fake grill guys, where the only thing i can see is a small, tiny camera for the front camera, so theres, no radiator. This is fake, actually would be better to remove and theres the pull star symbol that actually you can see from inside the car. As i will show you here, this is all made out of glass. That is a nice touch. Actually, sometimes you feel you are in a convertible car, because theres so much light going in another detail that i would like to mention is the mirrors this. The mirror himself moves moves all together in one, not just the mirror himself like so many cars. You just see the mirror move, but the the body stays in the same position. Actually paul star was once volvos racing: skank works, but its morphed into a stand alone: electric offshoot jointly owned by volvo and his chinese mother, ship gilly. Actually, these cars believe it or not.

They are built in china, they are built in china, so so is owned by two companies and actually was a company who helped actually the volvo winning. The swedish touring car racing came with the idea to have electric car and this chinese camper company came with volvo. They joined together what i think it was a really a good idea and, and they built this amazing car. I still feel the tesla is slightly above. This is a very tall car in a way compared with the teslas. Let me to tell you and the range is lower as well. This is a two and a half ton car two and a half ton. No, that is very heavy compared with 1.8 for the tesla tree, for example, but it is really beautiful, very modern, very futuristic, a proper electric car, but sometimes it can be very complicated as well so lets see now from the inside nice touch in aluminium. Look at the way you open its just incredible lots of space. You got heated seats for the for the back theres the buttons. Here you can control, they have the cold or hot hair. Just for you theres an sdf, so you can put a magazine plenty of space there on a drivers side. When you open the door, it feels slightly heavy good quality once again, nice materials, as you touch its got 11 speakers arm and curtain. What is really nice touch just look. How tiny is this one here? This was a decision by the the volvo they wanted to have that symbol there.

I dont know why lots of plenty um now for you to start the car. Let me to tell you its not as simple as you think you do need to be sat in a car. You got the controls for the electric seat. I google stop the heating. Okay – and here i am inside – as as i said to yourself, so we got just one giver to to put him to drive or to reverse or even to neutral, to park. You just press the button p for parking and thats it. This car has got two pedals: the brake, the brake and the accelerator, but actually you just use one pedal: the accelerator not only to accelerate and to move, and you take your foot out and the car will stop so it means actually regenerated energy into the batteries. Like so similar to my ipad, but i do feel is more engaging with the driver so on this, for example, the only thing you can have as a bonus for me is the google assistant. Okay, google stop, but something really cool. You got the google app here that it will help you dont have to touch anything, you can speak with a car and the car will take you. So you got music, you got bluetooth, you got the radio, you got spotify there, so you got all the things really nice to be here. Nice, um, nice car love the buttons the way they design.

That is really nice. I dont know if you can see that the symbol of the pole stuff its got a different material here, looks like a wood finish, but it isnt its a different material. But this thing will just remind me slightly in a way the volvo, but that is not a negative thing. Actually, that is a positive thing, because the quality is really good. As you will see, when we drive off, we left the as we left the maps here to go back them. You can see actually them up there in this case, even it tells you, the range is 200 um miles there and the battery level is 81. Like i said you press the the the brake pedal and move this into drive. Take the next left. As you can see, it says there and okay, so youre a press accelerator. The parking comes off automatically and the car doesnt have a start button. Guys doesnt have a start button, something that i i really like it. Actually, that is a very smart thats it the locks, the the door, a good safety for the children, so they dont try to open. Oh, my goodness just went above a um, a small ramp and it feels in a harsh way turn right onto summers. Road. Please, stop! Okay, google start the aircon, please, okay, as you can see, i dont have to touch no buttons whatsoever. You just speak with google and you will do whatever you want, such a shame.

They dont have apple play that they would make a big difference, so it can. It can become a big um thing. Actually, if you want to purchase the car, what is something really good? I have to feel that the the steering wheel is very responsive. The fact you have big wheels in a way lightweight is really good. Actually, no noise whatsoever, as we going on a road as we go back. I will stop speaking so you can hear theres no noises whatsoever from the outside good position. I feel comfortable on a seat like me to tell you its very comfortable even to hampton lane. Always interfere, it did get me a little too time to to get used to the system. You lift your foot and the car breaks completely. Let me to tell you the car breaks completely and that is really strange um, so he feels a quarter of a mile at the roundabout. Take the fourth exit onto kenilworth road a452. Oh, my goodness, really stop talking, my goodness. Let me to drive and enjoy it. I forgot to say yeah, so he feels amazing on a smooth road like i am right now actually feels quite good and, like i said you can modify the settings on the performance of the car, you can speak with google even to have the if it sits Or not whatever you want to do, you dont have to touch it even to make um a phone call guys as you like, to connect the bluetooth with a car.

So that is a bonus i, i suppose something really good. This is a car. If you press the accelerator guys, it will go, it can be very addictive because um the response is instantly. Oh, oh, my goodness did you see that the camera actually came back? I couldnt hold it. That was incredible its so quickly the same. We would embarrass actually sports cars and performance cars from zero to sixty. I dont have no doubts whatsoever is how fast, actually this car responds, my goodness and obvious the the hard or the harsh you will drive the car. The range gets shorter and shorter and shorter. So its good to beat that in mind guys and you perhaps youll – have to swap more times the the tire so now lets go for the drive, see if you can hear actually any noise, the only thing is working is the aircon. I took my foot off the pedal and look at that. That is incredible. My foot is out now i press and he will go. This is justin. The technology in these cars is well advanced. Let me to tell you: did you hear any noise? I didnt its very quiet, very quiet, theres, a long car. By the way you have to think as the car, if youre, using the radio, the aircon or the heated seats and other extras, you are using all the batteries. Even this car has got a very intelligent system where, if you lift every time you lift your foot of the accelerator, you regenerate it a little more energy into the batteries but theres always the but theres, always the catches and um.

You will still do less miles. The more gadgets or the more things that you use in a car, so its always good to know this is the type of car that who loves the motorway and im gon na. Tell you why you think about why? Obviously you dont buy a car for the motorway. You buy electric because you think youre going to make a big impact on a co2. I dont agree with that, but ill leave that for you to decide um, but this is a very friendly car for the motorway, because you can stop. You can have the car charge when you eat something, so that perhaps is a bonus because actually can be very expensive if you have it charged at home, where it will take more than a day actually to be completely fully charged im, not too sure about that Guys – and this is the most powerful of the paul star, its called the paul star 2, so its got twin batteries, one on the front, the other, on the back good space on the board 300 yards slight left onto katherine de barnes, lane b4438. I have to say the google app is very useful. This screen, for example, has been made by a company who specialized just in making this type of technology. It wasnt done together with a pulse star or even with another car company like, for example, teslas. Yes, they had some help from apple and other companies, not the pole, star too.

What i suppose is a good thing in a way i can hear the indicator, its really cool exit, the roundabout onto hampton lane continue on to hampton lane for one mile. I have to tell you guys today is the hottest day of the year very hot, and here i am in the heat. Making a video inside the car is nice, but outside actually is quite hot people. They still wait in the car. It does look very modern, futuristic, like i said, and it feels nice feels comfortable the seats. They are very sporty uh ish way. What is a good thing in a way, but just the tiny on a harsh side. So if i would have to buy one of those i wouldnt buy with a all in suspension, i would buy with a standard suspension, but this is a bonus, so you can have a feeling. But if you like, if you are a sports, you do like a little uh. You are on a sports side of driving your car. This is a good choice, good choice and let me to tell you you would embarrass all your friends even if they got very powerful cars. This is a very fast car. I just came to the end of my driving with this awesome and futuristic pole. 2. 469. Brake horsepower really incredible: im not too sure a lot of the things like the apple play. It doesnt have really beautiful love the small smooth lines.

The big wheels 20 inch four drills, even they are lighter its still very heavy car, so hope you enjoyed the video guys Music, another video that i made. This is my second electric car, as i have done. Actually, the the mini two years ago hope you enjoyed this car, its still amazing and beautiful, but im not too sure theres something i dont like the fact he doesnt have apple play and remember guys, the more you play the more you accelerate the more toys that You use inside the car the less miles you will do with this car, its still nice. I still think personally. For me, the tesla is above this car, but i hope you enjoyed still was happy. The other thing always taking consideration is, after eight years, the batteries for this car actually would cost you more than twenty thousand pounds im not into electric cars, yet hope you enjoy guys. The decision is yours. I made the the video and i test the car really appreciative to paul star obvious hope: you enjoy it. This is my lifestyle and i do like to make all sorts of videos, so i can share with all of you around the world. You are all awesome.