Okay, so what we want to find out is whether our EV is ready for us. Are we ready for EVS and is the infrastructure ready for us to adopt EVS now heres the first obstacle that we found weve just randomly come to an EV charging port? Because you know you have an EV and you know: youve run out of juice, so youre going to look for the nearest one and we found nearest one and its malfunctioning. So yes, there is a bit of an infrastructure problem here that were going to talk about later, but lets get into it a bit later foreign, so before we get into all of that lets have a little look at the car okay. So obviously this is the xc40, so you can either buy it in a pure internal combustion engine variant. You can buy in a plug in hybrid variant and you can buy this in a pure electric van. Well, you cant buy it anymore because Volvos just close to ordering books because its been an overwhelming response, but if you just become a bit more patient and save up around 262 000 Ringgit, then yes, this could be your car in the future. Okay. So what do you get for that price? You get a five years: free maintenance, eight years uh battery warranty and well because theres nothing else to really do to the car thats pretty much it Music. So at the front of the xc40, pure electric theres, nothing dramatically different about it.

Okay, so its exactly the familiar xc40 look youre gon na get, except for this now the big gaping antique Grille is covered with an aerodynamic panel. Also, its got a camera here and everywhere else around the car, because its got a 360 camera all right, so the families continue at the side. Youve still got the same floating roof theme, but the major difference between it and his brothers. Of course, the wheels for the first time the xc40 comes with staggered wheels and the reason for that is because its got an abundant amount of power. So obviously you need a bit more traction. Volvo also says that you know for day to day driving. Most of the drive will be done at the rear, not the front so thats. Why? If theyve, given the xc40 Pro Electric staggered setup, Music, foreign, nothing much has changed from the other xc40 variant. You still get the same. Sporty spoiler still get the same tail lights, but the biggest difference at the rear is, of course the now there is no exhaust and we because its a pure electric, of course you dont need an exhaust. So, okay, now weve come to the most important part of the exterior the place where you charge your car. So Volvo says that this car supports 11 kilowatt AC charging and up to 150 kilowatt DC charging. Okay, but you know youre gon na get that type 2. Connector cable with the car, which means I didnt, have the pleasure of having a wall box at home which can pump out 11 kilowatts.

But what I did get was 2.3 maximum output from my house and that gave me around 20 charge in about eight hours. So I had 80 percent, it was full when I woke up and yes thats what youre gon na get if you just use the normal type 2 charging cable. That mobile gives you so, if youre new to this its as simple as getting this pushing it in there and voila the screen at the front will show you that its charging, but then youre gon na start doing whats this with this cap down here. Well, this is AC charging. This is when you do DC charging and if you ever get to a place where they have DC charging, you can probably tell the cable is different and youre gon na have to adjust Music. So, just like a lot of EVS these days, theres no engine at the front, which means you are going to get a front, a front trunk, all right, its, not the largest in the world, but its enough to put like your plastic bags, your laptop bag. Well, you dont want to put your left over here, but you know you get the drift. You can just put pretty much a lot of little little things at the front here. Music lets talk a little bit about what happened earlier. Okay, so yes, if you buy a electric vehicle youre going to have to change the way you think about things? Okay, so obviously what happened this morning was we just picked a random place and just tried to charge the car.

Well, when you buy an EV, you cant do random things like that, its all about planning and thats how you got to approach things youve got to plan it check it out on the web check out where the locations are. Is it working? These are the things that are just different from an ice vehicle, so you got ta just plan things and if you, if you dont like to do these kind of things, maybe an Eevee is not for you all right so from the outside. The xc40p electric looks cute compact, but actually on the inside at the rear, theres a lot of space here you can easily just be comfortable here for everyday driving for the kids, for your passengers and everyone also theres, very nice materials here. So its a mix of like Fabric or leather were not sure if its leather, because it is a Volvo in there but yeah everything just feels nice back foreign Music of the xc40, and you can expect it just to be like any other xc40 good soft touch Materials premium premium materials well built so yeah, but the xc40 project comes with the Google interface now. This might not sound like a big deal, but it is because, once you sign in and youve put all your googly details in the map can help. You determine how much battery youve got left once you reach your destination now. This is a quite a good feature for electric vehicle, because it can help you determine how much battery youre going to have left.

So, yes, also, you can plan which stops you want to take where you want to recharge so yeah. This Google interface is quite a big deal in the xc40 pure Electric foreign Music. So now were inside the xc40 and lets go for a drive and see what shes, like so. The xc40 electric comes with a 78 kilowatt hour battery. What that does to the car is that it gives around 400 kilometers of range 408p, 408 PSO power and 660 newton meters of torque right lets talk a little bit of that talk. Okay, a lot of people say EVS are fun and you want to know why, because it doesnt really have like an Optimum engine range where the maximum torque is in power, its just like an on switch, and that torque is just a full on on the go. Okay, so what does that talk feel like its just like an on switch, and here we go Music? Okay. I know you cant tell much by a video, but let me just try to give you a description, its a little bit like when youre taking off on an airplane. Okay, it might just be a slight exaggeration, but you get the drift second on switch its just. The full whack 660 newton meters of torque its just there on the go as soon as you match, the pedal. Okay, since this is a Volvo you know, lets Ive always always been known to give performance and safety.

And of course, this car comes with Volvos full sort of intellisafe safety features, which is like a preventive and proactive, as well as convenience like adaptive, cruise control, uh Lane, Keepers and stuff like that so yeah. But we just want to know what the car feels like to drive since its electric right: okay, so yes, obviously theres power theres enough of it too much of it. In fact, maybe you know you cant get out of control if youre, not knowing what youre doing, because the car is a very heavy car, okay, its over two tons, and it feels like the suspension. Cant really cope when you know its going over undulations or bad roads like that and around corners. It does wallow a little bit Im, not sure why it doesnt compensate for the extra weight, because the battery is around 500 Kilograms, but hey. This is what youre gon na get, but still in a straight line: wow wow, okay, yes, its fun in that aspect, and yes, you can have a lot of it, but youll be burning through the battery a lot – if you do that often, but if you drive Normally youll be all right, you, you have a lot of rage. Speaking of range. Okay, so Volvo says that this car has around 400 kilometers of range all right and Ive been driving all morning since, like at 8, am I send the kids to well Ill? Send the kids to school, Ive visited a few shops and Ive come to Putrajaya, and I started off with like 95 now Ive got about 71, which is not bad.

You know, because I have been blasting it around here and there to test it out, but yeah. I mean I can believe that this car will get you around 400 kilometers range, so I dont think like because I have in my head today I knew I was just going to go Portugal to do this runs and do the testing I not having any range Anxiety, I believe that this car can do 400 kilometers. It is its not a worry. So if you drive in this car, primarily around town, doing your everyday driving, I think you will not have any range anxiety. You will just have fun and not think about it. I have not really thought about the range because at 71 you know thats still quite good, and the car is telling me Ive got about 270 kilometers of range left, so thats enough for, like City Driving day to day whether you want to take it outskirts. You know that requires a little bit more planning, like I said previously, youd have to know where the charging points are. Youll have to take a break. Youll, have if you, if you get these fast DC charger, youll have to take 40 minutes out, go, have lunch and come back but thats, not it. If theres, no cue at the charger. There have been some people that have come across this situation and you know its its going to take a bit longer. But if you, if you practice this and you plan everything – yes, perhaps you can take it out of town but, like I said, thats a different story because primarily, if you use this as a city car, one that can drive you around all day, doing all your Necessary things like sending kids to school go to work and back.

You should not have range anxiety because theres a lot of rage in this car but heres the one weakness of the car and its just feels heavy. You feel like youre driving a heavy car and around the corners. You do feel that weight. You feel like youre driving a car thats over two tons and yeah thats, one of the things that you know might catch you off guard, but guess the more youre used to it. You youll know the car better and youll know how to handle it. So what else can this car do so this cars got this feature called. Let me just go to the menu one pedal drive now. This is quite interesting, its not like one of those um things where you control the regen, braking where the car feels like its got resistant, trying to charge the car its more like youre, actually just gon na use, one pedal. Okay, so, like you have to keep your foot on that pedal to control it. Okay, so like lets, say: okay, Im accelerating now its fine, but as soon as you let go feels like someones just slammed the brakes on. So you still, if you want to go slower, youre, just going to release your foot slightly off the exert pedal and itll just slow down like it feels like you know, modulating the brakes its not for everyone, but I guess you know if you practice practice. Youll get used to it and, yes, it will help you with your range.

Also. You can change the firmness of the steering wheel right now, its quite nice. You know you can drive one handed if you wish to do so, but you can also put the firmer steering wheel and instantly the steering wheel becomes a bit firmer. This car does not come with, like all those tricked out suspension, so hope there you go. One pedal drive: I keep forgetting because Im not used to this car yet so, yes, Ive taken my foot off the brake and uh accelerator and its just trying to stop me like instantly yeah. This car does not come with a tricked out suspension, so its just a regular suspension, youre gon na get, and so it doesnt really absorb like potholes, because its a heavy car, you know, and it does feel a bit busy when roads are not so nice. So yeah, but for most Parts you know on smooth roads, its just pleasant, pleasant to drive, but I think what I love the most about the xc40 pure electric is just that pure funding from the power that you can get from the from the 660 Newton meter. Torque, and also I just love this piece and really really quiet cabin is so peaceful and its Serene its just really really distresses you from all the worldly noises I like that Music, alright, so there you have it our first impression of the xc40 pure electric now Lets go back to the three questions we asked earlier.

So are we ready for the car? Is the car ready for us and how about charging infrastructure? So is the car ready for us? Well, apart from you know, having 400 kilometers range on a single full charge, the car is pretty much ready for us. It drives like a normal car. It feels like a normal car. Okay, yes, its a bit heavy. This car is a little bit heavy, but you can still have fun all that talk right. Also. Are you ready for this car well thats, something that youre gon na have to ask yourself? Obviously, you cant treat it like a normal car thats, always that charging bit at the back your head, but considering that this car has 400 kilometers range, you can pretty much put that to rest if youre gon na use it in the kalang valley. So that brings us to the infrastructure question. The infrastructure charging infrastructure is all in in this infancy stage, so its were gon na come across these problems like we occurred this morning. You know where you go to a charging point and its not working, and what do you do but, like Ive said before this car has does have 400 kilometer range. So if you are going to drive it around the clan Valley go to work, send your kids drive it throughout the day and not go beyond that. Then it should not be a problem. You can just go home charge it up and the next day you can go so on and so on.

You can even use it in the weekends I mean yes, 400 kilometers itll get you pretty far.