So for that, you need to make sure to stay with us till the end of the video, because we will be covering different aspects like the design side, profile, interior features, specifications battery and range powertrain and many more lets get started. The first ever r1s is aimed squarely at the tesla model x, which is now the only three row, all electric suv on the market. When it goes on sale, the r1s will also be less expensive in the model. Xdr 1s pickup has a lot of similarities to the r1t pickup. It like. The r1t has a 128.9 kilowatt hour battery pack with a range of 360 miles per charge. According to the epas, although the r1s will be offered directly the users rivien says it will also establish a network of service facilities and tesla style storefronts. To tell you of the cost will begin by revie orders for the launch edition. The r1s will only be available in 2022 with a quad motor system and a 128.9 kilowatt hour large battery rivian also hiked. The price of 2022 are 1s models dramatically, a move that initially affected those who placed reservations before march 1 2022. But the business eventually reversed that decision after customer reaction, a more cheap entry level explore model is scheduled to be added to the lineup next year. A new dual motor design, with over 600 horsepower, will also be available, as well as a smaller standard battery available solely on dual motor models and a bigger max battery pack quad motor models.

Only the rivien r1s is a two box suv in the classic sense. Riving has opted for a basic approach, while most manufacturers go beyond the textbook guidelines with overly done cuts and folds and complicated embellishments. It looks fantastic and gives the ribbian r1s a modern feel which also serves as a charging status indicator. Just like its pickup sibling. The hood has subtle character lines and is raised off the ground. The front bumper has two tow hooks: a thick metal, skid plate and integrated horizontal fog lamps, as well as an air inlet to cool the battery. The suv comes standard with 21 inch. Magnesium aluminum alloy wheels wrapped in road tires. Paid options include three 20 inch. All terrain tires and two 22 inch low profile tires rivien r1s side profile 2022 is amazing. Lets talk about it, the r1s seems long and rectangular from the side, despite the fact that this box does not use any complex aerodynamic concepts, rivien has included flat door handles as standard the rear quarter. Window is separated from the glass area by a thick c pillar. That holds the brand emblem at the back. A full wide lead bar emphasizes the width, the side body cladding in front and rear bumpers appear to be one unit. Thanks to their fluid appearance. The color ella silver is standard. There are eight other options available for usd 1007 apiece. So what is the interior design and features? The rivien r1s has seven seats.

The middle and third row seats may be folded, allowing owners to mix and match seating configurations as needed. The seats fold flat allowing for easy loading of objects from the boot. The r1s has a total enclosed storage volume of up to 105 kiwi feet. Rivian has yet to undertake r1s press drives. Thus, there are no reports on whether the third row can comfortably accommodate adults or only children lets go through the details of the rivian r 1s interior 2022. Vegan leather seats with fine stitching are standard on all models. Black mountain included and ocean coast are the two interior design themes available in the explore variation 2000 usd extra forest edge. Dark brown is a third option available on the adventure variation for an additional 2000 usd perforated vegan leather seats with patterned, stitching, yellow highlights and natural grained ash wood finishes are included in the adventure variations making the cabin appear absolutely premium. The rivian r1s sports, a 15.6 inch touchscreen infotainment system with ltes and wi fi connectivity, bluetooth, connectivity, alexa voice, commands and ota updates. However, there is no apple car play which may frustrate some owners range charge, status, gear position and other driving data are shown on a 12.3 inch. Digital cluster, a panoramic sunroof and a meridian sound system are also included. All of the bells and whistles are included in the launch edition pack of adventures. The r1s, like the r1t, comes with a variety of optional attachments. There is no movable kitchen counter on the r1s, since there is no central tunnel.

Storage owners can upgrade to the camping package for 3100 usd which includes a three person tent and roof cargo crossbars. The recovery kit, wall box, charger and other extra accessories are also available. Specifications for rivien r 1s. The rivien r1s has a length of 200.8 inches. A width of 81.8 inches and a height of 77.3 inches, the wheelbase is 121.1 inches, its about 17 inches shorter and nearly one inch shorter than its truck sister. The r1s is slightly longer than the tesla model x and ford explorer powertrain is going to be discussed. Now the rivien r1s comes with two drivetrain options: a quad motor awd setup with one electric motor for each wheel and a dual motor awd setup with one electric motor on each axle. The quad motor setup produces 835 horsepower and 908 pound feet of torque, allowing the r1t to accelerate from zero to 60 miles per hour, and only three seconds. The dual motor setup is far from sluggish, with a combined output of 600 house of power and 600 pounds force foot and a 0 to 60 miles per hour pace of 4 seconds. Next up is the range and battery rivian has two battery pack options: standard 105 kilowatt hour and large 110 kilowatt hour 135 kilowatt hour. However, starting in 2024, it will offer the standard pack which implies. There is now only one long range battery accessible. The standard pack is estimated to have a range of over 260 miles claimed.

Rivian wants to have around 3500 dc fast chargers, spread across 600 locations by the end of 2023. Reavians, complete network is expected to include 10 000 chargers by the end of 2023, including level 2 ac chargers. They will be powered entirely by renewable energy sources and have a capacity of 200 kilowatt which will be increased to 300 kilowatt in the future. The rivian app uses linked automobile technologies to help users find charging stations and track charging status. The rivien r1s comes fitted with adaptive air suspension to help the suv cross huge obstacles. The technology may elevate the ground clearance up to 14.9 inches, while loading freight or for easier access in angress. The suspension can be lowered to 8.8 inches. The r1s has 35.6 34.3 and 29.6 degree approach, departure and breakover angles respectively. It also has the ability to wade in water up to three feet deep thanks for watching this video.