Other media outlets are producing headlines that read. Tesla is no longer the worlds largest electric car producer or did tesla lose the ev crown and so on. Of course, this raises eyebrows within the well read ev community. This is actually largely due to a magnified stat, comparing delivery numbers for the year to date of tesla and byd. Tesla reported delivering 564 743 electric vehicles in the first half of 2022.. Byd reported 638 1557. But what is often missed is that that actually has a lot of hybrids for byd, comparing only all electric vehicles tesla still out delivered the chinese conglomerate by a number of over 241 thousand. This shouldnt be much of a surprise to regular listeners, and readers of electric tesla is clearly in the lead and their massive investments. In long term, scalability has only started to take shape. Tesla is securing component contracts, raw materials production space and much much more its disappointing to see other media outlets run with a headline that is misleading, to say the least, but ive heard it said that news is a knee jerk kind of industry, Music, electric reviews, the Rivien r1s, electric suv. We encourage you to read the full article with a wealth of details on our site, but here are some highlights this 7c suv version of the very impressive truck did not disappoint using the same platform. It builds with greater access for families and activities. Electreks editorial director, seth weintraub, writes quote both of rivians consumer vehicles.

The r1s and r1t are alone in their class in terms of what they can do. Thats. Why im bullish on the company, even if its hemorrhaging money? Now demand wont be a problem for the foreseeable future. He also says quote: one simple fact is going to tell you more than all of the rivian r1s review words, images and video below im in line to buy a rivien r1s ahead of its official release in china. X, pung motors has posted a teaser video showcasing the engineering beta version of its city navigation, guided pilot, the companys video shows the p5 sedan driving autonomously from x pong headquarters in guangzhou to the city center. It demonstrates a number of different advanced driver, assist functions and when it reaches mass production, this feature set could offer a legitimate challenge to teslas full self driving beta. The set includes cruising following navigating and changing lanes, overtaking and changing lanes entering and exiting roads and detouring stationary vehicles and objects. Its actually quite impressive, really ive had the experience of sitting in as a passenger on the roads of china, and it made my hair stand on end. The x punk system appears to keep speed and avoid the harried streets with buzzing, pedestrian, cyclists and motor vehicles of various shapes and sizes. Music. Saline automotive has unveiled a new model, s build and a financing plan that has some peculiarities. A few years after the housing and financial crisis of o8, steve saleen tried to relaunch the company, but he had to use less scrupulous methods to do so, and now in 2022, saline is trying to do another comeback.

They are looking for a small investor pool with a minimum of 500 to invest in the company. However, those investors have to give up their voting proxy to steve saleen. The filing also shows that salines revenues were down 91 percent last year to just 2.5 million. The company had a net loss of 3.3 million in 2021.. As of the latest reported date of september 2021, saline had only 14 thousand dollars of cash on hand. Electrics writer, fred lambert actually accused the company of pumping and dumping in a stock scheme and, as a result, they pursued legal action, including a gag order, and now here we are again lets see if another gag order comes to pass. Music riven has announced that it produced 4 401 electric vehicles during the last quarter, its actually a significant ramp up considering supply chain issues are still subsiding. This brings a total number of rivian vehicles to 7969 since the start of production. Late last year, the automaker doesnt break down the results by model, but we are confident in assuming that the majority of those are the r1t electric pickup truck and a handful of suvs and delivery vans for amazon. In the same press. Release rivien reiterated that its goal of producing 25 000 vehicles this year is still achievable. The automaker is working through a large backlog of reservations and the company is chasing profitability after implementing and then repealing a price hike in todays community comment found on youtube single speed, says quote: have to wonder how many people are on multiple different waiting lists for an Ev, when they plan on buying just one, also wonder how many have given up on waiting and bought an internal combustion engine.

You know thats a good question single speed as the chip shortage drags on. Many evs have started to land with missing parts, ive driven a few of them with conspicuously missing features as car companies are starting to get creative with what they leave in and what they leave out. Clearly its time where everyones trying to get through the same bottleneck. I put myself on a list or two with refundable deposits.