Already, this funky little electric hatchback has been on sale here in china for a few months now, and its very popular lets. Try and find out why, with hands on test drives and reviews of exciting chinese market vehicles, wheels boy is the number one source for china. Auto insights be sure to check us out on instagram and facebook. This vehicle will soon be sold alongside the byd ato 3. In the australian market, where itll most likely be called the ato 2., the name here in china is dolphin, which is what well be calling it in todays video, because thats just way more fun. Prices here in china range from 14 000 to 18 us dollars, while the starting price in australia is expected to sit around thirty. Five thousand one glance at the dolphin will tell you that byd was aiming at younger buyers with this car, or at least those who are young at heart. All versions of the dolphin are almost all versions of the dolphin come with this two tone paint job. That means a dark gray up top and a lighter tone down below almost all versions also come with these cool kind of colored highlights on the exterior of the car. Despite a length of only 4.1 meters, the dolphin manages to pack in a lot of style. That includes a ton of different details and patterns throughout the exterior. Whether or not they all manage to work together is debatable, but youd be hard pressed to call it boring.

One thing i dont consider up for debate is the fact that these rear tail lights are awesome, theyre inspired by chinese traditional knot, tying techniques and theyre proliferating on different byd models. I really really like them. If we open up the rear hatch here, 345 liters of space, you fold down the rear seats, you get 1310 liters true to its name. The interior of the dolphin is definitely ocean. Inspired you have these fin shaped door handles. I think they look like fins, and then you also have this wave pattern almost everywhere on the interior here on the air vents youve got it up here on the dashboard there on the dashboard is a wave and then even way up in the front. You see it repeated again. You even have the wave pattern on the grill for the speaker on the dashboard and the seats. You also have this pattern that looks like fish scales and oh, i hope you liked the green accents on the outside, because you have them on the interior as well. Of course, this expressive design will come as no surprise to anyone. Whos seen the dolphins sister vehicle, the atto 3 electric suv, but while the atto 3 probably took things a bit too far, the dolphin strikes a better balance between whimsy and practicality. You see well theres plenty of funky stuff going on in here. I think they got the core things right. Most of what you can do happens in this 12.

3 inch or 12.8 inch actually touch screen, which this being a byd. It also can turn like that, but it also has this nicely integrated set of buttons down here. Theyre like little rolling wheels and they allow you to do things like well. Your shifter thats this little button here on the left p on the side, and then you can change the drive mode change the regen settings and adjust your air conditioning theres. Also, the rarest of creatures, a physical rolling button for volume. I love to see that then down here in the middle. You have your emergency brake button as well as a wireless charging pad theres, not a lot of surprises when it comes to the interior material quality of the byd dolphin. That is to say that its in line with the price point cheap, hard plastic everywhere. But most of it has you know a good amount of personality, at least its not hard to look at the buttons here that i mentioned before. Well, um, yeah, theyre, theyre, theyre kind of cheap, looking ill be honest. They look like theyd, be in not out of place in a car for maybe a decade ago. This whole design is very compact and space efficient, but the low positioning and similar feel of each button means it can be hard to figure out what youre adjusting without taking your eyes off the road. The rear passenger compartment of the byd dolphin does lack some of the charm of the front, with much less color to be found.

You do, however, get to keep the fish scale pattern on the door, as well as the fish fin shaped door handle, which is always fun. You have, but a single cup holder and a single usb port to keep you company back here in terms of space. Well, there is a decent amount, as you can see in terms of leg room. This seat has moved a pretty far forward, but an average adult could still sit in it comfortably. I myself, i guess, im average im about 1.72 meters tall about five foot nine. So in terms of headroom pretty good, actually anyone you know much taller than me might have a bit of trouble not with directly up here but with the bump here in front of my head. So i would say that rear headroom is only acceptable, not great. The dolphin was the first model from byd to utilize their new e platform, 3.0 featuring the companys lfp blade battery tech. The entry level model comes equipped with a 30.7 kilowatt hour battery pack with a claimed nedc range of 301 kilometers higher trims feature a 44.9 kilowatt hour pack for 405 kilometers of range. All dolphin models have a single front mounted motor, but there are two different power levels available. The lower output version makes you do with 70 kilowatts and 180 newton meters of torque around 95 horsepower and 135 pound feet. Music. Our car comes with the more powerful motor option that means 130 kilowatts and 290 newton meters of torque thats 175 horsepower and around 215 pound feet that allows it to shave three seconds off the zero to 100 kilometer per hour time of the lower output version.

That means it does in about seven and a half seconds. Acceleration numbers are obviously not neck snapping, but you definitely dont feel like youre having trouble keeping up with traffic the lower power output. That version i have driven as well – and i will say its its pretty darn slow ill, take the higher output version any day. The ride and handling of the byd dolphin are both quite good, depending on what youre asking it to do. This is not a hot hatch, its simply too softly sprung and theres too much body roll theres, no sportiness to its character. No sharpness turn in is soft the throttle and the brake pedal theyre, both pretty soft its just round. You know soft corners all around when it comes to this car. However, if you are looking for a comfortable commuter ev hatchback, i think that makes it a very good choice because it rides really quite well, especially considering its price point. The dolphin lags behind some of its direct competitors in terms of tech only offering adaptive cruise control instead of an l2 semi autonomous driving system has become a bit of a weak point for byd, and we expect that they will be addressing it in some of their Future offerings the byd dolphin may not have a ton of personality when youre behind the wheel, but it certainly has personality when it comes to the looks both outside and inside. If those are looks that you like and personally i do, i really think its worth considering.