And whilst this process usually consists of stripping the car down and replacing it with new motors and new technology, were here at vista heritage today, to see something a little bit different, this is the porsche 356 a 1960s classic that has been given a new lease of Life by the guys here at electrogenic, an ev conversion company that make classics like these fully electric Music. As you can see its a thing of beauty, its got its classic two door body, shell, which we all know so well, as well as the bug eyed headlights and its also got its twin exhaust at the rear too. The design of this car has been left as true to its original form as possible, and that continues on the inside as well, where theres one aspect of this car, which makes it as authentic as possible Applause. This is no ordinary electric car, its no ordinary electric classic car, because this thing has a manual gearbox. Its got a bloody gear. Stick now you can just leave this thing: infirm and drive it as your regular electric vehicle, but youre gon na get so much more out of this car. If you do go up and down the gears, especially on the track like this, you put it into second, which you can pull away from, and you get that instant punch of torque. And then you go up into third and then eventually work your way into. Fourth and then you are really flat out and you feel so much more connected to the car you get so much more out of it, its so much more of a better driving experience, because you have to figure this thing out.

You have to learn to trust it. It has to learn to trust you its like learning to ride a racehorse. You have to build that connection with it. You cant just get into this thing and thrash it around and thats thats whats great about cars like these theyre imperfect, but its the imperfections which make them so so well liked and so loved. I mean the steerings really heavy it bounces and wobbles all over the place and its a workout to drive this thing, but its so worth it when it all comes together and youre flying around the track like this and youre kicking the back end out into corners And you can hear the tyres squealing its just perfect and its exactly what you want from driving a car like this, you get the perfect driving experience and its the truest form of driving Applause. So far, weve spoken about the design of this car weve spoken about the gearbox, but ive just pulled over quickly to focus on the interior of this car, because, honestly, this deserves just as much attention as any other part of this car. First of all, just take a second to look at it and admire it. I mean it just looks amazing from these red leather seats, the red dash, everythings red and it just oozes class. I mean these are leather and on a hot day like this, you are gon na stick to them, but, to be honest, id probably say its worth it, because it just looks that good everything about the interior of this car is just immaculate.

Even little. Details like the stitching on this door handle its just spotless, and you can just tell that so much time. Care and effort has gone into redefining and restoring this car. The whole theme of this car is trying to keep it as authentic and as close to the original as possible, and they do that with a few little nice touches, such as manual roll up windows, youve even got a nice little quarter panel. Here, youve even got the original gauges from the car which have been converted to measure things like range and and stuff like that, and youve also got little touches like an ashtray and things that you probably dont need in this day and age, to keep it very. Very 1960s Music. There are so many little details dotted all over the inside of the car and you could spend hours finding them and playing with them, but id much rather play with this thing out on the track so thats exactly what im gon na do Applause. I honestly dont think ill ever get bored of that noise of the tires squealing as you go, chucking it into a corner Music. Modern day. Evs are basically just posh, go karts. They do everything for you they break for you. They pretty much steer themselves nowadays. All you have to do is just press the go pedal, and this takes you back to what true driving is all about. Youve got a fight against the steering wheel, youre in control of brakes and youve even got to change bloody gear, its perfect and its almost the perfect sort of methadone project.

If you like, for anyone who is anti evs, just pop them in one of these, and they can enjoy everything, they love about classic cars, but they can also get every single benefit that comes with driving an electric car. Honestly, this thing is as close to a work of art as you can get for a car and for driving it as well. Electrogenic seriously, you guys deserve a medal. Youve done something seriously seriously special here Applause, so the day is coming to an end. An hour time with electrogenics porsche 356 is up and, to be honest, ive had to be dragged away from this car because its just so much fun to drive its got character. Its got personality, every squeeze of the throttle and every corner just puts a smile on your face, even just standing here, taking a step back and looking at it. It puts a smile on your face because you know what to expect as soon as you get behind the wheel: bloody hell, thats fun. Quite simply, this is a special special car and im really gon na miss it Applause thats all for this video. If you liked it, then please do drop us a like and remember to subscribe as well for more electric car reviews like this, you can head over to our channel and for daily news coverage, features and much more. You can also head over to