This is their first ever built from the ground up series production, car thats, a full eevee, yes, theyre a little late to the electric car party, arent they, but then again, japan was late to the whole iron structure party, with the tokyo tower. It was based on the eiffel tower which first opened in 1889, whereas the tokyo tower didnt open until 1958.. Anyway enough for the history lesson im going to talk, you around the exterior of this car im going to show you, through the interior im, going to see how practical it is and im going to test drive it in town on a country road and on the Motorway and, of course, im going to launch it see how quick it is for north 60 miles an hour because its an electric car and im at watson and youre watching car wow buy, sell car wow lets start this video by talking about the design of this Bz4X, so its got a very steeply rated rear window. This interesting spoiler design actually on the entry level called the spoiler, is slightly smaller, a huge light bar generally. This part, i like what i dont like so much is this bit here. I dont know why this isnt body colored, when this is the top of the range model, is this supposed to be a fake diffuser? I think so. It looks bad doesnt that, though i do like the rear of this car down the sides, this has 18 inches, which is gon na, be too small.

I dont like this cladding, though, once again, i wish it was body colored also, i dont know why it cuts through the charging port cover theres. Quite a lot of this isnt that andy look. You got this. It just feels cheap and old fashioned, which is a bit of a shame, because i really really like the design of the front of the car, this chrome paneling here its really quite nice, and a very distinctive stylish face. As for pricing, the bz4 x range starts from just under 42 000 pounds. Now, if you want to make sure youre paying a fair price for whichever car youre buying head over to car wow, you can see what savings are available on a wide range of cars. If youre under that, now just click on the pop out banner up there for the link in the description below alternatively at a later date, just simply google help me car wow, my team, and i will help you choose the right car and get it for a Fair price here on the inside the toyota bz4 x, is very interesting. Looking its futuristic, this steering wheel the way its lower than the instruments, and that looks good. But for some people, its going to be a touch annoying bit like in the same way that, on a peugeot with a small steering wheel and the doors above depending on. Where you like sitting and having the steering wheel, the actual rim can block some of the dials its just about okay for me, and i quite like the quirky nature of it now.

Quality in here is really really good. I like it. I like that fabric, especially up there, the seats are nice. The engine level car gets a smaller screen this, but the big screen looks pretty impressive. However, if i put this going to reverse the reversing cameras and the surround view, cameras are like the lowest def ive ever seen in my life, also its not quite as high tech, as you think. While you get wireless apple carplay, you dont get wireless android, auto you have to plug it in, though, to be fair, i do prefer plugged in android auto than wireless, because its just easier to disconnect your phone rather than having to you know, disconnect your bluetooth and Wi fi, you just unplug it anyway, thats just me now. One thing that does annoy me specifically about this car is the way a lot of the functions are controlled through the screen and buttons on the steering wheel. Why is it that you cant just control them through the car setting theres, hardly anything that you can do with this infotainment system, really apart from saturn, have music and stuff like that they put all of the systems through here odd. I know its handy when youre driving, but you set most of things up before you actually drive. Anyhow. Practicality, isnt bad though so look under here look come on. Weve got some storage theres, some big cup holders there place there for your mobile phone and a wireless charging pad and its sort of see through.

I dont know why theyve done that, because i think you should keep your mobile phone out of sight, so it doesnt distract. You theres your charging port there as well, also like youve, got diesel sized door bins and some more storage under here with a 12 volt socket and two other charging ports and another place. Wheres my phone wheres, my phone wheres, my phone there. It is where you can actually store your mobile phone, though not my phone, because its one of these galaxy folds, which are a bit bulky, would it feel like that? Will it will it yeah yeah thats thats, less than perfect theres, absolutely loads of room here in the back of the bz4x look loads of knee room loads of headroom, you can stretch out as well. The floor is almost completely flat and that plus, the fact this middle seat is quite comfy, means that even when you have two adults, either side of you, its quite comfy in this middle seat. In fact, there is loads of room because the body on this car is nice and wide. I also like this. Oh youve got an armrest here, its nice and wide as well. Youve got two cupholders there yeah, but you do end up putting your wrist in them and theres this little cut away here, which i think is for putting your ipad in there. I dont know who can watch that ipad like thats, not really very comfortable, maybe its for something else, and i dont know about it.

Let me know in the comments below now theres two usbcs here for charging your mobile devices youve also got decent sized door bins as well. Another thing i like is that the quality from the front extends all the way here into the back, like it doesnt on vw group products, and i also like this. The way the windows go all the way down, but not only that the mechanism of the window itself look how it slows down when its reaching the end of its travel, look thats, really satisfying and again, look oh now, if you find these reviews satisfying make sure You subscribe to this channel and hit the bell icon to turn your notifications on that way, you wont miss a single upload. One last thing to tell you is that if you need to fit a baby seat, the doors dont open, quite as wide as you think they would but theres still enough space to get even a bulky rear facing seat in to the back. Here. The icy fixed angle points arent uncovered, but theyre not the hardest to get to, and there is so much room back here that actually is fitting a baby seat and dealing with the baby is really really easy. Well as easy as dealing with the baby can ever be, the big capacity on the bz4x is 452 liters, which actually is big, but not that big compared to other electric suvs. For instance, an audi q4 e tron, its big capacity, is 520 liters.

And if you click on the pop out banner up there or for the link in the description below you can see my full in depth, video review of that car, its all bad, though look there is no load lip so its easier to slide heavy items like This camera case in and out underneath here you have some extra storage and when you fold the seats anything oh brilliant ive got a completely flat floor, but you havent because actually youve got this fabric covering the gap between the boot floor and the seat backs, and It does actually dip a little bit. So if you try and push a heavy item to the front, it gets caught there. So you end up just going to work it in like that Music, which is a bit frustrating lets see what else is frustrating look at this? There is no front boot. I suppose i could just about squeeze these cables in there there we go im sure that is perfectly safe to do that. Anyhow, that brings up to five and a half things about this car for a supposedly practical suv. This car, bizarrely doesnt, have a glove box. Now the designer of the interior said that they made that decision not to have one, because they want to increase the knee space for the front passenger and that his wife was never able to put her handbag into a glovebox of a car, its never big enough.

So they instead said that you can use that space for storage. The only problem with that is that that space is visible through the window with a glove box you can hide valuables away. I think they got it wrong when charging using ac. This car will only charge at six kilowatts rather than the standard seven of most electric cars, which means that when you plug into your box at home, itll charge a little bit slower than one of its key rivals. Also, it means that if you find one of those quicker ac chargers at a public charging station, you cant take the benefit of it to use android auto you have to plug your phone into this socket there. The issue is that, depending on the size of your phone, you cant quite fit it in this tray with the cable, oh god, its a bit weird for an suv such as this not to have a rear window wiper. Now i do get that if youre driving along that its raining, the airflow will help clean the screen. But what happens if youve been parked and theres muck all over it and you need to set the back window. Youre gon na have to get out and clean. It by hand dont you for some reason: whenever you put this car into reverse it bongs at you like that, look, i dont need that im, not driving a forklift truck. Why is it bonging at me on the inside? I can understand it bonding to someone at the outside, but why? Inside the cabin annoying, however, its not all bad heres, five cool features about this car, including this look, its got a thing called x mode, which was developed by subaru.

The off road experts are actually partly owned by toyota and what it does is control the amount of drive go to the front and rear axle, depending on the condition, so you can set it up for snow and mud or deep snow and deep mud just perfect. For going across your country estate, i like this, there is a dedicated cutout look for the low cover. It means that its not going to get heated just tossed gently. I thought youre going to catch it. One of the things i love about toyota is that its very generous with its equipment, for instance, all versions of the bz4x – get adaptive cruise control with lane keeping assist. So a radar keeps you safe distance from the car in front, so you dont have to brake and accelerate and itll auto steer to keep your lane. Thank you very much tita very kind of you. You can operate the cars air conditioning remotely using the key fob. So lets say its a hot day: you just have to go to your front window and then press this button hold it and the air conditioning will come on. Listen youll hear the fans start up there. We go hear it, and that means that when you finally come to again you cant drive off. Oh, its nice and cool inside turrets may be late to the ev party, but theyre not late to the yolk steering wheel party. Yes, theyve copied tesla and you can get a yolk steering wheel for this bz4x and it also has steer by wire where its not actually connected to the front wheels its all done by electronics, with the avoidance of doubt, toyotas handily put the word electric here on The charging port, so you dont accidentally just try and fill this car up with petrol.

Anyway, is this the largest charging port on any electric car mean thats completely unnecessary. Anyhow, the battery capacity on this car is 71 kilowatt hours. The range on this car varies from 286 miles on a full charge for the four wheel, drive version up to 370 miles for the front wheel, drive version the front wheel, drive version has 204 horsepower and the all wheel, drive version has 218 horsepower. Not many more horsepower, i dont know why that is just anyhow. This car can charge on dc current at up to 150 kilowatts, and if you can find a 150 kilowatt charge and your battery is all warmed up and everything, it should charge from 20 to 80. Full in 30 minutes now, which is the best version of the bz4 x to go for in terms of front wheel, drive all wheel, drive and which trim level well. Ive built my favorite version using the cargo configurator, and if you want to see what it is, click on the pop out button up there for the link in the description below all right lets see what this new toyota is like to drive. First thing to note is the driving position is pretty good, great view actually sitting apart. You do get these big blind spots caused by these pillars, but youve got these extra little windows here. The back window is its a decent size, so i can save it quite well. The problem is the rear pillars are so huge when youre putting out junctions like that they do create a massive blind spot cannot fault the suspension, though.

Sometimes, electric cars can be overly firm because i have to deal with the weight of the batteries. This one is good for an extra guy deals with bumps quite well im going to see get some horrible bumps in this part of the road and its soaking them up rather nicely better than most of its competitors. To tell you the truth, i do like the steering in the sky, though nice and light for around town and the brakes. Sometimes in electric cars. They can be grabby, not here, theyre, nice and smooth and progressive its a comfy car to travel in and, of course, its very quiet yeah. The turning circle on this car is really good. Just let this guy go 11.4 meters, which is impressive, hopefully ill, be able to get around here in one go. Will it make it yeah so its a really tight turning circle, though its not quite as tight as a volkswagen id4, which has a turning circle of 10.2 meters? If you want to see my four in depth, video review of that car click on the pop out banner up there for the link in the description below well its not as good as this, though you have this button here, which is for one pedal driving means When you lift off the accelerator, you get quite intense, braking from the motor putting power back into the battery, but not actually using the friction brakes in some cars. You can lift off the accelerator and it will bring the car to a complete stop.

But not here, it always creeps forward ever so slightly just a bit creepy its otherwise they just dont make it forward pedal driving like a nissan leaf. So then whats the bz4x like to drive on a twisty road. Well, you know being a tall electric suv, its obviously going to be a bag of rubbish right. Well, surprisingly, no this thing doesnt lean too much in the bends. Look here comes a corner now, im going to chuck it in whats it going to do its going to grip on and go round. It actually does really well for such a car, its surprising now. The steering isnt like dead darty, like in a tesla model y, which actually to be fair, can feel a little bit hyperactive its just nice and sedate, but accurate. I wouldnt say its quite as sporty to drive as a kiri v6, but he does a decent enough job if you want to get a hustle on to get to your destination quickly and that involves going through. Some country lanes im impressed okay im just going to check the efficiency of this car on the course ive, just driven im averaging 3.5 miles per kilowatt hour. Now the car is supposed to do 286 miles on a charge, but when you use that efficiency and multiply it out by its battery capacity of 71 kilowatt hours, that means the real world range based on how ive been driving is 250 miles, which is actually pretty Good toyota says the bz4x will do not 60 in 6.

9 seconds, which isnt particularly quick for an electric car at this price. I see what it does in reality. Ive got my specialist timing gear up here. Lets. Do it pretty quick, i want to say the performance is electrifying like some other electric cars, but there we go naught 60 6.2 seconds so quicker than they said, but not quite as quick as the competition. Finally, im gon na do a brake test from 60 miles. An hour lets see how long it takes this car to stop. If i slum on the anchors in panic and go full abs braking like now, Applause, just imagine that something like a badger ran out in front of me. Okay, so that took 35 meters to stop, which is all right, but not brilliant Music. So then whats, my final verdict on the toyota bz4 x: should you avoid it? Should you consider it really shortlisted, or should you just go right ahead and buy it? Well, i reckon you should shortlist this car. It really is a good all round family, electric suv. If you enjoyed this video, give it a like. Let me know what you think of my verdict for this car in the comments below. If you click on those windows there, you can watch some more videos and if you click on that box there you can find out how much your car is really worth it just upload. Some photos give a brief description and our dealers will bid on your car to make sure you get a great price for it.