Looking at 45 000 canadian dollars, so i mean the range – is definitely there and actually it extends beyond that, because, later on down the line, you can get a full gt, not just the end line, full fat gt and thats going to have bigger motors and stronger Acceleration as well, but were here to talk about this so lets talk about it. Some more so you may know that the ev6 is the cousin of the ionic 5, as well as the genesis, whereas the genesis is more of a luxurious product and the ionic is more of a quirky, futuristic, type model and quite usable. If i may say this, the ev6 is more sporty and you can certainly tell by its shape, because on the front end its super angular, the hood slopes down you get angular headlights and with the gt and line package, you also get a different front bumper to Make it a little bit more sporty off to the side, we got 20 inch wheels personally im, not a big fan of them. They just look well kind of awkward to me, but i mean wheels are just one of those things you can easily switch out. So, im not going to complain about that too much. I like the overall side profile. It is very, very sleek and sporty being. The top trim also got these automated pop out door handles, so i can easily grab hold them and lock and unlock the vehicle as needed.

It does have a lower roof line and it does slope back towards the rear here and because of that. Well, it does reduce rear headroom as well as getting in and out of the rear seats. It is a little bit more tough as well around back. We do have a spoiler up top and theres a little led light underneath to shine this rear hunch, its. Not all that useful, really, it doesnt really project much light towards the front of the vehicle, but it does illuminate right here. So you get that, but i must say this tail light this its so pretty. It expands on the entire width of the rear end and its a super distinctive design. I really really like it: the dark chrome and a fake diffuser on the bottom, its a super aggressive, looking vehicle, and i must say you know in my eyes this is one of the prettiest evs thats out on the road. I like the ionic, because its quirky and different, but this well its more normal, but it still stands out quite a bit if we open up the trunk theres a little button on the bottom and of course, if you have the key in your pocket, you cant Just stand behind the vehicle, and it shows quite a large trunk space at 24.4 cubic feet its sufficient. I would say, however, its not as big as some others, mainly because of the sloped rear end. Here i mean, underneath the tonneau cover its more than enough for most peoples needs and theres a little bit more storage underneath the uh the cargo cover here as well.

However, you know if you are looking for a bigger ev. Well, there certainly are better options. Lets head to the rear seats, all right, the back seats, im 511 – and i just grazed the headliner here, because the ev6 doesnt have a full panoramic roof. Well, i get a little bit of dome above my head im sure they designed because of that because, as you can see, my eyes are basically in line with the top of the sides here, which means when i have to get in or out. I am ducking in and out so thats one of the problems with this more kind of angular design. However, you know its for the rear passengers youre buying the vehicle youre sitting in front anyways. Who cares about people in the back right? However, if you are going to be using this for your kids, its well thats a different story, the seats themselves – they are heated on this upper end trim, but i cant move them four and a half like i can in the ionic 5. the seats i do Have an ability to make it more upright or a little bit more canted back. If i like thats, really it, i do, have usb charge points and thats, really it theres nothing really great about these rear seats. However, if you are looking to put a child in here, as you can see, i have a collect film here on the passenger side and that does fit.

However, like i said because of the roof line, it does make it more difficult for you to put your child in and out of the vehicle if your child is younger and youre looking to put an infant seat here behind the drivers side adjust it from my Height of 511 still no problems plenty of room to fit. The lower anchors are relatively easy to find or just in between the cushions and the upper anchors are just behind the seats themselves, so really no problem if youre looking to fit child seats in here. However, if you have multiple children in the back, especially younger ones, it might be just a little bit hard for you to get them in once again to do that. Roof line lets head up to the front all right. The front seats of the ev6 theyre very comfortable, and this alcantara or suede thats in the middle, really grips you in so in corners youre, not like swaying around too much, and i do like that. Theyre heated and cooled with the buttons here in the center theyre touch sensitive, which i dont really like, but well get to the touch sensitive stuff later in front. A two spoke steering wheel, which is a little different, not only because theres two spokes, but the buttons are flipped most vehicles, have the volume and multimedia controls on the left and all the driving assistant stuff on the right. But here its swapped. So i mean i dont think its gon na be much of a problem for most people, but for me, because im in and out of so many cars that was weird behind not weird at all.

Your full digital cluster looks good works. Great. You got different drive modes in there to change the actual layout yeah, no problems at all its your typical kia or hyundai setup same thing with the heads up display, augmented reality, heads up display and that looks really really good infotainment. Well, its a mixed bag. Really the system itself works well, theres, really, no problems with that. The issue is well theres. No wireless card playing were kind of used to that. By now you do have to plug it into one of the usb ports down low and it is low its all. The way down here, so you got a cable that runs from here all the way up into your cup holder or a little bit further back, where you would typically put your phone because you wont put it in this kind of center cubby area. Thats, just kind of weird and low, the ionic 5 at least gives you a little cubby in front for your phone. This just well theres not really a space for it. I guess you can put it in a mountain. Have it there, but its just still a little weird, the the thing that is the most weird in this cabin. Of course, if youve seen other ev6 reviews, you know about the climate control, you hit a button to switch between your multimedia and your climate control. I dont think thats as big of a deal as some people put it out.

To so i mean youre driving along your climate control. You want to change it. You can press that to change your climate control, you want your multimedia controls, you press a button. I think thats not too bad the issue with it is well first, when youre driving along you, cant, really see whats going on on the left side anyways, because the steering wheel and your hand blocks it thats an issue for some but the biggest issue. For me and my wife, we both had the same issue is were driving down the road, for example its on the multimedia setting. So i have a volume knob, so i reached down, i looked down a little bit and then i hit the button. But what happens is my knuckles hit the auto climate control thats just off to the right and because theyre touch sensitive buttons, theyre super easy to accidentally press and if you hit that and you turn it well then youre changing the temperature youre no longer touching the Volume, i mean yes theres a volume control right here, but were just so used to a knob that well we want to use that so thats, the biggest issue, the touch sensitive buttons off to the side, often just get missed, and a lot of times like i Like to rest my hand here to press the buttons thats on this little climate control or screen, and when i do im accidentally activating my heated seats or cooled seats or heated, steering wheel button and that also becomes a nuisance.

Also its the center console the ionic fives, you can move it back and forth whenever you kind of dont want it or need it or whatever this you cant move, which you know like most cars, its fine but its glossy black plastic im, not complaining about glossy Black plastic, because its dirty thats, fine, you can clean it and i like it clean, but the problem is with it being clean and with a large windshield. The sun comes in right to this panel and right into your eyes. When i picked this up the first day, i turned a corner and as soon as the sun hit it at the right spot, it was on the silver plaque here and this glossy black plastic and right into my eyes. It was the most annoying thing ever because, as soon as i turned, i just got blinded but thats the biggest issue. With this im sure you can wrap it with something to eliminate that, but its a, i think, its an oversight. However, i i must say i do like this rotary shifter, comparing to the ionic one, which is kind of this column, mounted thing that one just looks weird, but functionality wise. This just works better. Its just easier, its more familiar, anyways lets, go for a drive and see what its like on the road all right before we set off. Lets talk about power and range, because thats all very important. The base ev6 gets 167 horsepower.

You equip that with a long range that gets 225 horsepower if you get it with the all wheel. Drive like we have here: thats 320 horsepower and 446 pound feet of torque and the best thing about it: a 10 to 80 percent charge its 18 minutes with a kilowatt charger. I was looking for the electrify canada map and for 350 kilowatt chargers, theres nothing in vancouver, either travel outside the city uh, either north or east. For me to get one of those 350 kilowatt chargers, so here in vancouver, if you want to quickly charge a vehicle from that 10 to 80 percent, well, youre not really going to have much of an option there. You do have to step outside the city, which is pretty normal. The only thing is like if youre trying to use this as like your uber vehicle, maybe not the best in that case, maybe tesla will still be better because of their charging network. But, like i said, lets go for a drive here, because one of the biggest things about this vehicle is not just well the amount of range and everything it has, but just how good it feels on the road the ionic which i did drive not that long Ago, nothing wrong with it. It was kind of wouldnt, say plain, it was still quick enough, but it just didnt feel sporty. This does i mean its the same powertrain and everything the wheelbase on. This is a little bit shorter, making it easier for you to well park in tighter parking situations.

What i will say is its a darn fast vehicle because im going like 40 right now on a floor, it really pushes you back, but thats typical. In most, you know kind of more performance orientated evs. This is not like a high performance, one thats, the gt and thats coming later down the line, but this is still quick. It has all the power you really need, but thats typical in evs whats. Not typical is this is kind of more rear. Wheel, drive bias in its kind of torque delivery and setup, so in today, dry conditions. You wont, really feel it as much, but in wet conditions, and especially when you have the traction, control turned off the rear end. Does come around its actually kind of crazy, this 4 000 something pound suv, i mean not really an suv! Think of it as a large hatchback. I guess its well were happy youre able to push it around and just get that response that you told like you just dont expect in a vehicle like this. The only thing i would say is the suspension. Well, it does an okay job, but like most evs, because it is so heavy it just doesnt soak up everything that it can. It still feels a little just heavy in its uh way that it drives, but i must say when you throw it around a corner. Its a pretty impressive, even there i mean power, just gets sent to the rear and it does oversteer its crazy, its absolutely nuts.

I love the way that this drives and thats one of the best things about it. This drives, like a typical. You know rear wheel, drive biased vehicle, its not like boring at all and its just its just so much fun, thats. Really it, though, overall the ev6, i think, if youre looking for a sportier suv out of the trio that it has so the cousins this the ionic 5, as well as the genesis gv60. This is going to be the one that you want to pick, although i havent driven the gv60. I just i dont expect it to be as good as this, so the ionic is more family friendly, its more daily friendly. It has a larger cabin, a more well just an open interior and getting people into the rear, its just so much easier on the ionic. Compared to this, and personally i like the quirky styling of that, but this is more traditional, its a traditional sporty like look its kind of shark, like kind of has an audi type influence in it. So if you want a sportier, looking type hatchback electric vehicle, this is the one. If you really want to have more performance well, then you just wait a little bit get the gt, because thats going to be well thats, gon na be absolutely insane. I mean considering this is already this good. I can just assume that the gts gon na be even better than this thats really it.

Thank you so much for watching this video, like the video. If you do subscribe, if you want to see more, let me know what your thoughts are on the ev6. Is it going to be your next vehicle? Personally, i still would pick the ioniq simply because well accessing the rear seats on this has been challenging.