I hope you guys are really doing well, so welcome to my youtube channel. That is easy, get india. So today i will be sharing a video with you all about 2023 maruti, regina evie, so lets get started. One of the indian automakers that hasnt yet entered the eevee industry is maruti suzuki. Although the future maruti electric cars anticipated introduction date in india in 2025, we believe it would already be too late by then range would have been sacrificed if a maruti electric car was introduced right now due to the limited battery pack, if launched right now, it would Around 150 miles, he claimed that introducing an ev with a limited range would not be sufficient due to the lack of widely available fast charges, which would cause range anxiety, despite not entering the vehicle. Electric market monarchy is developing hybrid and mild hybrid systems. Many of these vehicles, including the cias urticar braza, and s, cross utilize mild hybrid system. This is perhaps the most crucial questions you would want to know, because the car is predicted to grow around 200 to 250 kilometers on a single full charge, which is excellent in its pricing range. The vehicle predicted blue space in 341 liters, which is comparable to its gasoline counterpart. The new beginner ev has a push start button and a 9.1 inch ips touchscreen inflation system with 1024 pixel built in wi, fi, gps, bluetooth and reverse parking camera steering mounted controls will be provided, 12.

5 recharge, socket digital meter, cluster will be there and the vehicle is Expected to launch with the two front, airbags, regunar ev will be fast charging enabled with two separate charging slots, one for the normal charging and the other one for the fast charging. The vehicle is expected to charge from zero percent to eighty percent in only forty minutes, while fast charging. Only last week the undesigned wagoner rev first set of five pictures come up on the internet, courtesy of us compared to the regular version. It gets exterior changes to differentiate itself from the ic engine sibling and is expected to go on the scale sometimes later this year or in early 2022 in india. Judging by its production, ready looks, it will be interesting to see the design changes it will have when badged as a suzuki, but details regarding its electric powertrain as cars, suzuki and toyota are involved in a mutually beneficial partnership which sees the latter seeing a battery electric Vehicle system with this japanese compatriot in india, toyota has already launched two re badged maruti suzuki vehicle under its own banner toyota, is gearing up to introduce the rebate version of the cias known as the belta in india. While the batch engineer, ertika is also in the pipeline, as for the global marketing, suzuki is also preparing an electrified chimney and the b segment zero emission suv. The new beginner rev has a push start button and a 9.1 inch ips touchscreen improvement system with it 1024 pixel built in wi, fi, gps, bluetooth, reverse parking system and the steering mounted controls will be provided.

12.5 recharging socket digital meter. Cluster will be there. The vehicle is expected to be launched with the two front. Airbags wagoner ee will be the fast charging enabled with the two separate charging slots, one for the normal charging and other one for the fast charging. Thank you for listening. This video do like and subscribe.