Hybrid though the plug in hybrid has been dropped from the range here in australia due to slow sales and in todays, video were going to be checking out the flagship, gtline electric variant, which has about 460 ks of range through its 64.8 kilowatt hour. Battery pack and spoiler alert the cabin looks way better than the car it replaces, but you can, let me know your thoughts about the nero in electric and hybrid guys down below this video and, if you havent done so already id also love it. If you could hit subscribe to the chasing cars youtube channel, if outside the new nero looks like a development and a facelift of the old car, when you get inside, you realize this really is quite new from the ground up. The technology package really brings it up. In to the 2020s very nicely, indeed, youve got a pair of 10 and a quarter inch screens in front of me. One digital drivers display which is relatively customizable but still cant, show a full map readout. But you do have this really easy to interact with and straightforward touchscreen that runs kias android based operating system that works fantastically. You have wired apple carplay, which also works pretty well and wide android, auto as well navigation, the sounds of nature and a whole bunch of ev readouts. You can also adjust the climate controls through this 10 and a quarter inch touchscreen, but thankfully, just like in the sportage kia, has retained a very clever little touch here, the shortcut buttons that either function as shortcuts for the whole infotainment screen or you press.

This little fan – and this gives you the ability to interact with the hvac controls, adjust temperature fan, speed and all that stuff and the fact that you have extra customization through the touchscreen but still have really legible easy to interact with shortcut buttons below. That is a really nice touch, adding to the ventilation. Youve also got a heated steering wheel, which is lifted straight from the kia ev6, which is actually very close in price to this vehicle. This car, here, as it sits in ev gt line trim, is 72 100. Before on road costs, thats very close to an ev6 gt line, rear wheel, drive, which is about 74 990 before on road costs, and that is a little bit difficult because although this interior is really well presented and has lovely touches, soft touch materials up here on The doors and a general feeling of quality and youve also got three stage: heated seats and three stage: cooling. The fact that this car is a little bit smaller than the ev6 means that it maybe doesnt feel like quite as good value as that car. But of course you cant buy an ev6 in australia at the moment. You can put an order in on one, but the order books are a long way ahead of production where, in theory, you should be able to go into a kia dealer in the next couple of weeks and put your name down for one of these kia niros And get yourself one before the end of the year, though, of course thats all subject to change as demand fluctuates and supply fluctuates, but yeah definitely worth considering this thing.

If you are keen on an ev6 but cant get your hands on one, because the design in here is also fantastic. It really moves the game on from the car. It replaces these really cool seats that are, i think, borrowed mostly in terms of their design. From the ev6, as well with the cool headrests that function as jacket, hooks, youve got this lovely dashboard and the fact that the pair of 10 and a quarter inch screens are built into the dashboard not sitting proud of. It is actually something. I really like a little bit of ambient lighting too. It just feels classy and really a lot more elegant than the car. It replaces like the interior. The neros exterior is much more exciting than before, but its still cohesive. I really like the way kia has integrated their design philosophy across a bunch of their latest models. The lights on this nero look great. The sort of snowflake looking wheels are really cool. I love the integration of this indicator into the mirror and, as we get to the back here, theres a little bit of a flavor of original audi r8 in the back here with this gray stripe. Of course you can. Let me know if you agree with me down below, but at least it does have a functional vent for aero, so lets jump in the back seat. Now the nero may be much smaller than the ev6, but the back seat is still very usable for five people.

In this car, its pretty broad and behind my driving position at six foot two, i have plenty of space heaps of knee room and a good amount of headroom. Even under this cars sunroof that you get as standard in the gt line package, the only site compromise is tow room and thats kind of been the case for all evs. With my front seat on the floor, i cant really squeeze my toes under there and my knees do sit a little high off the squab, given the skateboard of batteries underneath this car, but there arent really any perfect evs out there right at the moment that really Solved that issue now, as for technology and niceties back here, we have simple things like a flip down armrest and things like air vents back here, but theres no way of controlling the climate, but if you download kias, connect services and link it with your nero. This is the first car in australia sold by kia. That has the ability to do this. You can adjust climate control settings remotely and even set the horn off from the other side of the city, which is all pretty cool stuff. You do also have nice touches like these charging ports in the back of both seats and the front passenger seat has a cool relaxation function. That means, when youre sitting at a charger, you can chill out with the seat all the way reclined and relax. While your cars charging thats pretty rad, the only other small issue i have with the nero is the fact that at 70 grand i would like to see something a little bit nicer than hard touch plastics in the back.

But, on the whole, this car is really well packaged and thoughtfully appointed in the back seat around the rear. The second generation nero benefits from being about 65 millimeters longer measuring 4 420 millimeters, which is just a bit shorter than volkswagen tiguan. Its a very nicely finished boot with a couple of cool touches, namely this parcel shelf, which is very small and very light, and actually sort of feeds into the philosophy of this nero being lighter than its predecessor, not something you always see in contemporary vehicles, especially ones That have grown its about 80 kilos lighter than the vehicle it replaces, which is pretty cool and some of thats down to this parcel shelf, which folds up very neatly into this little gray bag. Its, not a parcel shelf that you could actually put parcels on. But it is a neat little modesty cover to keep prying eyes away from anything expensive. You might have in the boot now, because this variant is the ev theres no space for a spare tyre under the boot floor. But there are plenty of places to store your charging cables and also the cool vehicle to load adapters that come with this nero. That means you can power a standard three pin socket either out of the front charging port or from under the back seat. So, conceivably, you could grind and make your own coffee fresh if youre away having a picnic – and i think thats, pretty rad as for charging the new generation nero, is slightly better than the car.

It replaces when it comes to dc fast charging for 10 to 80 itll, take 43 minutes on a 350 kilowatt charger or 45 minutes on a 100 kilowatt dc fast charger. As for ac charging, that can be done at a rate of up to 11 kilowatts and from zero percent to 100. It takes about six and a half hours servicing. The new nero is more affordable than it used to be, owing to the fact that kia now uses a less expensive coolant for the battery, so instead of over three thousand dollars for five years, the new car is only one thousand seven hundred and fifty four dollars For seven years of servicing, if you buy a prepaid service package and of course this car is backed by kias seven year, unlimited kilometer warranty with a 7 year 150 000 kilometer warranty for the high voltage electrics. The kia niro is really all about efficiency. In this space and the car behind me has acclaimed 14 kilowatt hours per hundred kilometers efficiency rating, which gives it about 460 kilometers of wltp range now well give it a proper range test when we get this car back to the roads that we know around sydney To compare it against other vehicles, but that number on paper is right up there with the lexus ux 300e and is actually significantly more efficient than what the kia ev6 in air trim gets. That car gets about 17 kilowatt hours per 100ks.

This car is three kilowatt hours better driving the new kia niro is actually a lot different to the car. It replaces and a lot of thats down to the fact that, unlike the previous car, which sort of came to australia in a bit of a rushed way, this car has had kias full development program, their full aussie suspension and steering tuning, and that makes a big Difference this is actually the first car since the covet lockdowns kicked in in early 2020 thats had kias full australian suspension and steering tune, while the kia sportage mid size, suv got a suspension tune, it didnt get the steering tune and thats really hurt it. A little bit in terms of its handling prowess and the same can be said of the ev6, but this thing has kia engineers very proud and thats pretty cool for a vehicle that might not be that exciting. In other ways, when you get behind the wheel, it is actually really polished. But lets start by talking about the electric power train in this car, the ev that im driving it still kicks out the same 150. Kilowatts of power sent directly to the front wheels through a single speed transmission, but it has lost out on torque, so its about 140 newton meters down on the previous car, registering 255 meters to the front wheels now thats, pretty weird for an update. But speaking to the engineers and the guys at kia here in australia, its because of refinement, they wanted to make the nero a more refined machine, more easy to use and more consistent around town.

So you didnt have so much electric torque spiking up and making the front wheel spin up, and that was something that really affected the old car. If you caught my review of it a little over a year ago, you would have seen that um yeah. I did complain about that and a slightly lackluster trash control tuning of that vehicle. This thing is way more polished, it barely spins the wheels on a good grippy surface, and it just makes it feel a little bit more, serene and with better power delivery. Of course, the relationship to torque and speed with a single speed, electric transmission also means that that drop in torque doesnt affect this car. The same way that it would a combustion engine vehicle with multiple gears, so thats something worth taking into account and the fact that at 7.8 seconds for a naught to 100 kilometer an hour sprint. This things still pretty rapid for a small suv right up there with something like a kia, celtos, 1.6 turbo or a hyundai kona end line. Something like that. Thats a little bit lighter. This car is 1772 kilos in kerb weight, but ultimately yeah about the same pace as a rival, small suv and thats pretty cool. The next thing. Heres put a big attention to detail on. Is the refinement of this vehicle by adding a lot more sound, ending to make it a bit more serene out on a country road like we are now its made it a more comfortable place to be less tiring than the car it replaces and feeding into? That is the australian suspension tune that i mentioned right off the top.

This thing is a real peach. Yes, it still has a little bit more firmness than something like a toyota c hr, which is a soft and slightly lollapy car, but that firmness means that this thing has great body control and its still nice and plush around town. Of course, weve been driving it around lovely roads just outside of adelaide here today, but hopefully – and i reckon it will be the case that when we get one of these things back to chasing cars, hq were gon na, be really impressed by the way the suspension Deals with sydneys rough urban roads because it just feels way way better than the car it replaces and thats great. The other thing that feels way better is the way it handles. You can really tip it into a corner and its funny. You might not think that an electric power steering tune would make a huge difference to the confidence of a car like this, but actually it really sharpens up the way it responds to the drivers, inputs, thats, all well and good, for driving enthusiasts and people who, like Going around corners quickly, but it also means that this car is very consistent, mid corner it doesnt do anything. Weird doesnt get bucked around theres, no funny things going on through the steering and the slight reduction in the amount of torque means there. Isnt grabby talk steer going on through the front wheels of this car either, so it just feels really polished and i think out on an open road like this.

It feels really confidence inspiring, as i said well, have to wait for a proper test near chasing cars. Hq to take in the worst of sydneys roads before we make final judgment, but for a brief test drive its seeming like its going to be pretty cool better than an ev6. Perhaps even it feels like it deals with its mass, maybe a little bit better. Obviously it doesnt have the rear, wheel, drive dynamics of the ev6 that make it exploitable and fun, and it doesnt have the power of the all wheel, drive car and at the price that this nero is set at at the moment. That means that it may not look the greatest value on paper, but its actually a really very polished, ev and, i think, a lot more comfortable than something like a polstar ii. Now lets talk a little bit about safety because its the final thing that kias really made a big deal about in the new nero theres a whole lot more safety kit, including front ab with junction detection, cyclist detection, pedestrian detection. You also get reverse aab blind spot collision avoidance and its all the sort of thing thats going to help this car score five stars in and cap safety testing it hasnt gone through the process just yet of getting its euro end cap score, converted to end cap Score but its looking, like its probably got all the stuff to get the maximum complement of five stars and the fact that this body in white is actually a fair bit stiffer than the previous car.

The car. It replaces which not only has benefits for safety, but also for the suspension, the handling prowess and the overall refinement of this vehicle. So the new nero is safer. It drives a whole lot. Better looks a whole lot cooler and its just more polished in general than the car. It replaces those are all great things, but is this the right car at the right time when key is moving towards the nomenclature of evs following the ev6, with the forthcoming ev9? That we should see sometime this year. The fact that this nero still exists is perhaps a little bit of an oddity. I know theres a lot of demand overseas, for example in europe and in this cars home market of korea. But its going to be interesting to see in australia whether buyers who have been waiting for their eb6 are going to want to switch over and have a look at this kia niro, which is probably going to be a little bit more available. At least initially gear plans to get around 75 cars a month. In of this thing, the other thing worth considering is, of course, this cars hybrid variant, which has 104 kilowatts of power and 265 meters of torque and can be had for under 50 thats. A really good way to cut your emissions in the small suv class and yes, there are plenty of competitors there. So hopefully, what well get to do is have that, along as a bit of a wild card in a twin or a triple test.

Sometime soon back in sydney and evaluate how good kias hybrid system has gotten over the years, but for now the kia niro is still a bit of an oddity in the market, but at least it is a much better sorted oddity than it was before the ride. The polish, its all so much better but, of course, id love to know your thoughts. So let me know those in the comments section down below and if you havent done so wed, also love it. If you could subscribe to the chasing cars youtube channel. As always.