This card is called as a match because it has the max coverage max features: snacks, safety luxury as well ill talk about the lights. Now, as you can see the lights, the lights are actually premium led tl there we still send it indicated of the vehicle thats. Actually, nice and then halogen light fog. Lamp is also not led, so we missed out on led and one from tata motors. Please give us very clear friends, so this is the engine tv, zip tone written right there very nice look how the design has been done, because the receptor means that the battery motor is on the Music its completely the wheel. Size is around 16 inches same size from the ice tv, but with a different design theyre, giving a black glossy black to set ofms with the black treatment at the top, scratches scratches no claddings Music, its a 50 kilowatt battery 50 kilowatt battery, actually its actually a 40.5 kilowatt battery, but if you charge it with a 50 kilowatt battery fast charging, it goes all around zero to 100 in zero to eighty percent in just 56 minutes around uh, 310, 320 kilometers of range. What do we say? Massive electric motor decent amount of boot space is that Music spare wheel is around 16 inches, but its not an annoying yeah. Thank you. This baby is a 16 inch, but its not an alloy and theyre. Given a tool kit right there, the jack and all the place, Music, Music, roof Music is a small, is soft edge.

Material fabric is actually given by them. Its again premium door handles are silver in color. Great pie. Windows are given right there, some space or you can close the door with that on here sitting in the center. You feel some hump right there, its not completely fat, but it is almost flat theres no charging for theres a dummy button, but here youre, given ac vents, its powered at the front and as you can see, the parcel itself is actually very big here. Youll get a travel charging socket, which is there standard from the regular nexon ev as such and getting from the drivers seat. This fabric soft touch treatment is given everywhere, but still you can find a lot of plastics for windows. They give an umbrella order for the front door, and this happens to be a single zone. Ac controls, automatic climate controls. What is different is the new gear level. It happens to be a dual gear lever and then drive modes is dead, so drive modes are. Finally, here sport and eco drive modes are given right there, electronic parking, brake, auto hold and wireless charging is given right there and region mode is also standard from the top model and theyre. Given a pen holder right there, because the handbrake is gone to an electric parking brake so now the drivers will have left arrow spaces to access the usb port. It is kind of a task which is seen in the nexons, all of them – oh my god, as you can see, theres a storage space given right there with magnets, so thats.

Why its kind of difficult to open it softer statement given right there opening the glove box? I showed you earlier of the auto expo box, is huge in size and is it free at the top Music, Music, so Music, because this thing will always be heavy at lower speeds? Also, they given a storage space right there, no buttons this uh. There should be a slide button right here: a7 treatment, given like the asm this event, given right there theyre, given a blue treatment right there theyre given a seven inch partial infotainment system because not fully digital partial digital instrument cluster and showing the range 237 kilometers. If the top is the total range and the odometer around driven around 58 kilometers, they given cruise control, which is also first in segment cruise control, is also there. Audio control is also there. Injury structure button is also there, so the differentiable here is that they give a lot of features with limited storage spaces. It just automatically lights automatic wipers, theres no mirror over here, but theres a door receipt folded, Music theres a mirror along with nothing. Actually. This is where the horn is actually very easy to touch, but going on some clothes automatically kilometers. So thank you, everybody for watching my channel.