This is just a preview of whats to come, but before that lets take you in and around the car for a quick first look of this aura good cat Music. You probably might not heard of this brand, maybe because its only four years old, it is an electric comic from china that started in 2018, under the great umbrella of great wall motor, which also owns haval. Now, before we begin, i would like to help you cure your itch of wanting to find out why they named it. The good cat, the former chairman of peoples, republic of china, xiaoping used to say whether its a black cat or the white cat as long as it can catch a mouse. It is a good cat, so aura took that very seriously. Not only they named this. The good cat they also have the black cat and white cat in their lineup enough of fun. Facts lets check out the exterior of the car when it comes to the size. Aura calls this a subcompact hatchback, but standing right next to it. I think it is a b7 crossover, its actually quite big. The overall looks it has a very modern, yet very retro and trendy look for me. It has a bit of nissan march and a bit of mini cooper and a bit of porsche 911 dont. You think. Let us know what you think comment below the wheels are 18 inch in size. They are using gd tires and around the sides.

It has a very interesting shape and, together with a dual tone, color combo, it looks really cute. In fact, they will be offering in a lot of different color combinations. Now whats interesting is the back im, not sure about you, but i do like the rear of this car. Did you realize the tail lights are nowhere to be found? They are integrated into the rear windscreen. It looks very futuristic and also one good thing is, if you happen to get into a fender bender, you do need to replace the tail lights. Music, based on the specs from thailand, where this car is from. There are three variants to choose from: they all make the same power, which is 141 horsepower and 210 newton meters of torque. The top speed is only 152 kilometers per hour. The differences are on the range and also the battery size. The tech and pro variant gives you 400 kilometer of range, while the ultra, which is this one here, gives you up to 500 kilometers of range with one single charge. When it comes to charging, it can take in a 6.6 kilowatt type 2 charger. You can also use a dc fast charger up to 60 kilowatt. You only need about 45 minutes to one hour to charge it up to 80 Music. I am truly impressed by the interior of this car. It looks great it just shouts, trendy and chic check out the seats, its got matching color with the car.

The materials are great and the build quality as well. I am wow really check out the dashboard. It has this sweet material that is not like suede, not complaining. It looks really good. You are able to spot different designs that are very familiar, which ill point out later to you. They look really nice. The string design is funky. You get this large digital screen in front of you, of course, the middle cluster, which reminds me a bit of the peugeot eye. Cockpit, you have the home screen infotainment system in the middle, then down here these toggle switches yeah very familiar. I like that, now towards the center you get a huge opening cup holder and, of course, a space for you, usb charger and all that in the center console this really beautiful. Looking gear selector that looks like its from bentley. I like that, you get a wireless charger here, a really small compartment in the middle sunroof. Can you imagine you get sunroof here as well. On top of all that, you get this interesting feature as well, which you can talk to the car hi aura. Sabati car, open, sun roof rap car im, really starting to like this car. It looks great at the back here. The space is good. You get the charging port here, the seats are really nice to touch, and this design familia looks a bit like its from bentley its got this armrest here. That is pretty high quality.

You know what the word chip doesnt comes to mind when youre in here really. So what do you think of this new pussycat in town? How much does it cost todays only a preview? There is no official price yet, but if we compare it with thailand out of the three variants, the first two variants, which is the 400 kilometer range, starts from 105 000 ringgit to 115 000 ringgit, while the ultra, which is 500 kilometers of range, is about 130. 000 ringgit. You can use that as a benchmark. Perhaps if the 500 kilometer ultra variant can go below 150 000 ringgit. That will be quite a win because it will be cheaper than the hyundai corner. They will launch it in q4 this year, so well just have to wait as of now. If you want to find out more about this aura good cat yeah go on to motorbikes.