Theyll give over there, okay, okay, theres a new option. There is one more thing i can tell you: this is a new option, its a automatically! This is a plug open. Okay, this. It will be like that this uh, like that this is a plug system operator. Okay, this is this is only for advantage. Okay, if this is any rain, heavy rain is coming. You have to carry this. One is only corporate separated its home. Only okay, if you not keep the home inside, if you go for water, the failure ratio can start circuiting, okay, okay, so total youll burn everything: okay, okay, that which i observed myself. Foreign okay, ultimately, is not a common. That means this vehicle is costing almost one lakh forty, eight thousand okay, very, very higher price. Okay. Okay! Thank you, sir. Thank you very much. Electric vehicle review Music, hyderabad, Music Applause, Music.