It had a decent interior, good range lots of safety equipment, but it was crazily and pretty pointlessly rapid. You could do naught 60 miles per hour in under five seconds and it was incredibly expensive as well costing almost 60 000 pounds now. Finally, a few years later, weve got this new version of the xc40, so in this review were going to find out whether this cheaper slower version is the pick of the lineup and were also going to look at how it compares to all of its electric rivals. But before we start that make sure you subscribe to our channel, so you can see all of our other new car reviews as soon as they go live and for a great deal on your next car. Go to So, first, just to remind you, this electric xc40 looks very similar to a fuel powered version of this car, except its got a body colored covered grille and also, obviously, a charging port where the fuel cap is on other versions of this car. Now the whole xc40 lineup earlier this year had a very subtle facelift. So if you order a new xc40 today, then it will arrive with slightly slimmer, led lights and a very slightly different front, bumper and rear bumper. But the changes are only cosmetic and theyre, not big or significant at all this version by the way isnt one of those new facelifted models, the facelift hasnt changed much in the interior of the xc40, either and actually, no matter which version of this car you get Into so whether its a mild, hybrid or a plug in hybrid or one of these fully electric xc40s, the interior is basically going to look the same and its really nice.

So youve got a mix of really nice high quality materials. Its got this attractive layout. It feels really well put together actually better put together in most areas than the tesla model 3, and it just generally does feel like a high quality electric car interior. Now there is actually one difference from the electric version of this car to the fuel powered car. So if you have a fuel powered xc40, you have a start, stop button to start or stop the car, but in the electric xc40 you dont have that. So that means that if you actually want to drive the car you just get in put your foot on the brake, select, drive or reverse and then away you go. You dont have to press any start stop button. However, you can still see where the start stop button would go on those other models. So all volvo has done is stick a bit of plastic over it, which does feel a bit naff. Now recently, theyve changed the gear selector a bit in the early versions of this car youd constantly have to be double tapping the gear selector to actually get it in drive or reverse. So that would mean that if you wanted to put it in drive, if you pulled the gear selector all the way back, it would only put it in neutral. So youd have to pull it again to put it in drive and from there. If you want to put it in reverse again, youd have to push it all the way forwards to put it in neutral, then all the way forwards again, to put it in reverse.

You just be forever double tapping this thing, which just feels really unnatural compared to how most other gear selectors work. That is different. Now, thankfully, because volvos introduced this kind of two step gear selector, so you can pull it half the way back to put it in neutral and then all the way back to actually get it in drive. And if you want to go from drive to reverse, you can just push it all the way forwards and its very, very simple like that. So just a small change, but it means its not as frustrating as it used to be in the xc40. What else is good about this interior? Well, we said the quality is very impressive. It feels very sturdy. The driving position is great as well, so it does feel like youre in an suv, and this digital driver display is really good as well its big its clear. Its got a good resolution. The graphics are really nice, there isnt too much in the way of customization, so you dont have a choice of different layouts for the dials, but what youre given as standard is still really good, so its not really a problem. The infotainment system is not the best in the electric car world, but its also, definitely not the worst. The reason, its not amazing is because everything is controlled through this touchscreen. So that means even the climate controls are in here: youve got to dive into a menu and then push on the screen which, while youre driving, is just quite a frustrating and complicated thing to try and do rather than just having some dials.

You can easily adjust and again some of these icons on the menus are a bit on the small side, but, like the driver display, the graphics are really nice. It is a responsive screen, so it responds quickly to your touch inputs and volvo also uses an android derived infotainment system. So that means that you get google maps as standard which is great rather than having a manufacturers. Own sat nav. That is rubbish and doesnt really work. You get google maps which is very effective and very good. Also as part of this infotainment system, you have google assistant through the voice command system so again, rather than having a manufacturers own voice command system. That is rubbish and barely works. You actually have a voice command system that works and lets you use a lot of the functions on the infotainment system. Very simply, one downside to this, though, is the fact that you dont get apple carplay. So if youve got an iphone, you cant plug it in here and then use waze and have it running on the screen itself, but volvo has recently said that it will be introducing apple carplay to its products in the future and generally all things considered. This is a very good electric car interior, its good in the back as well im just under six foot driver seats in my driving position, i can set up straight and theres still loads of clearance. Above my head leg, room is also really good, and this is quite a wide car and its got a wide rear bench as well.

So if you want to sit three people side by side in the back here, then this is a pretty good electric car to do that. In the only shame, there is the fact that youve got this big central lump in the floor, which is especially annoying because lots of other electric cars dont have a lump. Theyve got a flat floor in the back, so its a shame that the xc40 has that in the back here and overall, a q4 e tron is just a little bit more spacious in the back and actually a tesla model. 3 is quite a bit more spacious. In the back, but still whether you go for a fuel powered xc40, whether you go for an electric xc40, which is basically identical in the back, both are very good in terms of space at 452 liters, the volvo xc40 has a boot thats a little bit smaller Than the new nero evs, and also the vw id4s, but its still pretty big and pretty practical as well, now its a simple shape, it also doesnt have a loading lip at the front. So that means that its very easy to just slide stuff into the boot and in total you can fit eight of these carry on size suitcases into the back of the xc40 thats. The same number that you can fit in an audi q4 e tron and also in a jaguar eye pace, but a vw id4 can fit nine of these suitcases into the back.

Something handy that you do get with the xc40, though, is the boot floor can be folded up and slotted into place like this, which creates this partition. That basically means anything behind. It just wont be flying around as you drive along, and it also gives you these handy hooks to put your shopping bags on too, and there is some underfloor storage here as well, and on top of all that you get an electric tailgate with the xc40. So it might not be the biggest boot in the electric car class, but its still very good, plus with no petrol engine under the bonnet. The electric versions of the xc40 get this handy front storage compartment here, which is especially good because lots of other cars that started life as fuel powered cars that were then turned into electric cars dont end up with this front storage compartment. But you get one here and okay at 31 liters its, not particularly big, but it is still a very useful space to leave the charging cables. But anyway, why does this electric xc40 make so much more sense than the other version of the car that we drove a couple of years ago? Well, this is front wheel, drive the other electric xc40 you can buy. Is all wheel drive. So if you go for that version of the car, you have two electric motors, one that drives the rear wheels and one that drives the front wheels. But here youve got one electric motor that drives the front wheels.

So it doesnt sound like a big change, and it also means that this car is less powerful, but crucially its also cheaper. This version of the volvo xc40 isnt exactly slow. You can do not to 60 miles per hour in 7.6 seconds and, to be honest, do you need to go any quicker than that in a car like this? Probably not – and this is a pretty good thing to drive – so there is a bit of body lean through corners because its a tall suv, but its mainly well controlled, feels relatively agile. The steering in normal mode isnt particularly great its very, very light and feels quite vague, even around town, but there is something you can do to change that. So let me show you on the infotainment screen here. If you go to this small settings icon in the bottom right and then on this small menu here go to driving and then what you have to do is scroll down to this bit at the bottom, and click on steering feel firm to make the steering feel Firm and that essentially puts it in a sport mode that just gives a bit of extra weight, makes the steering feel a bit beefier than it does in normal mode, and that is a big improvement and, to be honest, what we do is get in this car Turn that on and then just leave it there and forget about it anyway. It is pretty good to drive its, not a tesla model 3 in terms of fun, but this is still pretty good.

The main thing that stands out in the electric xc40, though, and thats whether you go for the all wheel, drive version or this front wheel, drive version is how comfortable it is. Now it doesnt get any fancy adaptive suspension, setup or anything, but it doesnt need it, because the standard ride the ride that all these xc40s get is really nice, its not too firm, but its also not too soft youre well cushioned from everything. But there is a downside because, while its generally very quiet in here, can you hear this were just going over a rough bit of road and the suspension is just thumping and thwacking away underneath us so that isnt great, as we said its generally pretty quiet in Here so even on the motorway theres, not much road raw theres, not much wind noise. But if you get a bit of uneven road with a load of lumps in it, then you hear the suspension working very, very hard underneath you and that isnt great, but still for most things. The xc40 is an electric car, thats good to drive, really comfortable and buy electric car standards up at this price point very impressive indeed. Now what about range? Well, its actually pretty good in the electric xc40, and the other thing to know is that whether you go for a front wheel, drive version or an all wheel, drive version theres, hardly any difference. Officially, the xc40 with two motors is said to be able to cover up to 270 miles on a full charge, and if you go for the single motor model, the range only drops by seven miles.

You can expect more like 200 miles for both cars in genuine real world driving conditions, though thats fairly decent by class standards, but not as good as the model y or the vw id4. Now lets give you a bit more detail on why this is the cheaper and better version of the xc40 to go for. So if you go for a front wheel, drive electric xc40, there are three trim levels that you can choose from, which includes an entry level trim that you cant get on the all wheel, drive version of this car, so the cheapest front, wheel, drive electric xc40 is More than ten thousand pounds cheaper than the cheapest all wheel drive version of this car, and even if you want to go for the mid spec front, wheel drive electric xc40 that is still 5000 pounds cheaper than the equivalent all wheel drive version of this car. If you do want to buy an xc40, it isnt cheap entry level versions of this car are similar to the audi q4 e tron, but go up a few trims or go for the all wheel, drive models and it doesnt take long before its up in jaguar Eye paced territory, you get a host of impressive safety equipment for your money, though, and the electric xc 40 received the top 5 star safety rating from euro encap. As for the trims, mid, spec plus looks the best in the lineup, adding adaptive cruise control, heated and electrically adjustable front seats onto what you get in the entry level trim.

It also adds a reversing camera and a heat pump which helps heat the cars interior in a more efficient way, helping improve the cars driving range in cold conditions, so nice interior, decent range, comfortable, the front wheel, drive electric xc40 gets all the good bits of the All wheel drive electric xc40, but with a lower price tag and yes, its not as powerful but its still pretty quick. So unless you absolutely have to have all wheel drive, this is definitely the electric xc40 to go for and compared to other electric cars out there. There are some at this price point that are a bit bigger, some that are more fun to drive, but still this is a great all rounder and a very worthy option. If you want to read more about the xc40 and all the other cars that its up against, then you can read our extended written reviews of every new and used car around on and also on our website.