Look like dolphins, heres the thing the biggest problem is the ev battery, mainly the driving range, and how long it takes to fully charge an ev until ev makers solve these two things you wont be seeing me owning an electric car today ill tell you the truth About ev batteries well see how tesla evolved its battery technology and why mercedes benz and general motors also decided to enter and play in the electric sandbox. Well also, look at the solid state battery mercedes benz, silicon battery and gms ultim battery and weather tesla will retain its position in the race buckle up because were only just starting lets. Talk about driving range well start out with the battery powered ev. That has the best driving range if youre thinking of a tesla ev prepare to be surprised, teslas do have impressive driving rate, but the 2022 tesla model. S is only the second best thing compared to the reigning ev, which is the 2022 lucid air dream. The 2022 lucid air dream edition r all wheel drive with 19 inch wheels, has a 520 mile driving range. But if you thought that was impressive, get this every single version of the air has a longer driving range than any other currently available. Electric car, even our lowest rated model, which is the high performance dream p, has a whopping, 451 miles of driving range. So now youre probably wondering what makes the 2022 lucid air dream so powerful.

Well, the air dream comes with 118 kilowatt hour battery pack, the lid of the battery pack flows coolant over the top of the cells according to lucid engineers, their solution chills better than teslas. The interesting thing is that the lucid air dream is a relatively new car but heres the catch its price tag, but you have to remember its a luxury electric car, not a standard one. You wont see the poor build quality of a standard consumer electric car like tesla. If youre wondering, if you might be able to afford a lucid air, that likely means you cant. For example, the 2022 lucid air dream edition r all wheel, drive, cost 169 000 and thats excluding the destination fee. Lets look at the electric car with the worst driving range right now, and that would be the mazda mx 30, with a driving range of only 100 miles. You see originally. When this eb was first announced, it was slated to have a range extender. The range extender would have been able to take the vehicle up to 200 miles of driving range, but it never happened. Mazda did try to justify this cars driving range. They said the evs 35.5 kilowatt hour lithium ion battery, helps maintain its superb driving dynamics and allows for lower environmental impact, basically its the best attempt to justify the mx 30s measly driving range. This cars acceleration just isnt up to power with its most powerful rifles. It needs 8.

7 seconds to reach 60 miles an hour if youre wondering how tesla stocks up the 2022 tesla model, s is the battery powered eevee with the second best driving range out there compared to other evs tesla uses different motors depending on the vehicle. The model s, for example, has an alternating current induction motor, while the model 3 uses a permanent magnet dc motor. There are upsides to both types of motors, but, generally speaking, induction motors are a little less efficient than permanent magnet motors at full load. What about when it comes to batteries? The first tesla battery option is the nickel, cobalt, aluminum or nca tesla started using the nca battery chemistry a while back in the form of 18 650 cells. These were produced by panasonic for the model s and the model x. They also use similar cells in the model y to model 3, but the size of these cells is a little different, theyre 2170 cells. These saws are more energy dense and larger than the 18650 cells. 2170 cells with nca chemistries are used in the dual motor model y and three evs. Interestingly, tesla started using a second battery chemistry in china and it eventually made its way here to the us im talking about lithium iron, phosphate or lfp battery cells. Lfp shells will be used in all of teslas single motor rear wheel, drive vehicles here in the u.s. That means that only the base model 3 will use lfp chemistry, though it is possible.

Its in the new model y lfp variant will come out too and theyll be 2170 cells. Last but not least, teslas third battery option is the 4680 cell. This is the same cell. They have been raving about a few years back as their battery day event model y crossovers that are pumped out of teslas new gigafactory in austin will be fitted with these 4680 tablets battery cells, and these vehicles will also be the first ever from tesla to include Their structural battery pack tesla researchers unveiled designed for a new ev battery that will be able to last for up 100 years, or so they say the tesla advanced battery research division, partnered with dalhousie university in canada to develop this nickel based battery right now, tesla manufactures And uses lfp batteries this battery is what allows a longer range between charges because of its high energy density. Teslas mission is to build this super battery and may end up reducing manufacturing costs and greatly reduce the footprint of the eev industry at the same time. Well, just have to wait and see for now well have to stick with teslas current batteries that last 200 000 miles or 20 plus years, but remember all batteries degrade over time. So who knows how much range youll have left after just five or ten years? Everything has limits, including batteries today, ev battery capacity span from 28.9 kilowatt hours to about 200 kilowatt hours. When you completely deplete a battery down to its very last electron, this can seriously damage it and shorten its life.

This is why car makers build in margins. They prevent batteries from discharging completely and from charging right up to 100 capacity. These margins may only be a few percentage points, but boy do they matter. For example, porsche reserves just about 10 percent of their batterys total capacity protected from overcharging or completely discharged. Other brands follow a similar pattern, though not all will provide details to us. Batteries are usually the most expensive component of an ev, yet even all these battery prices have found the last 10 years. Ev prices have not, since 2012, the average cost of an ev battery foam or an 80. Yet the average price of a brand new ev in the us rose more than 80. The main reason for this is because most car makers are choosing to develop luxury ev models before they expand into mainstream, cheaper and standard ev options, and, on top of all that factory shutdowns, due to the pandemic, the war and semiconductor chip shortages have added fuel. So car prices are at an all time. High. The race for creating better electric car betters is just being called the next gold rush. Now take a look at ibms upcoming battery ibm research discovered a new battery chemistry that can outperform lithium ion batteries and is free of heavy metals. The materials for these batteries are extracted from seawater. Ibm claims that their batteries will charge faster, be cheaper to make and pack much more energy density and power compared to other battery types currently ibm is working with mercedes benz to develop this technology.

Just look at ford, for example, ford is planning on spending an extra 10 to 20 billion on top of the 30 billion theyve already pledged to spend on evs all by 2030., while its great to have a fast, powerful battery in your ev. All evs have one common need charging, but if youre the type who doesnt want to wait all night for the ev to charge at home, your next best option is the charging station. The fastest charging option available is level 3 charging, but charging stations dont come without their fair share of disadvantages. When you arrive at a charging station, you might have to wait in line to use a public charger and once the spot opens up, you still have to wait until your ev charges up also, if youre new to an area youre not familiar to where the public Charging stations are located, it can be really inconvenient and stressful to locate the closest charging station. That wont help with range anxiety at all. There are three main levels of charging level: one level two and three with level three being the fastest. Slow chargers are perfect. When you have a lot of time in your hands, but there are fast chargers that can charge your ev in minutes like the tesla supercharger, why do we even need slow ones? Well, not many people realize just how much potential damage a charging station can do to your battery constantly using level 3 fast charging can cause your battery to degrade faster than normal, so i recommend only using rapid charging stations.

Occasionally, if you dont want to degrade your cars battery prematurely now, some people support the idea of a solar powered battery charger, since they would technically use 100 percent green energy great for the environment. Right, yes, but not great! For your wallet you see to fully charge and eva using only the power of the sun. Youd need enough solar panels to connect all that energy, a battery to store that energy. So you can charge at night after work and a home charger, and this does not come cheap. So is there another alternative to solar power charging then well. Some believe that atomic engines could be the next big thing after all. Theoretically, it would rarely need to be refueled, maybe only once every three to five years and youd never even need to turn on the ignition, because your nuclear powered car would always be on but heres. Why people think this is the next big thing or wrong its radioactive meaning that an ev with atomic engine would require a lot of shielding without proper shielding? The radioactivity of the power source could literally kill any person in and near the car to understand the future of ev batteries. You just need to look at your iphone lithium ion batteries are inside every iphone, ip imac, macbook apple watch and airpods, yet todays iphone batteries. Typically, last 24 hours at best, an average iphone battery, is designed to retain 80 of its original capacity at 500, complete charge cycles if its operating under normal conditions, but the longer you have your phone, the lower the retention percentage gets and as your battery health degrades.

So does its ability to function at peak performance since smartphone battery technology is stalled instead of fixing the problem, smartphone makers have trained us to just charge our phones every night. No one even questions it. We just accept it most people today dont remember this, but there was a time when flip phones are able to run on a single charge for weeks. Will that ever be the same with cars instead of progress and innovation? Will car companies just train us to accept long charging times and short driving ranges? Who knows within a few years, we may end up forgetting how we used to pump gas into a traditional car only two times a month lets look at gms new altium battery. These batteries have the potential to enable the gm evs estimated electric range of 450 miles. On a full charge, these batteries can also enable their evs to have energy ranges from 50 to over 200 kilowatt hours. The most important building blocks of these batteries are large scale. High energy cells, together with lg gm, was able to use both smart cell design and advanced chemistry to create the optimal ev battery and it contains 20 times more energy than teslas small cylindrical cells. Right now, teslas currently have thousands of battery cells inside their packs, but gms evs and other car makers have hundreds. Most importantly, the ultimate impact does not suffer capacity loss from dc fast charging, which negates the need for slow charging stations.

Even mercedes is getting involved in the next coming years, expect to see the first mercedes benz test vehicles equipped with solid state batteries. Co produced with pro logium having a battery with solid state. Electrolytes allows for the use of materials with high ionic conductivity, high storage capacity and higher chemical stability. The futuristic design of materials used in solid state batteries can often double the range of a traditional ev lithium ion battery cell that you find today, but thats. Not all mercedes benz is even set to incorporate a new high energy dense battery in its upcoming electric g class, starting in 2025.. These new batteries are being hailed as a solution to the problem of powering large evs without overweighing them with heavier batteries. The venue will be made by a startup named sila nanotechnologies. It will use silicon based anodes and itll be 20 40 percent more energy dense than any available cell. Today, scila claims theyve shattered the energy ceiling of current lithium ion batteries, silas next generation, silicone analog chemistry will boost energy density by 20 and in the future, that percentage is expected to go up to 40. But now you tell me whats the turning point that will get you to buy an ev.