My name is derek reilly. Today we are looking at the renault twizy ive, never had a car thats gotten such a big reaction when ive been driving it during the weekend. Two weeks ago i had the mercedes benz eqs, so lets get stuck into the details: Music, if youre interested in all things eevee and you want to support the channel, hit the subscribe button and hit that bell icon, so you dont miss any future updates Music. Originally, we would have seen the renault twizy concept back in 2009 and they started producing them in 2012, so 10 years old this year, but bad news is, you cannot buy them new anymore theyre, going to be only secondhand and ive never had such a reaction to An electric vehicle lets run through some of the details. Um start at the front. You have your fairly problem license plate. You have halogen bulbs, hasnt really changed since 2012, really um. There has been a copy in china, um, not a forgery, but a imitation very similar. Slightly different doors called the manufactured by a company called rattle or rachel. You get your indicators. Youve got your single wiper at the front. Here is your flap for your washing liquid, and also your three meter spiral three pin plug to charge it. It doesnt work off. Ac definitely doesnt work off dc anyway, so its all off a three pin domestic socket 13 inch tires moving down along the side.

Then youve got those mud guards. The windscreen itself is heated, which is about the only thing that you can get heated as standard on it. Youve got some clear plastic panels along the side, your wing mirrors, which are adjustable manually by literally poking them, with your finger to get in theres no lock on it. It is gullwing doors either side and the bottom half of that door is clear plastic as well. The doors are were an optional extra. You could buy this without the doors its a two seater and that some people dont realize it as a two seater when im driving along and because theres no windows, as you can also see you can. But you could have bought an optional kind of a zip up polyurethane see through, but this one doesnt have it. So if its raining, you have to wear your wet gear, but i dont mind that actually um you could hear people as i was driving by or a traffic light. You hear people say: oh look at that one seater, but its actually a two seater uh. You just have to slide the seat forward on the side then or on the roof. You could have had an option for a clear, sunroof um, but this one doesnt have it. It has kind of a vinyl on it that has carbon fiber effect and some nice. Two tone colors going on with this kind of a cockpit identifier, glass, black, very good, for branding id, say, etc and but lets have turn around and have a look at the rear of the twizy twizy.

The name comes from twin, easy twin because of the two people again and lets talk about some of the battery inspect like that, but um ive really enjoyed my time with this. Car quadra cycle is actually what it is known as and depending on which motor you go, for it could be a light or a heavy uh, some of the markets that were sold, and it was a 45 or an 80 and thats, depending on the size of The kilowatt motor brake horsepower or sorry horsepower, um and the 45 and the 80 dictated as two that was the top speed in kilometers for hours. This is the 80 version. This is the only version that you could get in ireland. I think the only in ireland they kind of specked it, so it was always with the doors not necessarily always with the side windows, but lets turn it around anyway, Music, starting at the top of the twizy at the rear glass black youve got your high level Brake light, really your only brake light with your reversing light, large renault badge, its the older one and then youve got your indicators, your reflectors, your license plate and you can really see the workings of the actual um steering suspension, etc. So its rear wheel, drive, rear, mounted electric motor, some reflectors as well as we talked about, but otherwise that much else going on the back here lets have a look on the inside doors, open both sides and its literally just theres no way of locking them.

So you can literally just pop the two of them open and on the right hand, side is up the top youve got two storage areas and the right hand. One is lockable and thats the key, its, not a flip out key, its literally theres, no central, locking and thats what youre getting, and so you can lock that right hand one. I dont think it get take much to um to pop it open. If im honest, it wouldnt be the most secure, there is a steering lock on it. You could see there and so its simple, like a lot of electric vehicles, unlock the steering, lock youve got a digital cluster here on right hand: side: you have your electrically heated windscreen. You have your wipers two stage. You have your washer fluid. On the left hand, side, you have your lights indicators, you have a reversing beacon that you put on manually or maybe, if youre, going through some slow moving traffic or pedestrianized traffic um and you have a fairly decent horn. And then you have your dips and your fulls uh, which your indicators with this to let you know that the indicators are on your hazards. Had that light as well, and then youve got a button here with drive, neutral, reverse and youve got a manual handbrake lever. Uh, underneath that there as well steering wheel, does have an airbag at that spot and you have an unusual kind of a setup with regards to seatbelts.

Youve got a three point: seat belt and youve got another um belt. That comes over your other, shoulder, not sure. If thats for g4, so what exactly is that for on the driver? Infotainment cluster itself, youve got whether the handbrake is engaged? Youve got a stop. Youve got a service light. You have a battery warning light as well. If youve left the front flap open, then on the left hand, side youve got your lights, whether you have lights on or off um, and then whether youve got high beams youve got to engage it, you have to hold it down and that will light up a Go and then drive is the neutral light, goes off, drive is engaged or reverses, engaged and then back to neutral and then on actual display itself. You have um this battery thats, showing 37 kilometer range on this ive, had it up to 52 kilometer range and whether youre taking thats like two stage out of the battery one stage into the battery. So there is an element of regen: you dont get to control that um, the actual. So the range is there the time and then you press the little button on the left hand side overall, its had 116 kilometers worth of driving on this one. So its a 2020 um and then how your eco score and and then the time and so the clock setting so yeah storage in um. Let me look at this.

The rear seats behind here, um so ill move the camera around for that. So, with the to get somebody into the rear and slide your seat forward before i get into it, theres a little lockable, 30 liters worth of space, you take out the top of the rear seat and what you do is you straddle the seat and theres a Separate three point seat belt for the rear passenger, and this is the driver and then that seat comes back, so your legs are either side and ive had people in the rear of this. That are six two six, three, six, four, no problem. Everybody in the office wanted to go on the twizy um as long as it wasnt raining just up here where the roll bar is youve, got some speakers and there is an optional bluetooth extra that you can get. There is an optional there. Were it wasnt, optional, um knee blanket warmers, we talked about the wiper, the windows already the blue. Yes, there was a couple of different options that you the doors, as i said, were an option in some markets, but i really enjoyed my time with this, and anybody that i brought for a spin in it has really enjoyed it and nobody realizes that theres. Somebody in the back of it as well, so he could be totally stealth and get around the city lets check it out for a drive Music. Was it like driving the renault twizy when you dont have the windows.

It gets a bit loud when you go on the windows. It could get a bit wet so ive had it a couple of times into the office this week and i brought wet gear just in case because it is ireland but really fun ive. Never, as i said at the start, ive never had more people smile at me, potentially, but apparently at the twizzy um, really like the look of it, its a real. If youre shy and you are an introvert, the twizy is not the card to go for. So, as i mentioned, it started production 2012. in spain and then they moved it to korea in 2018, but unfortunately, theyve stopped production now thats. What you can you can? No longer buy the renault twizy its all about 30 000 units globally in japan. It was marketed as a nissan new mobility concept. I think it was called and when they moved the production to korea, i thought that they were going to continue making it over there. Maybe they are underneath the nissan side of things, but suspension is firm. Its a 6.1 kilowatt hour battery and i get between 35 and 55 kilometer range. Top speed is 80 kilometers an hour, and i have hit that technically a quadricycle, so cant go on the motorway, but it can go on national primary roads takes about three and a half hours to charge. It then as well, but you need a three pin club.

So you need somewhere to charge it so off street parking at home or in the office its a funny one, because with an e bike, you can thread through traffic e scooter, even an electric motorbike, this one youre youre caught in traffic for the majority of times There are some times when you can squeeze through if a car turned right and you want to go left. I had a situation during the week where um i was turning right and a motorcycle didnt see me wasnt. Expecting me there was some verbal backing over, but i was on my side of the road. I was turning right. He just didnt think that i was going to be there. Our dog loves it all the people in the stat and the office love it. In some markets you could get a 45 version and an 80 version, but in ireland i only ever think we got the 80 version. There was also a situation where there were um. You had to be mindful of bat release, so if you are buying these second hand just make sure that theres no its not at least because towards the end they stopped it didnt you didnt have to you. Could you could buy it without police? You could buy it outright, whereas for a while theyre a renault and their ze program, which stood for stands for zero emission um Music, you could only lease it because i want to give people reassurance now.

This is a five year warranty um complete battery replacement. Just something goes wrong, so you had two electric motor versions of 45, which gave you 5.4 horsepower and giving you a four kilowatt motor and the 80 version, which is which was 17 horsepower and a 13 kilowatt motor so whos it really for potentially promotional scooting around The town but youre not really beating much traffic but ill. Tell you in our office were thinking about buying one after having it for just a week, because the ability to have it there to scoot around as long as youve wet gear with you, the weather doesnt, really make a difference because inside even though theres no windows Everythings waterproof, so you can hose it down, but also means if it can get if it gets wet, theres no issue with it um if theres no power steering, so you have to be conscious of that as well. Let me know in the comments, if you would consider something like this, because this is no longer being made now. You are, if you want something like this in this quad: recycle, um, ten thousand euro kind of price point and thats what i was retailing for youre. Looking now at the citron alley, which is fully enclosed, two cedar, but its a side by side, so its more of a cube rather than lengthways ive, already had that the channel ill put it up on the the link on the screen and also in the description.

The um, the only issue i can see with that is its left hand, drive only theyre not going to make a right and drive version of it and so might throw some people off might throw some insurance companies off, and i know citroen ireland are looking into That at the moment, charging wise takes about three and a half hours to charge that 6.1 kilowatt hour battery battery was the same across all versions: uh, just the electric motor that was different um size, wise its 2.3 meters long by about 1.2 meters wide by about 1.5 meters high, so if the parking bay is wide enough, youll definitely be able to park it perpendicular and so parking is good, movability and and um. How easy it is to drive around the town, thats questionable as well what i havent seen yet i dont think theres any in ireland. If there are, let me know, or if you have one. Let me know in the comments: there is a cargo version and um. It just means that the rear seat was out and there was a booklet that was there. So you could get a cargo version of this as well, which would be ideal for scraping around the place bush. Anybody that ive carried this week and we needed to carry a bit of cargo just went down their lap. I think those two seat belts is important as well: the opposite of the renault twizys after passing me there, the bmw, i4, also a beautiful car.

Let me know in the comments, if you would consider something like this, because this is no longer being made now. You are, if you want something like this in this quad: recycle ten thousand euro kind of price point and thats what i was retailing for youre looking now at the citron alley, which is fully enclosed, two cedar, but its a side by side. So its more of a cube, rather than lengthways ive, already had that the channel ill put it up on the link on the screen and also in the description, the um. The only issue i can see with that is its left hand drive only theyre not going to make a right hand, drive version of it and so might throw some people off might throw some insurance companies off, but i know citron. Ireland are looking into that at the moment. Hopefully youve enjoyed my review of the renault twizy ive really enjoyed it, so much so were thinking of buying it in the office. Make sure youve subscribed to the channel were on a drive to 10 000 subscribers. By the end of 2022, Music and remember, if you think an eevee is for you, even a renault trizzi leave it to me and ill review.