The weight at a charging station currently delivers charging to your car, your home, the office wherever you want. It download the app and use promo code out of spec and get 30 days of free charging delivery, hello and welcome to another out of spec reviews. Video and welcome to the craziest charging station in the world. This is truly insane. I cant wait to take you on a full tour of this sortimo fast charging park. Im going to tell you everything, ive learned about it. Ive done some research online ill leave. Some links in the description, so you can learn about even more of this stuff. This is truly insane its the future. I cant wait to take you on a full tour. You guys will be totally blown away. You join me just outside of augsburg, which is a city in between stuttgart and munich, and this is a very popular run at night time, almost fully de restricted. So you could really hammer and um just an absolutely amazing fast charging park, literally right off of the autobahn, but a lot more is done here. So sortimo is a no name in sort of the automotive industry. They have been producing parts and innovations for vehicles. For years – and we happen to randomly stumble across their new fast charging park, just randomly the other day when we were filming the skoda, enyak review, so im standing pretty far away because its just so huge and theres chargers everywhere.

So im going to start sort of at the entrance and you can walk up with me to see how this whole things laid out. But i really think this is sort of the first of many to come. As long as we can figure out a business model for this stuff, but im just glad this is here, i cant wait to show you around literally the craziest charging station ive ever been to its. I am you guys know. I love this stuff. A lot of our trip in europe here is all about filming infrastructure and comparing it to the us, and my goodness this just blows my mind. So when arriving you come off of the autobahn, you come through this sign and then you drive down this little road. Now, initially, what you do is you come across these chargers over here on the left and its a bank of i dont know how many i want to say theres over 70 dc fast charging pins here, and these are 35 kilowatt dc fast chargers. Whats interesting is all of the hardware here is provided by a company called e loaded, and these units are just the craziest things ive ever seen, so you can see theyre type 2 right here fully water cooled, i believe as well. So ccs type 2 simple little charging handle theyre bendy as well. So if you want to, for example, you know stretch it to a car, you can just push it a little bit like this and itll make it its really neat.

Each one has this numbered tag and ill show you why you need that number tag its for charger activation um, but whats also really interesting about these 35 kilowatt ones. Well, first off its really useful, because so many people dont need the crazy crazy fast charge were gon na get into the crazy fast charging just over this way. But um, you know if you come here, theres a cafe inside so much to show you. Of course, you dont always need super fast charging, so 35 kilowatts, if youre gon na – be here for a couple hours sure why not take the cheaper electricity. This is 45 cents euro cents per kilowatt hour at 35. Kilowatts. All of these units are technically capable of 140 150 kilowatts and those can be updated through a charging application where you can then up the charging power to about 140 ish kilowatts through an app so more to show you lets walk on over this way. As you approach and you come down, this road youll see some more of this fast charging park, which is just absolutely insane. The building is beautiful, really great architecture design. These units right here are actually also dc. Fast. Charger is coming down from the roof and they are massive big boy chargers: 300 kilowatt maximum here from the roof that one all the way on the end that theyre working on over there 420 kilowatt dc fast chargers, also version 3, 250 kilowatt tesla superchargers there.

In the back heres my little eyeways, this is the u5, its a chinese electric car. It actually seems really nice and because i stopped in here and got some lunch and im filming a video, i decided to put it on the 35 kilowatt charger, because i dont need crazy, fast charging right now and guess what ive been here for about two hours. Its still not totally topped up its getting there but thats exactly what i kind of needed for this um for this charging session right here, a whole nother row of 35 kilowatt fast chargers excuse some of the noise in the back just absolutely insane and 300 kilowatt Ones right here now this is the e loaded unit. They actually, i believe, have a grassy patch on top, if you have them as a standalone and then the charging handles come down from the roof and then you can see you can pull up now. Theres four handles that come down from the roof. What im not totally sure of is if these are uh load shared or not? My understanding is that theyre not actually load shared, but someone can correct me if im wrong, you can see theyre labeled here again, just type 2 ccs same connections, but they come all the way up into the ceiling here, which is just totally insane. You pay a little bit more for 300 kilowatt charging, 59 cents per kilowatt hour and whats interesting too in terms of their pricing.

If i had plugged into the 35 kilowatt charger by the way, thats a plug in hybrid mercedes, those do have ccs chargers. So dont comment about that: guy hes, all good, which is wild, that most plug in mercedes do have uh ccs connections. If i had plugged in here at you know low states in charge like i did and said. Oh actually, lunch was really quick. I need to get going. I can then boost these to 140. Kilowatts. Like i mentioned, and then i just pay the new price 59 cents per kilowatt hour. I do want to show you their supra charger if we head on over this way its a really cool little spot, some work being done here and its all covered under the fast charging area, so youre not going to get wet when it rains no ones here. Right now they had a couple electric buses. The last two times ive been here, which has been interesting but lets head over to the supra charger and ill. Show you a little bit about how that so over here is the test mega power charging that now the official name i think on their website is supracharger and they claim 420 kilowatts. I imagine thats just a higher voltage with also high amps. Now, most of the time you know, youll get to a 500 amp charger. For example, they cant always deliver that amperage at high voltage. So this this is where i saw the buses plugged into today at least, and they probably want to be doing that, but they call it the mpc the mega power charging.

You can see just inside of the unit right here, some chains cables and then, if you look all the way up, i assume the big charging components are up there. I believe theyre all done in 35 kilowatt dc rectifiers that can be load shared across theres some level 2 chargers over here i believe 22 kilowatt ac charging, and these are four units. I think yes, so we can see id4 and the good wheels that we dont get in the us, a zoe of course, and not that many ac charging points, and i think that makes sense dc fast. Charging is more efficient and faster and whats. Interesting is this. Is very, very rare: these have the cables on them for ac charging most stations in europe type 2. You have to bring your own cable to connect the car to the station anyway. Just look at this building its truly truly insane – and you know 12 tesla version. 3 superchargers over here, which can charge other cars as well its a little bit more expensive. I dont remember anyway, the pricing is all bumped up a little bit more in europe than it is for dc fast charging in the us honestly, as it should be, which helps with the business case. But my goodness, i dont know how much it costs to install all of this, but im glad someone wrote the check if i could id put these everywhere, but you guys got to watch some more videos before we even have our first one going in wow.

This is just truly insane, so let me walk you through the process. A customer would go through when they get here and how this all works. So, from a customer experience standpoint, this is a hundred percent the future. First of all, you have dc fast chargers everywhere. Now everyone would think hey why dont we just do this. Well, this costs so much freaking money. You have no idea and also from an electricity standpoint. This is just sort of a future experimental project. I cant imagine well be seeing these everywhere, but its just truly truly insane, so anyway, 70 plus dc fast chargers, all at least capable of 140 kilowatts again. These are branded at 35, but can be upped in the app to 140 at the more expensive kilowatt hour rate. So you come up you plug in theres no app. Well, there is an app, but lets just say you dont have one uh. It actually starts charging instantly and it starts charging at about two kilowatts or so two or three kilowatts, so its just very, very slow charging. I guess i dont know how long this goes until it times out, but if youre gon na leave the car all day, i guess you could just leave it there thats, not the intention, though the intention is to get the car starting to charge, sends the signal. Then what you can do is you can pay with a credit card inside. So you go literally you get out of the car, you walk inside and you can swipe your card and ill show you that entire process here momentarily, but this is so important because, especially with so much travel across europe, so much travel now from us viewers and Americans coming to europe to drive electric cars to rent them to experience them.

The most frustrating thing in the world is driving an electric car outside of your home market, for example, i cant download any european apps. I have no european credit cards. All of these things. Right lets say this is the case youre american, its pretty much impossible to get around europe without having european stuff. Now, thankfully, we know were going to be spending more time over here, so were getting a new. You know euro specific everything, separate devices, so were fine, but this is a really big problem, especially we get messages all the time from europeans who come to the us same problem. Our apps are not available in the euro. App store charging with a credit card is the key, so let me go show you the entire process of plugging in and paying for this charging now, if you wanted to, you could just plug in the car to uh these charging posts here. This is our highways that weve been borrowing from highways. Its actually pretty neat well have a whole video on this you plug in and then you can go in the app and we would type in s312 as an example, and then it would boom start charging through the app. So we wouldnt have to go inside, but let me show you really the cool way that this works. I actually just ran the car one exit up and down the autobahn at max speed with max heater were down to 85 because i had pretty much full charged.

It i want to show you the top of the building and literally get to the charging station. Just as someone would so. I just pulled off the autobahn exit, i believe its the eight yes autobahn, eight and heres the roof of it. Look its a whole bunch of grass water reclamation process, really cool. Looking top of this really beautiful, looking charging station. Well, you join me over at the charging station im, not sure what this all says: digital infrastructure, something something i dont know okay and we plug. In now i was going to plug in one of the fast ones, but they seem to all be kind of just working on them. They said they work and we could but ah no problem. I was like its the same thing, so we have it all connected s303 is our unit right here you can see its gone from green to blue and blue must mean its communicating. So lets take a look inside the car here. It knows its plugged in and what it should probably be doing is doing some sort of communication, and then it needs to get the car charging. Because what happens is it could take? You know a minute to go inside and figure out your payment, and you dont want the car to time out from this. Plugging in some cars will false if its plugged in and it doesnt start charging in a certain amount of time, so its smart, that they just send a very, very low power signal, and you can see here, were actually yep there.

We go charging up a little bit. You can see eight nine amps going into it and again uh voltage fast. Charging 8.8 amps were down to 85 percent state of charge, so really slow charging right now, but at least its got some juice flowing into it. What were gon na do is actually go inside and im gon na. Take you on a tour around inside, because its really cool and then were going to pay for our charging. So im going to go over this way. Take a look at this esotaro on the right by the way, this is an electric bus with a pretty big battery pack, its pretty sweet, and so now we head in. They have like an amazon drop box over here, which is pretty cool through the doors we go, opening up, really beautiful lobby, and then we head to this machine where im going to select english start charging. You can also do it. You know through the e loaded, app sortimo innovation spark. This is the name of the town that were in that i cant pronounce start charging s303. It pops up with all the ones that have recently been connected that are in this communication phase s303 connected. Be sure that the car is connected and slowly charging it certainly is, then what im going to do is im going to pull up my credit card ive been using my phone to tap, but im actually filming this so well hit connect where we can choose.

Of course, either 35 kilowatts or 140 well, the car cant really do too much over 35. Once we hit 90 were already at 85, so may as well. Do that we can choose an automatic stop point, so we could say stop at from well its at 86. Right now so anywhere from where we are now to full, well, go all the way to full so well hit cancel on this well go 100 percent well hit pay, and now it says well block about 20 euros on your card, similar to like feeling with a Gas pump youll only pay for the amount of energy consumed. Please use the payment terminal, okay inserted the card. Normally i just tap to pay with my phone well go through this process here it says payment, good payment, completed and everything seems to be nice now so were good here. What im gon na do is then run back out to the car lets. Make sure that were getting more than eight or nine amps and then im gon na take you on a quick tour of this innovations park walking back out to the car, then you can see this is where actually all of the charging work is done and these Cabinets in here and then theyre fed over to the dispensers lets open up the door of the iways u5 and take a look. Oh yes, 58 amps, now not crazy, fast, again, thats, not a fault of the charging station.

The car is just pretty high on charge. 86, but its certainly taken a lot more than otherwise so pretty interesting that these are all 140 kilowatt capable and you can just pay to upgrade them or if you dont need the extra speed may as well get the cheaper electricity at lower speed. I love this concept and the thing is normally im: not a fan of having lower power charging available, but with 75 dc fast charging pins available here. Who cares? Theres lets see that always has been here this whole time. So i know that ones full charged uh and theres, no idle fees here, because you pay with a credit card, so no idle fees, theres one tesla and thats it so of the 75 available chargers. Pretty much. Two cars are accepting energy and im doing this. Just for a video so sure have the slower charging, at least for now, if they choose at some point in the future that they just want to have these all be high power chargers, they can certainly do that. So, since were charging up lets go back inside im going to take you on a full tour, so in we go through the doors again, our payment terminal was just on the left. If we head over this way, lets take a look, the nice little after hours area, so this area is open. 24. 7.. So, worst case, if you come in the middle of the night, you can get yourself an espresso.

You can get some haribo gummy bears. You can get anything youd like in this little unit, which is pretty great. They have some, i dont know promotional things, a full like rest station gift shop with wine and beer and a whole bunch of stuff which is really cool, and then this entire bakery restaurant, which is just absolutely insane. We had a couple meals here now really good food, a little bit slow. So if you come here, i recommend using the 35 kilowatt charging, but then even just amazing outdoor area. Here, let me show you here might be closed at the moment, but yeah just beautiful fields everywhere, nice little place to come and eat. Let me show you the bakery and then look at this bakery. They have a whole bunch of coffee food. Everything you could ever need right here. I was just editing videos right over here in this corner. It was wonderful. Now were going out the side entrance back from where we pretty much started over here with the low power chargers. The highways is just over here to the left, and then the highway is just over there. Well, i think thats pretty much the tour of the coolest fast charging park in the world that at least ive been to, if you know of any that are better. Let me know we should go there and film them. This is just the craziest thing and by the way, all this all the space up above is office space, at least on the other side.

So you know we are thinking about doing some german channel stuff. So let us know if you think we should be uh be here. If we decide to have a physical location in germany, i cant imagine a more perfect place. Ive already reached out for more information thanks for watching another out of spec reviews. Video thanks for joining me for a tour of the sortimo fast charging park, just an incredible experience and i cant wait to see this place totally. Full id love to stress test this thing and get him all rocking at max power.