However, whats also more is the price, and that has put it a lot closer to this. The recently updated mg Zs EV now, if youre in the market, for an electric SUV. These two are your top choices and today were gon na find out which one of them is the more rounded package: foreign, Music Applause, Music ly. Both these SUVs belong in different segments. The next one is a compact SUV measuring under 4 meters, while the zscv is a mid size, SUV that plays with krata sized Rivals. So the zscv has a clear Advantage. More Road presence and the overall design is more EV than the next one. You also get LED headlamps with drls, as opposed to halogen units on the Nexon. Larger 17 inch Wheels compared to the 16 inch ones on the Tata and overall, a more new age and modern. Look. The next one, on the other hand, is quite familiar in terms of design no closed off Grill here, but you get a good dose of blue accents, signifying its EV nature. But surprisingly, there isnt a single badge on the Nexon stating it is a Max. The only way to figure that out is by zooming on to the wheels which get a different design and rear disc brakes on the inside. The next One Max gets beige upholstery which further heightens the sense of space, but the dark Interiors on the Zs are surely easier to look after where the Zelda CV edges ahead is in terms of the overall quality.

The switch gear and fit finish are slightly better. In comparison to the next one – and it does have an air of premiumness as well sure the next one gets important bits like ventilated front seats, but the zsev isnt too far behind in the features game you get a larger touchscreen at 10.1 inches with a 360 Degree parking camera a fully digital instrument, cluster that looks more modern than the one on the next one, a panoramic sunroof that dwarfs the standard, sunroof and a lot more as well. If backseat space is also important to you, youd be more comfortable in the zsev. The raised floor in the next One Max results in rear passengers sitting knees up and the shorter wheelbase means you wont be able to stretch as much as in the most spacious data CV. The Zs also ties with the next one when it comes to boot capacity. With both measuring at 350 liters and offering a 60 40 split as well in terms of safety, the Nexon Max gets dual airbags as opposed to the 6 on the Zero CV, but the rest of the tech like ABS, with EBD, ESP Hill start and descent and Tpms are present in both Music since range is the most important bit on an EV. A back to back test was a no brainer driving the other car was Rahul and to keep things Fair, we decided to put them both on the same cycle, which included some maddening City traffic, a bit of relaxed highway driving and a few twisties thrown in to Sample the sport mode, we also decided to swap drivers at specific intervals to negate as much driver error as possible and drive around each other for a consistent average speed as well, and so it began with me taking the wheel of the mg first now powering the Zscv is a large of 50.

3 kilowatt hour battery pack; it is certainly larger than the next One Max, and what that gives. You is a range of 461.. That, of course, is mgs claim, and those claims are never to be fully trusted, because real world numbers differ. Quite a lot, however, with the Zs. What you also get is a bit more performance, because you have 33 horsepower more. This makes 176 horsepower as a result. 0 100 is a slightly faster, eight and a half seconds as well. So, overall, it is a bit Zippy around the city, a slightly zippier than the next One Max the next one. On the other hand, isnt too far behind, despite having a power deficit, a 0 100 kph time of 9.4 seconds makes it a second slower, but it is something you wouldnt really notice in day to day driving, especially in the city. Both cars offer similar levels of off the line response. As we cross the toll marking the end of our city drive, we made our first swap with me taking charge of the Nexon Max Music. Thank you, Music. Alright, so we are out of the cumbersome City traffic. We are on to the expressway, and that means region levels can come further down. In fact, Im gon na put it to regen one, and I will also change the mode to normal or city mode, which is in the next one Im very tempted to put it into Sport and use a bit of that grunt, but Ill just save it.

Maybe for the twisties, the guards are coming up ahead and I think Ill need a sport mode. Then I must also inform Rahul about my chain so that he can do the same on the mg as well. Both SUVs were shifted from Eco to city or normal, with regen. It just did as well having the region levels at Max and eco mode throughout might seem tempting, but on the highways it is important to keep the momentum and a higher region and eco mode will end up slowing the car substantially. Each time you lift off, it will require you to accelerate and thereby it will use a lot more battery on the highway. Both these EVS sit comfortably at triple digit speeds and stability is good too. However, the real test was the uphill guard section that is notoriously famous for depleting the battery Music. Alright time for swap number two. We are on the highway now Ive driven the next one plenty now its time for the Zs and the guards are just about to start so lets see what happens Music as we approach the guards both the Zs and Nexon fared well in terms of performance with Neither of them struggling for power or talk, Music drive mode activated, Music Applause, Music, the sport mode results in a severe drop in range for both these SUVs. That said, performance is brisk and at times even a bit more than necessary handling manners are similar with neither of the SUVs offering much in terms of thrill and dynamism, but for what its worth the next ones, consistent and weighty steering offers a bit more for the Driving enthusiasts Music, all right, the ghats have ended, the turns and hairpins are over, sport mode officially has been tested, and while it is very exciting, it was very, very nice as well, but the range did take quite a bit of hit.

Now I am at 51 battery capacity and range is a hundred and thirty, and you need to bear in mind that I also have to make it all the way back to Mumbai. So I think Im going to get out of sport mode now and since the way back is all downhill put it in eco mode activated and have it at level 2 range so that I get a decent amount of region as well and by the time Im Down lets see what the range looks like, but for now lets see what rahuls range is showing him. Well, that was fun. It was, but it completely battered my range really. What is it now so now? It is 129 kilometers with 51 battery left, okay, thats, not bad Im at 180 kilometers of range, and I still have 60 percent of battery remaining. Clearly. This is ahead for now, but uh. I think, lets quickly check out the region. Get out of sport mode all the way downhill now see you down, Music, the downhill drive back, helped us sample the region as well. Now the next one EV Max is so much more different compared to the Zs, especially when youre coming downhill, and most of that is related to the region mode, because the three levels of region on this are a lot more prominent than the ones on the zsev. Even the strongest level 3 region mode in that is still not too strong in this, though, if I put level 3, the car literally hunkers right down the region on the mg isnt too prominent, so you can have it in one level more than on the next One as we made it down, both the SUVs gained back some battery and heres the full test report card in terms of recharging.

The Max gets the option of a 7.2 kilowatt AC fast charger and is now closer to the Zeta Series battery recharge times. Using a 50 kilowatt DC fast charger Tata says the next one EV Maxs battery will go from 0 to 80 percent in just 56 minutes. However, in the real world, its battery management system accepts charge only at around 28 to 29 kilowatt at the most, the zs, on the other hand, accepts a higher rate of DC charging, usefully reducing the waiting time and offering better range Music. Both these EVS can be your daily drivers, since they have enough range to push out of the urban confines and comfortably handle that occasional Farmhouse strip. However, more than the range it is, the value proposition that plays a crucial role. The mg0cv is a no brainer until you look at what it costs. The exclusive variant which is the top spec, is priced at 25.8 lakh rupees, a massive 6.6 lakh rupee premium over the top spec Nexon EV Max sure you get a slightly bigger car with more space on the inside and a higher range, but paying over 6 lakh Rupees for roughly 80 kilometers more is a steep ask to sum it up, then. The next one EV Max offers the best balance of everything you would need. It gets all the useful and important features like ventilated seats, wireless charging, a sunroof and fast charging options along with a healthy range, strong region and decent performance.

Yes, the mg has better range, but going by the sheer value.