Within the last two years. Kia has not only rolled out a first generation nero which its now retired, but its now got this new generation car ready to roll. The nero comes in two flavors theres, a hybrid that claims four liters per hundred kilometers fuel economy or a full ev like this. One with up to 460 kilometers of driving range is the new nero any good, well jump in and well find out Music, be it the hybrid or the electric. The new nero comes in a choice of two variants: the entry level s or top spec gt line. Both feature a long list of equipment with features like dual zone: climate control, leather, look, interiors, keyless entry and start and a long list of safety tech, including autonomous emergency braking, lane, keep and lane follow, assist blind spot and rear cross traffic alert and avoidance adaptive cruise Control with stop and go and much more, the biggest highlight of the 2023 nero, however, is the styling where the previous nero was. Rather generic. The new one forges a much more definitive identity. Unlike the sleek kia ev6, the smaller nero features, a chunkier, more upright stance and a new interpretation of kias tiger face grille, with a slightly different look on the hybrid and ev theres. Also, new heart rate monitor daytime running lights and bold contrast, paneling, which can also be paired with a contrasting rear pillar on certain colours of the nero gt line.

Pricing for the kia niro s hybrid, starts from forty four thousand three hundred and eighty dollars, plus on road costs, with the more comprehensively equipped neuro gt line priced from fifty thousand and thirty dollars, plus on road costs. The nero electric is priced from sixty five thousand. Three hundred dollars in s trim or seventy two thousand one hundred dollars for the gt line before onroad costs inside the nero s features an eight inch infotainment touch screen with bluetooth am fm and dab. Radio, six speaker audio wireless apple, carplay and wireless plus wired android. Auto gt line models, step up to a 10.25 inch screen and 10.25 inch instrument display, along with a 10 inch head up display. The niro gt line is the first kia model to go on sale in australia with kia connect an online connectivity platform with seven years. Complementary access to remote services, including vehicle, lock and unlock location services range and fuel level status and charging or preconditioning access, the refreshed interior houses separated displays on nero s and a dual panel integrated display on gt line. The rest of the interior features somewhat minimalist, design with mesh dash details and a very ev6 junior styling theme, front seats are roomy and well featured, and the rear seat is spacious for a small suv. Boot space measures 425 litres in the niro hybrid, which is fitted with a temporary spare wheel or 475 litres in the nero electric which comes with a puncture repair kit.

Nero electric also has an additional 20 litre storage space located under the bonnet. All neuro models are front wheel drive only with the nero electric using a 150 kilowatt 255 newton meter, electric motor and single speed automatic transmission fed by a 64.8 kilowatt hour battery for a claimed range of kilometers. The nero hybrid combines a 1.6 litre, naturally aspirated engine producing 77 kilowatts and 144 newton meters, plus a 32 kilowatt 170 newton meter, electric motor for a combined 104 kilowatts and 265 newton meters. The nero hybrid uses a six speed, dual clutch automatic transmission. There is a fairly pronounced difference between the new nero and the old. The old car definitely was older. You could feel it on the road it didnt seem to have the same kind of development and thats really key in this car, because it is the first kia since the start of covert lockdowns to undergo a full local suspension and steering program. And what that means is that uh, graham gambold, an australian suspension engineer who works with kia, has done a full tune on both the suspension and the steering and usually its the steering thats been lacking in the last couple of models that gear has launched. On top of that, key has made some changes to the driveline of the nero electric itself and what that means is theyve actually reduced. The torque theyve dialed it down compared to the previous car, the idea being the little one was perhaps a little bit hairy in the wet or on loose surfaces.

This new car, with 150 kilowatts and 255 newton meters is designed to be more manageable and more drivable, and that shows everywhere from stepping off the line around town or in tighter corners, its much more controlled. On top of that, at the end of the day it is an electric car, so its really refined and quiet, and that shows everywhere you go. You know theres a little bit of wind noise and a little bit of tie noise, but you only hear them because theres no mechanical noise from up front in the nero hybrid, its a little bit different. You still have a petrol engine up front and that drives through a six speed auto. So, unlike a toyota hybrid, that you might be more used to theres no droning and the engine sort of shuffles in and out really quietly and really subtly around town, again, youll, probably notice it as right, revs, rise and fall, but once youre out on the open Road or as things become smoother and more open, it settles down and it becomes really quiet and really refined. Probably in the city, you might find the ride a touch firm. I think its maybe a personal preference thing, but id like to find things a little comfier and a little softer but again hit the right stretch of road throw in some corners and that steering suspension work really comes to the fore. In fact, i reckon the nero drives a lot better than it probably needs to for its target market youre not going to find the same dynamic prowess in something like a rav4 or a mitsubishi eclipse cross, but thats.

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