The nissan aria pronounced arya like the opera hasnt, been confirmed for australia. Yet, however nissan australia has said, it would love the aria in local showrooms and maybe as soon as next year. In anticipation, we spent time behind the wheel of what nissan is calling its newest flagship model. So is it any good lets find out Music? It certainly looks the goods, its sharp creases and angular styling a winner to our eyes, its also bigger than it appears in photos some 17 centimeters longer than the new qashqai e power and tellingly just a scant two centimeters shorter than the toyota rav4. Make no mistake: the nissan aria is, by every measure, a medium suv, with an imposing curbside presence and space enough inside for the average family, its a beautifully crafted interior too, with interesting materials and textures liberally, sprinkled throughout as well as some pretty neat party tricks. The center console, for instance, slides forwards and backwards, creating space wherever you need it, either the front or the second row. Theres no central tunnel in the front row either and that extra space on the floor gives an impression of roominess thats hard not to be impressed by a 12.3 inch. Infotainment touchscreen runs satellite navigation as well as apple and android smartphone, mirroring its a slick screen with sharp resolution and crisp graphics. Its a similar tale for the 12.3 inch digital driver display, which can be toggled through a host of screens showing all manner of data.

And if thats not enough a 10 inch, color head up display projects vital information, including navigation directions, onto the windscreen youre, not wanting for information inside the aria. The second row is generously proportioned too theres an abundance of knee leg and headroom. Although foot room under the front seats is a little on the tight side, but thanks to the lack of a drivetrain tunnel and thanks to the sliding center console, the feeling of spaciousness in row 2 is tremendous. We tested the entry level aria at launch, but theres nothing cut price about what is likely to be the most affordable area. Power comes from a 160 kilowatt 300 newton meter, electric motor driving the arias front wheels nissan reckons its good for a 7.5 second dash to 100 kilometers an hour, and that feels about right too powering the motor is a 63 kilowatt hour battery pack that offers 403 Kilometers of driving range based on the more accurate wltp testing standard it can be charged at up to 130 kilowatts and that peak dc power can be replenished from 20 to 80 in around 30 minutes, a more powerful 178 kilowatt version, with a larger 87 kilowatt hour Battery array offers up to 530 kilometers of driving range and topping the lineup a dual electric motor all wheel, drive aria dubbed e force can dispatch the naught to 100 kilometer an hour sprint in just 5.7 seconds, while also providing 500 kilometers of driving range from its 87 kilowatt hour battery, but while headline grabbing sprint times make for good story lines even in its most affordable guys.

The nissan aria is a delight to drive theres an eagerness to the way the aria moves away from standstill, acceleration. That is as rapid as it is smooth. The cabin remains beautifully plush and quiet too, a refined experience inside, even when on the move, some tyre raw permeates the cabin at highway speeds, but decent sound deadening mitigates most of it. The ride 2 is compliant and comfortable. The aria gliding over all, but the nastiest of imperfections with barely a ripple felt inside the cabin better. Yet, when the temptation and opportunity to throw it at some corners arises, nissans electric suv proves capable and agile belying its size and in this spec circa 800 kilogram weight its as surprising as it is capable a mature electric ev that draws on the experience nissan has Gained over the last 12 years with its leaf hatchback and then improves it by every measure. Our test loop through stockholm and the surrounding areas returned an indicated, 17 kilowatt hour energy consumption tellingly we covered 97.3 kilometers of driving in various conditions and used according to the driver, display just 79 kilometers of range thats. A good return on energy investment playing its part is nissans e pedal, which harvests the electricity generated during braking and returns it to the battery to extend the arias range nissan. Australia has yet to confirm the aria for local dealerships, although the smart money would be on its new flagship hitting the high street next year as to pricing.

Nissan australia is also keeping mum, but if it were to land around the 70 000 mark, the aria would square off silently against a host of evs from mainstream manufacturers in an ever growing segment. Well have to wait for more details but, in the meantime, be sure to check out our full written review on and dont forget to hit like and subscribe buttons to keep up with the latest news and reviews on our channels.