This will be coming to market really soon theres a little bit of production delays due to some global supply chain shortages, but its basically done – and i think this is a pretty impressive product from nissan, which has been a little bit lacking in a lot of departments. Recently, from the new z to this to a lot of other new products, nissans really making a great comeback – and this is a really impressive new product from them, so were starting off in the interior. Because i just think this is a really nice space and a really refreshing um look for nissan, i think so, one of the coolest things other than this really nice display system they have over here. This is a really nice steering wheel as well its these kind of like touch buttons integrated into the trim. So, as you can see here, theyre, not necessarily just where you touch them, you actually have to press down theres kind of like this haptic feedback. That kind of goes into the buttons as well, which is really interesting um, and this continues on to the center console as well. So we have our drive mode selectors over here, so we kind of press down into these buttons. You can see they change to um. The different drive modes – and i think its nice – that you have to actually push into it, not just touch it, so you dont accidentally like hit the button, so its a really nice feature right there.

I believe this e step is some sort of like one pedal driving mode, and this is a really cool feature right here. So nissan, as you can see, theres this giant open space right here and when you have these open spaces, you do still want some storage down here, as you, dont really have the most amount of storage or actually have no storage over here at all other than For your um wireless charging mat, so where is the storage up front? Well its right here in this button, so you press this button and this little door opens up over here, and this is where you get all your storage. You have this nice big storage cubby over here, which is really awesome. You just close it by pressing this button again and thats awesome, you kind of have to hold it down to do it, but it does still work. You do have cup holders over here, which is nice, and they are kind of like this little adjustable function. If you dont want to see them, theyre covered up and its a really nice looking panel and im really really impressed by the quality nissan has done on this interior. It does feel very solid, which is awesome, and i believe this is a yeah. This is really cool, so you can actually move this entire center panel as well to reveal even more storage. It doesnt eat up into the rear, um passenger space.

But if you do want to have some more space up front, you are able to do that. Theres. Some charging outlets down there as well, so just use this little button and it moves this entire center console forward and then backwards, which is really awesome and i guess thats, a kind of cool way to kind of have an adjustable center armrest as well, which is Really cool another nice feature is super skiing thats, a lot of cars now its kind of like the camera as a mirror function, so you just flip it over and now the camera becomes a mirror which is really nice as well. We do have this also really nice panoramic sunroof over there as well. I believe this one has pulley power seats, theyre, actually super comfortable seats, nissans, always known for doing some really nice seats with our zero gravity technology and thats no exception here either. Now, if youre wondering what this little blue button here right is over, this is for their pro pilot assist function, and with this new kind of like eye reading eye tracking camera, you can probably see the led um, the infrared lights through the camera. I cant see them visually in person, but this is going to give you some more driver assistance functionality which is really cool that theyre integrating this as well um and im really impressed with the screen. This ones been a little bit lacking in their infotainment system.

Software. For a long time – and this is a really refreshing new – upgrade from them really quick and really responsive, i believe for as like a modern infotainment system, im, not sure what theyre using for the display technology, but it doesnt feel like super um high res. I feel like its a different type of like touch technology that were seeing over here, but i do really like the functionality and super easy to use with all these tile systems going over here. Of course, you want to access your maps, you just tap into that and go through these systems. I believe this is a dimmer switch as well. This is a great great function, because a lot of newer vehicles, its kind of difficult you have to do. One display versus others displays i like how you can just do that simply by pressing this one button right here: youre pressing camera as well, you do get a nice 360 view. Camera function as well, which is really awesome so and the cameras are really finely high resolution, which is great as well. Just get rid of that really quick awesome and you do have the nice separation of your climate controls over here versus your entertainment system, which i really like, and you do have um a volume control. This nice center knob and the general design of this interior is awesome. If youre considering this versus like the new super sol, terra or bz4, i would definitely go with this over them.

It feels like a much better put together product than those products do and its just a really nice impressive, offering youre also going to get more range out of this im going to put those figures right there, because i cant remember them. You also get a heads up display over there, which is awesome as well seat memory and all that stuff as well, so lets go hop into the back seats. Really quick before we take you on a tour of the exterior design, which i think is also really cool, and the back seats as well are super okay, everyone. So our audio video got a little messed up, not sure what happened there. But i just wanted to take you guys on a tour of the exterior styling, because i do think its a really really nice progression on nissan styling language and its a huge improvement from their current cars right now, especially over the leaf which we see right here. So with the new aria, it is, of course, very bubbly looking now. That is because it is an ev so its going to try to get the best efficiency it can possibly can itll, be coming in front wheel, drive and then later on, this kind of all wheel drive called e force. All wheel drive with dual motors, but i believe theyre um capable of getting up to 300 miles of range im, guessing thats. What the front wheel drive model and not the e force.

All wheel drive model its definitely going to reduce range, but they are trying their best with everything here. So in the back, we can kind of see these kind of, like integrated, like vents right here, were sitting on a lot of evs for this kind of rear. Decklid spoiler, this is going to help increase range by kind of like reducing or kind of increasing, like the shape of the vehicle to help the airflow over. It really interesting kind of dual antennas up here and the dual shark pin antennas its a little weird to me honestly, but also a little bit cool at the same time, looks like bunny ears. Almost um really do like this real tail bar its a little bit different as its kind of curved and kind of blends into the rear of the vehicle, and now its just like stuck on the back as well its kind of nice um. I like how they kind of went with this gloss black plastic on the sides and not necessarily going on this flat black plastic. But i do try to like style the vehicle too. So its kind of like shaped into the shape of the vehicle, not just some straight line or something which is cool. These are some interesting aero wheels. We have on there the area over. There does have a little bit of style wheels and, of course, the paint color is a little bit more bold as well.

The front end is definitely a big evolution. I think for the aria as well, so we kind of have this new shape of nissans v motion grille or i guess the b motion fascia that we have on here some integrated side vented vents on the side over here. As you can see, this is going to help pass air over the wheel, archers, which is pretty nice. I do like these integrated led lights up front as well kind of blends into this grill shape, and we do have a very slim main projector beams over here, which is really cool. Even the nissan logo is glowing. This is a popular new thing. A lot of new models, so this one has a illuminated nissan badge. I think they actually style this vehicle very, very well im kind of impressed by this, especially seeing it in person. I didnt like it too much in pictures, but what i feel like this vehicle is its kind of like their their eevee murano. You know the murano was a huge vehicle for me, someone that launched geez but the early 2000s, and i think this is going to be like the same kind of concept for them. This is gon na, be a big seller. I think for them, um its gon na be having a lower entry point and its gon na compete with a lot of vehicles like the subaru sultera, um, toyota, bz4 and kia ev6, but its a little bit more premium in the interior, as we just saw before, And i do really like their interiors, i think its a step up from even some of the other competition as well so thats, something to keep in mind and, of course, um stay tuned for more videos and stuff coming from all cars from the 2022 new york.

Auto show thank you guys again for watching and make sure to check the description for any more details on the aria.