The weight at a charging station currently delivers charging to your car, your home, the office wherever you want. It download the app and use promo code out of spec and get 30 days of free charging delivery hello good morning and welcome to another out of spec reviews. Video welcome to the iways u5 and welcome to stuttgart germany im up early this morning, because we are headed to an electric car meetup, just outside of stuttgart, im, really looking forward to seeing what people are driving in germany. What the mix between teslas and non teslas will be its a totally different market than the us i want to meet with some owners. I want to see some cars, so what do you say? We hop in the highways, see how far were headed and then well go to this electric meetup. We have this very loud fan above the car here in this parking garage at our hotel, but lets jump inside. This is a super nice car ive really enjoyed the interior of it. The driving of it well youll have to wait for the review its not as nice as it looks on the inside, but you can see really spacious car, big sunroof for the money. It seems to be a pretty good option. Lets set the climate control. What do we have? 26 state of charge? Says 82 kilometers. I believe the meetup is at a charging station, so im hoping i can charge this up while im there, but worst case plenty of charging anywhere really in germany.

You dont even have to think about it. You just pull off a motorway rest, stop and theres chargers right there. So buckled up well put this thing in the drive as soon as we get outside and we get gps reception ill put in the address as to where were headed. I think its a town called muir or something like this, and then we will go really looking forward to this. I know im going the wrong way right now, but its at 8 56 in the morning relatively early tight parking garages here. This is why no one drives massive cars. Look at this room were working with back over here good turning radius in this, though ill throw in the ticket that ive just paid for for overnight parking, and then we will head out of the city to this. I believe tesla supercharger im not sure if its an open one or not, and then we can go so take it in there we go. It says thanks. I dont actually know what it says, but it opened the gate so im saying thanks: full throttle, wheel, speed or wheel spin lets go havent had my starbucks in a while they have strawberry acai, just made it to germany. Oh my goodness. The throttle delay here is just crazy. You can come and um yeah just an insane amount of throttle delay in this car when youre driving in eco mode. You can change this of course, but here we go full send baby.

Here we go then heading out. We have 27 kilometers to go to get to this electric meetup porsche 911 theyre everywhere here: theyre all company cars, its kind of cool 25 state of charge, again 80 kilometers in the tank according to the gesso meter. So we are gon na figure out charging either at the event or afterwards uh yeah got a full day today, but really looking forward to starting it off. We got back to the hotel at about 3 30 a.m. From a party last night, uh down in lake constance, so the little highways has been driving all over for us. There we go come on the delay, lets go and uh yeah been uh, been really a, not a terrible road tripper. Considering the specs 90 kilowatt peak dc fast charging, i think weve seen 93 94, something like that on average peak, but its really not been so bad, and here we are driving next to a train super cool beautiful morning for a cruise down outside of the city. A couple exits down the highway absolutely gorgeous here. Corn fields feels like home, doesnt it, and we are just exiting here at the house fart hard, not to laugh at the exit names around here, and i just received a message from one of my friends: whos arriving kristoff. He said it was hard to park with so many teslas around, so i am really looking forward to seeing a little bit of this mayhem.

I have no idea what to expect could be a tiny parking lot or a big meet. I just know one of uh. Our viewers reached out on instagram and said he would be there and i should come and well here. I am on my way and we have just arrived. I passed some teslas uh in this little stand and wow there. This is like a legit event. Okay, this will be pretty cool a bunch of tesla vehicles, of course, parked all around. We passed some on the walk over this way already and uh yeah, looking forward to seeing what we can find is my friend, kristoffs tycoon looks really good sort of the base car no sunroof typical uh vehicle there. He uh yeah loves that thing and was very involved in the tycon project early on great guy. You can see tesla over here tesla over here the parties all the way down the street i had to park so far away parking is tight in europe. Well, this guys from switzerland very cool – oh another tesla over here. Oh my goodness, this is looking pretty pretty good. Interesting spoiler on this itll be interesting to see all the modifications in europe as to how theyre different this ones on kw suspension. If you look over here at that badge, so yeah see what else we can find. You join me now over here at the tesla supercharger, where someone is icing a spot of course, but you can see a nice early model x.

Midnight silver on the 22 inch wheels lots of tastefully modded uh model, threes, im, not sure this is one of them and you can see over here. We have model y model, three weve, seen mostly shanghai model wise here, but im sure we could find the gig of berlin. Really, nice modifications its a two four six, eight ten, i think twelve stall version 3 supercharger, which is just really nice to see in this little town, theres a whole bunch of tesla service shops around here i believe thats whos hosting the event, for example. This is a shop where you can get paint protection, film or some sort of wrap job done. If you wanted to very convenient that they have a tesla supercharger here and then theres a whole like wheel shop over here, we should definitely go check out. We have every tesla has a little bit of modification. This blue one is stock, but look at this model why this looks pretty cool nicely lowered side. Skirts right here looks nice the same color. As my friend drews model 3 hes got the small license plate thats, pretty cool nice wheels on this particular model 3 with the black roof wrap theres a milwaukee truck over here, thats a very expensive truck. You can actually see this one says defect defect on these chargers. This way, and of course one of my favorite cars is here its a renault twizy, and we got to talk to these guys and see whats going on with this.

We can also see perhaps a little bit of model 3 lighting modifications very mercedes, eqs style that theyre advertising here, thats really quite an interesting approach. Nice to see because the model 3 is really quite a normal car good. To see some modifications, the twizy a little welcome briefing of some kind. I didnt join because i couldnt understand the word. They were saying anyway, really nice, looking lowered a6 wagon thats, not part of the event and then just teslas and everything lining the street. Going this way a little zoe, an mg zs, some more teslas up over there time to do some more exploring so weve just come through the entrance. We got our wristbands kristoff. You got your wristband there. We go very nice and take a look at this super interesting things. We have a really cool, looking wrap on the model why this might be an interesting style to take inspiration from for our rivian wrap. I really like this. I think this is quite new and technical and really cool and look at this solar panel holy smokes, its like a uh like a flower. Oh, it is its called a smart flower and its hooked up to some power walls, um, which looks really cool. So you have three power walls, your junction box and then even here connected. Is this smart fox pro charger thats charged zero kilowatt hours? Okay? So maybe just a display then, but this is really quite an interesting situation and i imagine the the flower bit can move.

It looks like it can tilt all around so thats really interesting. You have a jbl speaker here of some kind. I dont think electric vehicles over here, but some wheels some teslas in the service shop. Here you can see getting worked on. This is kind of a cool vibe. It reminds me a little bit of like a jdm car culture situation. This is the new renault mcgann e tec, which ive actually never seen in person before this looks hot wow stalantes might have something here. This is pretty interesting. Looking never seen one wow, i really should try and reach out to review one while were here. This trip. Look at that interior really nice, some lane departure youre at 78 state of charge – 286 kilometers – hmm, but i dont know how the car has been driven, of course, nice interior materials. That looks really quite interesting. Nice shape love the back end of this big wheels, make it look pretty tidy another tesla supercharger over here, except not so. This is really interesting, its the shell of a supercharger with a type 2 connection here, so someone must have taken the supercharger and i dont know the cable was plugged into that charger just along the way, and then they have the dispenser right here really interesting and Then, of course, you have this electric scooter, which is awesome, electric motorcycles kw, which makes some of the best suspension components of course, and so this is really interesting to see all the different chassis setups that they have for different models.

So nice to see this sort of display, they have control modules for active dampers. So you can see a little bit of connection points here for something like this. You can see uh plug and play. You can really fine tune your suspension with things like this, so we have some kw suspension going on to our model 3 here in the next few weeks, once were back in the us really looking forward to this, i hear they actually just made a suspension system For our sprinter, so i think thats going to be pretty useful and then we have some edelweiss wheels. These look really. Nice love. This pilot sport 5. Look right here. This is a pretty good looking tire, maybe a bit intricate for my liking, but definitely not bad and its just starting more people are arriving by the minute. A whole bunch of different wheel, design styles finishes really quite an interesting thing. Oh, the dogs have arrived nice over by the twizy, got ta love that i hear a drone up in the sky. Oh my goodness, another parking lot full of teslas. Okay. We must go check that out. Look at this plug in hybrid wagon, though holy smokes. That looks really great before bmw went crazy with the big wheels thats great get this car out of here. Thank you. There we go thats. What we want to see, that is hot love, seeing the tesla culture here, everyones, getting chassis, changes, upgraded suspension, upgraded wheels.

All here on the lifts modifying cars, one after another theres a line of upgrades to come if we just walk over this way lets go. Take a look over in this other parking lot to see what kind of modified cars we have. I can already see this totally blacked out model 3 on chrome wheels, which looks pretty nice. I have to say theres a eqs in two tone: thats just rolled up im, not sure if thats a factory color here, but its definitely not in the us thats. Really. Quite interesting, a diesel golf going by love this wagon. This is really quite nice, but this really is something really nice. Looking of course, you can see a change to the front end over here. Just a bit of this air splitter action going on looks great, never seen this one before this accent around the autopilot camera thats, pretty pretty interesting, really nice. Looking of course, you got ta have white seats in a tesla in my opinion, so this looks nice heres. Their instagram sick, tesla, very cool, so give them a follow if youre interested. This is really coming out. Nice go to enyak rolling up just over here great to see all the different evs yellow model 3 performance with im, not sure which plates perhaps swiss plates on these. These look great wow. Look at this model y totally on air suspension, looks amazing in this rap. Again, maybe another wrap to take inspiration from with the r1t another modified model.

Why this seems to be all the rage here in europe, just uh, you know sort of personalizing tesla, similar in the us and california culture. Of course, weve seen this. This ones got the racks on the top, which looks great, really sitting low on the ground and then just to see a teslas over here we saw this car earlier on. Everything looks pretty incredible, really cool stuff. I guess well continue on to see what else we can find an energica coming up over here. This looks really nice good. Looking bike. We also, of course, saw the other energica. This way really cool to see. I wonder if this is an electric smart car, more teslas filtering in down below here comes another one. Silently and here comes the pirelli car on the oz. Wheels looks really nice thats a great specification there like that quite a bit. This is the eqs. I think its the edition one with the two tone. This is actually a factory situation here and um yeah. I i guess i first reviewed this car when i did the walk around was with an edition one which ive never seen in person. I dont know if the us actually got them the car that i did. The walk around with was a euro spec car that was shipped over to the us. So perhaps it was just a germany thing, but very interesting coming around here. You can see a model s taxi charging up.

How about that the coolest thing thats really quite neat: they have a different rear view, mirror in that car, not sure whats going on there. We have a car on the new aero wheels. These are my friend ulis wheels right here, which is very nice and so definitely go to the If youre interested in those more teslas charging up more teslas over here, we have to run to go to some different events, so its time i think, to head out – and now you join me just across the street dc fast charging up, the highways were at 29. Doing roughly 90 kilowatts again, not the fastest charging car uh really exciting this morning to see some of the ev culture here in europe. I think its got to be a shock, a absolute shock to the large car makers. Here: volkswagen audi uh, which is one group, of course, so volkswagen group, bmw, uh and daimler just to see this level of enthusiasm around teslas and seeing so many teslas here the event was open to any electric car, not just tesla vehicles, but nine out of ten Cars there uh, you know nine out of every ten cars was a tesla. It was quite exciting now im sure that has to do with the community base and a lot of people just drive electric cars here as normal transportation. But i have to say impressive great to meet some viewers there great to see all of the cars and uh the future is bright for electric mobility.

The future is bright for modifications and personalization around electric mobility, and you know i i didnt even plan on shooting a video until i woke up this morning. Im like, oh, maybe you guys would like to see this so just a fun little trip over to see some cars and uh more to come more serious testing to come, but it was a great morning great way to start a saturday, a little cars and coffee. If you will, but now its off to some lunch to film some more videos for the guys, a team of guys working on simulators for driver assistance testing, so the nerdy stuff is coming and uh thatll be on future. Videos in the in as time goes on.