Today, we are looking at an electric vehicle that boasts over 500 miles of range, and many other exciting features with me is the Lucid air foreign electric vehicle manufacturer, founded in 2007.. Its headquarters are in Newark, California, and its factories in my home state of Arizona. More specifically, the factories located in Casa Grande or Casa Grande. It looks like a lot of construction is underway and an expansion is going on the south side of the factory lucids. First, car is the Lucid air and a sport utility vehicle is underway with an estimated arrival in 2024.. Okay lets get back to the actual car. This is the Lucid air Grand Touring and gets an EPA range of 469 miles, with the 21 inch wheels and 516 miles with the 90 inch wheels. There are three other trims, including the air dream, edition, Air touring and Pier coming in later this year. These have ranges starting from 406 miles up to 520 miles. This luxury sedan comes with a high sticker price. The Grand Touring starts at 154 000, but the other trims range from 87 400 to 169 thousand dollars, focusing on the car at hand. The Grand Touring has 819 horsepower and goes 0 60 in three seconds. A performance option is also available, which would get you 111 horsepower and does 0 60 in 2.6 seconds. This is an all wheel, drive vehicle and it has an impressive charging capability. Lucid has a proprietary, EV, powertrain and battery pack technology.

It has 300 kilowatts of peak charging power and up to 19.2 kilowatts of AC charging. With these exciting specs, I have to dive into its pattern performance a little more, but before I do that, Im going to jump into taking a better look at its alluring exterior. As a note, this car has been wrapped, so you wont find this option directly from Lucid. This car is attractive. It has a clean and futuristic aspect to it here. You can see a single line that connects around the body and there are elements that make the car sleek and efficient its an aerodynamic car with a 0.21 coefficient of drag. It has intelligent micro lens array, headlights that automatically adapt to driving situations in the rear. It has a slim, continuous tail light that sweeps across the back Lucid puts a good deal of focus on their concept of space. Their goal was to design a vehicle that was small on the outside and big on the inside, to maximize space for passengers and items heres a breakdown of their measurements, starting with their wheelbase, which measures at 116.54 inches. This is key in boosting space in the interior, which we will look at soon. The length is 195.88 inches with with mirrors is 86.54 inches and height is 55.51 inches. Comparing the Lucid air to the Tesla Model, S size wise. They are very similar. Lets check out the front trunk, which is very large. It has two layers with this pad here.

The front has a capacity of 7.1 cubic feet. They were able to make a big space as the Drive Unit is miniaturized and packaged all behind this area. To get some perspective on the size of the frunk, I have the cooler that I use in the ribbon video, and this is 47 liters, so lets see if it fits in here. So I need to take the top layer off put it over here to the side. Okay, wow nicely fits in there. The trunk opens up towards the cabin. If you have anything large, you can just fold down the seats to fit the item. The trunk has a capacity of 16.4 cubic feet because of the design of the trunk. The lid entry is quite wide, though it seems a little bit low, since all the rear lighting is attached to the trunk lid. There are auxiliary lights located here. If you drive with the trunk open, this car has a total of 32 sensors for its driver assistance system. That includes one front firing radar, a front lidar three forward facing cameras; four short range Radars, four side cameras, two of which are pointed outwards and two that are facing rearward: a rear camera, a rear phase, shy, Camera 12, ultrasonic, sensors, a driver monitoring camera and four Surround view cameras for that 360 view, thats. Quite a sensor Suite when you approach your car with your key fob, the car engages and the door handles pop up foreign lets come back to the performance of this Eevee, Lucid designed the powertrain of this car, which utilizes a skateboard style platform.

Their goal was to be as space efficient as possible. Both the battery pack and Motors were designed with size in mind for the longer range pack theyre utilizing the 662170 cells. This gets a phenomenal voltage of 924 Volts for the long range pack and 756 volts on the shorter range this pack voltage is higher than Ive. Seen in any other car keeping space in mind, Lucid opted for an end cool design rather than using woven cooling pipes. They claim that this solutions works just as well due to the way that the cells conduct heat with the cells making up the floor of the car on the shorter range pack. They removed the cells where the rear passenger speed are located. This gives extra legroom and comfort for the passengers sitting in the back seat. Looking at the motors Lucid also claims that they pack the most performance in the smallest package. This gives them the ability to have the front trunk as large as it is. Each motor can output up to 670 horsepower and each motor weighs 163 pounds. Lucid opted to use mosfets in their design rather than igbts. This can help out with the efficiency of the motors. This particular car that we have today is able to get 121 miles per gallon, equivalent thats a fantastic number for car of the size. The onboard charger has been named the wonderbox this functions as both their DC booster for charging at 400 volt Chargers and also as their AC to DC inverter.

The onboard charger function is capable of 19.2 kilowatts of charging, while utilizing the j1772 connector its also bi directional. For the full 19.2 kilowatts as well, so you can even power up your house with the right equipment. This feature is currently not available, but will release in the future. Software update using the CCS connector youll be able to get up to 300 kilowatts peak of DC fast charging with this youll be able to get up to 300 miles of range in only 20 minutes. Lucid has clearly done their homework and included some impressive technology. In this car onto the interior of the CV in the front theres a 34 inch, 5K glass, cockpit display and a second screen right in the center, which Lucid calls the pilot panel. The pilot panel is where you can: control vehicle settings, climate control, navigation and other functions. This panel moves up, so if you wanted to grab something from the bottom, it just slides up the side screens at the top are also touch responsive and you can control a few things like the lights on the left side and the radio on the right side. You can customize your menus by sliding them down to the pilot screen or put them back up to the top screen. Additionally, there are buttons at the top here to quickly adjust the climate and volume, so there are still a few buttons and dials. You need to press or adjust like these air vents.

You can connect your vehicle with Alexa and use voice. Enabled commands, though you do have to log into your Amazon account for this to work, theres. Also, facial recognition, which is supposed to set your personalized settings once you sit in the car. There are usb a and usb c ports in the center, as well as in the back beneath the AC vents. Coming soon with the software update is Apple, carplay and Android. Auto compatibility, you can choose your interior materials and color with the California inspired themes, including Santa Cruz, Tahoe, Mojave and Mojave, pure Lux. The Santa Cruz, which has a nice mix of materials and light colors. The buttons and knobs are up interior of the vehicle seem a little on the low end for a luxury vehicle. These buttons in the center seem a little flimsy and the handles to open the door feels like it would easily break. The sound system is equipped with surreal Sound Pro, which features integration of Dolby Atmos. The cabin is spacious, with ample room for your legs and elbows plus compartments for your thinks, theres some back here and then theres some here on the side of the door as well. Back seat, passengers can adjust their settings with the small touch screen here in the center. The seats back here are also heated. The Roof Is All Glass and goes across the entire top. The windshield on this car is huge and seems even bigger than the one on the model X.

There are sun shades on the two back windows and on the rear window. So if we put the window up and theres the sun shade and then for the rear, sun, shade theres a control right here and so thats going to pull it up pretty neat. So I came across some issues with the screen loading up when I initially got into the vehicle and drove it a few miles. The camera views on the pilot screen did not appear and none of the controls appeared. The screen just had the Lucid background. I locked the car and came back a few minutes later. The screen seemed to be loading for a little bit and then finally came back on if youre a lucid owner Id like to know, if theres an easy way to restart the vehicle. In cases like these, I couldnt find a clear answer. Online most suggestions seem to involve turning on the blinker and then leaving the car. For some reason, all right lets go for a drive and the car will detector key fob, so just put it in Drive and seat belt on, of course. So before I go for a drive forward theres. These really neat cameras on here. So you have your 360 surround View, and then you also have a rear and front camera and then, when we move forward, you can all see that forward camera thats uh dirty. I need to clean that off. There are three driving modes: smooth, Swift and Sprint.

Smooth is more of a relaxed feel and for your daily drives. Swift is a more Dynamic Drive and then Sprint maximizes power and control as well, Im driving on City roads, and I have the AC turned down. So I can hear if theres any wind noise coming in and Ive got to say that this is really quiet. It has a really quiet cabin. I can hardly hear any of the road or wind noise coming in Ill. Try it again on the freeway, but right now in City roads, its pretty quiet, now Im going to turn the AC back up, because it is really hot in here even on smooth mode. The car gives you enough power to make your car comfortable and sharp. Additionally, Lucid has one pedal, driving and regenerative braking and what one pedal drive does it allows you to accelerate and decelerate just using one pedal and you can adjust your regenerative braking levels on the pilot screen to standard and high. You can turn creep on and off and turn hold on and off and for a true EV feel make sure you have creep off. I like this really big windshield. That continuously goes all the way back. The only thing that I have a problem with is this Aid pillar its pretty wide and it sticks out. So my view out of my window here on the left, seems a little small, so the window seems a little small as well and its a bigger problem for me, because I sit up way up high.

So when I try to look out the window or maybe reach out to grab something, my head hits this pillar and I kind of have to crouch down to stick my head out the window for whatever reason, so I kind of wish this was a little bit Smaller Im, assuming this is so big, because the middle support beam is far back so now were on the freeway and Im noticing that there is wind noise coming in, but its actually not bad. These seats are really nice and the headrest is really soft and cushiony. These even have seat massagers, which would be really nice if youre stuck in traffic Id definitely be utilizing that, but these seats have a lot of settings as well. The seats feature, tilting head rests, adjustable side, bolsters lumbar support, extendable, thigh support and cushion tilt. The Lucid is equipped with an advanced driver assistance system which features things like blind spot warning, Lane departure assistant and distracted driver warnings. It also comes equipped with dream Drive Pro, which, in the future, is going to give you more features for your semi autonomous driving Lets test out the acceleration and Im going to switch it to Sprint mode. Yes, Im a professional driver, not okay, lets go. That was really fun. Overall, the ride is gentle. The Lucid air doesnt use air suspension, but it uses a traditional system using coil springs. The charging port is located on the front driver side of the car.

You get three years of complementary charging with electromerica. Like I said earlier, this car has a 300 kilowatt Peak for DC fast charging. Also in the charging menu. There is an option to start pre conditioning the battery for fast charging be sure to use this option on your way to the charges. You can get faster speeds Im currently at 12, so lets plug in foreign lets. Speed up this clip, we started the charge at 10. 36 am if youre curious the cost to charge at this charger was 43 cents per kilowatt hour Im going to stop the charge at 80 percent foreign charging stopped at 11. 21 am after plugging in we quickly saw a charging rate of 314 kilowatts, which is very impressive. Its the first time, Ive seen a car charge that fast at this charging rate, the car has a c rating at about a 2.6. This could be a bit improved right now. The gold standard has the C ratings just above a three but still charging above 300. Kilowatts is fantastic. The charging quickly began tapering down to the high 200s and held there for quite a while. It took us about 12 minutes to go from 11 to 50 percent. After we got to fifty percent. We hit a brick wall and dropped way down to 50 kilowatts. The charging rate eventually did creep back up to 80 kilowatts, but we never saw anything higher than that after we got past 50 percent in total.

Charging from 11 to 80 took 46 minutes. Im not sure what exactly happened here, Im normally one to blame, Electrify America, but the charges seem to be working properly. It almost seemed like the battery got too hot and wasnt able to cool itself down fast enough to maintain the quicker speeds. Unfortunately, it doesnt look like we were able to meet Lucy its advertised charging speed of 300 miles in 20 minutes. I think its worth mentioning that the key fob for this car is very Sleek. It features a single concealed button on the top and instructions for use around the bottom. These dots indicate the number of times to tap the button and the dash represents a long hold. The Lucid comes with a basic warranty of 4 years or 50 000 miles and an eight year or hundred thousand mile powertrain and battery warranty Lucid Vehicles also qualify for the seven thousand five hundred dollar federal tax credit in the U.S. The included car charger uses a j1772 connector. It uses removable ends to give you different, connector types, its capable of providing up to 40 amps. This assembly is very similar to the mobile connector. This Tesla sells theres a bit of a gray Market online of people modifying Tesla cables and making them compatible with the j connector. Since the Tesla mobile connector is so versatile. If Lucid decides to sell these on their site, it may eliminate the need for these modifications. I, like the design that this charger has its very Compact and uses a universal connector, so any EV can use it.

Lucid has achieved great things with the air. It excels in range offering over 500 Miles depending on the trim and configuration, and it has quick charging rates inside. There is a spacious cabin and has a good amount of storage in the front. However, Lucid comes at a high price and the interior doesnt match up to that price. It has some software glitches to work on and with the growing competition of electric sedans Im curious to see how Lucid will perform long term as their other trims are soon released. Thanks for spending time with me today make sure to subscribe for more of your content. If you have any video, I can review email me at info. Kaizerv.Com. Follow me on social media at kaizyv and guys Tesla Kai. Is my dog and check out my website for more view, resources at thats all for now and happy charging Kaya has a Hot Wheel, the Lucid air which you would like to unbox for our EV wall right Kyle lets unbox the Lucid this chair, isnt big For the both of us foreign here, it is now lets put it on the wall and Im going to put it beside the BMW i3.