This is the first one. This is the nissan qashqai. Now youre thinking in nissan qashqai has been out for a while, but theres something different about this. One the car was introduced. The third generation was introduced in february 2021. Now we have a new drive unit. This is the e power whats, an e power ill, get into a little bit more about how that actually works and what it actually does on the drive. But know this its a very sophisticated and clever hybrid version of the car externally, you cant really tell much difference. Apart from the e power badges on the car, it does have an exhaust because it does have an engine, but the exhaust is hidden underneath the car. So what were going to do today is because were on the media, drive we arent going to do the full uh roundup that i normally do with the car a full look at the car, but we will try as much as possible im going to take a Look at the boot ill take a look at the rear passenger compartment, the front compartment and, of course, well take it for a drive Music. So if you wondered what a range extended, hybrid setup kind of looked like this is it. This is what nissan called e power, essentially thats, what it is so the engine here is only to charge up the battery its the electric motors that actually drive the vehicle. So if you look at it here, we can actually see that here.

So if i hit electric drive, youll see that the battery is now defending power through there through to the drive. If we move across to cruise, you can see that the engine is now charging that which is coming bring power to there, which is then bringing power to the drive, regen, braking and thats, where its recouping through the braking. So the friction is recouping energy from the wheels directly into that which is then going into the battery to charge up the battery and thats how it keeps reaching so between the engine and the regen. Its keeping the battery charged and the battery is actually whats doing. The driving but youve, no fear of running out of charge because its constantly charging thats the leg by going back to electric driver again and crews just go back to home. So this is the inverter thats, the inverter right there uh. The generator is that one? This battery, of course, is this one, its not quite a handy. Little display actually thats the combustion engine over there, which is a 1.5 liter. Three cylinder turbocharged engine uses variable compression ratio technology, it doesnt need to have a gearbox or anything so has a much wider power band. It operates in a different way than you would expect to see it operate in an engine and then, of course, the electric motor, which is that one there. So there you go thats how that works so lets check it out.

Oh, i, like the gray on this car ive, been driving its kind of metallic, very kind of interesting color that they have on this one. So again, the only real clue that you have is that theres, a knee power, you cant, really see any exhaust outlets, but believe me, it is hidden underneath the boot is not powered, but its a very wide opening and the batteries for the car obviously are underneath The boot, but not that you seem to have lost much space, because underneath here you actually got little cavities to store tools and stuff like that. In addition to that, youve got an adjustable, not one but two floor panels, so they actually come out and they give you a little bit more depth to the boot. So thats quite handy. So in fact you dont have to be stuck with one. You can have two layers and put stuff under there if you want dont know exactly how you would use it, but could be useful anyway, other than that really handy. 60 40 split folding seats, theres hooks here, theres a power supply hooks on both sides and its actually quite practical just about what youd expect from a car of this size. What about the rear passenger space? Is that what you would expect well lets find out? So here we are in the back of the new qashqai and im six foot, two with long legs. The drivers seat is set for my driving position, left hand drive, obviously, and, as you can see no issue with knee room lots and lots of knee room initially, i felt when i first got in that, maybe a bit of restriction for the feet, but not really.

I can wiggle them around no problem and no issues with the shins either with this huge panoramic roof with the with the with the cover open, like that, it lends itself to a very airy and spacious feeling in here i mean, if you have any people that Suffer from claustrophobia, this is the car to look at because its a very, very comfortable feeling, in that sense, and even the little uh you know its got the lights in the the windows in the back here and the c pillar. Just add to that more light. Thats coming into here, the rear, compartment: okay, theres, quite a high um, a platform here at the back of the um, the cover for the boot, but nonetheless thats – not really an issue so over here. Very very comfortable isofix chelsea anchor points nice bit of trim over here, theres two vents and usb both a regular one and a usb c as well. We do appear to have yes, we have a center armrest with two cup holders and obviously seating for three. I think three could sit here quite comfortably and a nice bit of trim on the door, leather and all the rest of it very comfortable time to get in the front. So here we are inside the front of the nissan qashqai, the e power model and thats. You can tell that by the fact that its got eevee and e pedal, the drive modes are there.

This is the gear lever which has got drive and brake ill. Tell you more about that on the go here you got charging wireless charging and all that sort of stuff. The start button is there, so lets start it up. So you can see what happens, of course, no sound, because the engine wont come into being or into running until its needed, and with this here you can actually see from this display here. This is the display that actually tells you what the engine is doing or not doing, or what the battery is doing, whats driving what et cetera et cetera. All of that is there. If you cant hear it, you can visualize it if you want to by looking down there. Quite nice instrument display, but also weve got a heads up, which is really handy, its full color, its great for navigation, so ive used it for that. That shows you the power and how its being deployed that shows the speed and stuff like that straightforward. This is the steering wheel with remotes on it, thats for your cruise control thats for your stereo infotainment stalks on each side, nice set of buttons here very nicely done very plush, a kind of a two tone, leathery effect here. Its all soft touch here, big big screen – very handy – very easy to use you literally just touch it and off you go its straightforward apple, carplay, all the rest of it.

All of that is there. These are nice, nice, plush, uh, switches there, climate control and down here, like i said, youve got power supply wireless charging. This is nice little brush. Look that it has there. These are your drive modes cup holders, cubby box, with again more power supply, a usb um, normal usb and usb c in there as well um, again very nicely, its very comfortable um nice sort of trim on here, not too much information on here. Any other information ill get ill put it on the screen, but you can see the dimensions if youre interested that that information is there and ill put the rest of the information on the screen anyway. So there we go its quite comfortable and, with the with the full uh roof open, very spacious, um lets, take it for a drive and see what its like, oh thats, very interesting. One thing ive just noticed is, as i depress the i can see that, as i showed you, the graphic of the car and the screen in front of me as i press the brake pedal, the brake lights actually light up on the graphic itself. Thats kind of cool actually before we move off, i better just get a video of that put it back into park. I just want to show you this. This is really clever. Ive, never seen that before so there you see there. It is theres the car theres, the lights come on.

Look at that im, easily pleased Laughter, isnt that clever thats, so neat, okay, so lets go well start off in normal mode um. Here we go well take it for a short run, ive actually already driven the car, so im doing the car on the longer route. Now that took in motorways and b rows and all the rest of it and um. So i can tell you a little bit about that experience before i get into that the driving modes and how they work. So weve got the normal driving words. Weve got the eco standard and sport. I did try it in sport. Didnt find a huge amount of difference between these modes um. I think theres a slight difference in response. The bigger difference that you do see is in the in the way that the the power systems work so, for example, um they are the regen, i should say so: youve got a drive mode and then youve got b mode, so in the gearbox. So the gearbox is the theres no gearbox connected to the car at all. Actually so this is just a drive by wire system, so youve got park, reverse neutral, uh d and b d is drive. Now the drive is just a normal drive. Youre, going to be b is basically regen, so basically um as you lift off you get greater braking as youre, seeing the regen kick in to charge the battery, so it kind of helps with two prongs.

Basically, a in that it will help you to slow the car down and b in that it will recharge. It will help towards recharging the actual battery itself. To go one step further, you press the e pedal mode, you press the e pedal mode. So, for example, now its really its literally, it has coming to a halt, its come to hold now thats it and – and actually i found that a little bit more abrupt. So if you find that so its quite interesting that youve got the two options because we dont like the e pedal mode, if you find that a little bit too abrupt and the driving colleague with me did find it a little bit too much um, then you Can switch over to the b and it has a similar effect and not quite as much g ill put. I know the g, the actual g uh force that it uses to stop as you lift off ill put those on the screen so thats. What these are right now, just showing you the different modes, its got full ev mode as well, but i kind of dont see the point of using that, because, at the end of the day, thats how its supposed to run anyway by default its supposed to it, Runs it is eevee, you know it runs electro electrically. You know thats what drives the car now heres the interesting thing so um, unlike most range extenders um, i you know you can.

I think you can describe this car as a range extender, because the engine in here the 1.5 liter three cylinder turbocharged engine – is not there to drive the wheels its not connected to the wheels its connected to a generator connected to an inverter which either charges uh. The battery or then the powers, the motor that actually then drives the wheel so thats how it works. Now the interesting thing about the engine is that they have noise cancellation speakers under the rear boot that basically try and cut that sound out. They put a lot of sound insulation in as well to try and deaden that so try and minimize it as much as possible so that you cant hear it. Additionally, it has step changes so basically well. Step change is not like in terms of gears, but in terms of how it actually responds so at lower speeds. The revs are limited to less than 2000. I dont know exactly but its like that and then above 2000. You know above certain speed. It goes up to 2400, etc, etc. So, basically, it has a variation of how it does that now. The advantage of that is that it then controls the sound by doing that, so obviously the quicker youre going uh, the less likely. Actually, you meant youre likely to hear the engine noise, whereas if youre going slowly youre likely to hear the engine noise, but if theyre limiting the revs youre less likely to hear it plus.

In addition, with the noise cancellation, you virtually dont hear it at all. Now, if youre really going for it so like now lets punch the throttle, the car starts to move and you can hear the engine and you go well. How is that possible? Because the engine is not connected to the wheel? So why am i hearing the engine? Well, its kind of very deliberate but theres. Two reasons for this one is that the engine is required to basically um increase the power to the battery in order to basically give it more power so that it can accelerate. So you need the the batterys gon na need more power, so its its sending more power more to the to the to the to the inverter, which is sending more power to the battery and were sending more power to the generator to the to the motor. Except you see what i mean, so basically it is its amping it up because it needs to because the car is getting quicker and it needs to now the problem with something like that. Is that when you do that, then the sound of the engine may not correspond to the sound or actually to the sensation or the feeling of acceleration, as you get in a normal car, which is always an issue with range extenders and, for example, early cbts, where They would make a lot of noise and you werent actually going anywhere and then that you find in some range extenders as well.

They make a lot of noise and nothings actually happening thats, because the engine is not connected to the wheels now in this one. What theyve done is theyve adjusted it theyve simulated it and tuned it to the rate of acceleration, so theyve actually tried to make it feel like its and theres two reasons for this a because they need more power so that that increase in the engine noise is There, because it is generating more power for the electric motor, but at the same time its increasing its sound in relation to how you are using the throttle pedal so that all correlates and works together in a very brilliant and clever way and actually thats. What happened. Just now you punch the accelerator and you actually hear the engine noise, as you normally would thats what actually happens so to drive. The ride is very good. Um there isnt that much of the harshness that you normally get when you know that there are batteries stuck in the platform, so thats, actually very good. The ride has been very good: its a very quiet car, its very smooth car, its great on the motorway. It keeps up with speed, it is not a sports car, but it is a very easy and very comfortable car to drive even quickly if you like, um, generally quite neutral. In this attitude, i had some b rolls earlier, where we were throwing around a little bit. Generally, quite neutral, quite accurate steering is a little bit too light again to be a sporty thing.

But having said that, you know its not entirely disappointing if you want to go rapidly or quickly or anything like that, but the key thing about the car: the way that the the brakes are very linear theyre, very exactly as you expect them to be. The acceleration is never too harsh, you know unless you like, go, give it full throttle from from the get go so overall, its designed to be uh to basically be a very comfortable, very easy car to drive and and thats kind of where it fits in thats. Thats kind of you know what its meant to be its a family car that is designed for efficiency, practicality and comfort and thats. Basically, what it does really really well so, overall, in this quick drive on this media, launch good big thumbs up for the car, but thumbs up more even than that for the technology and my issues that i used to have with range extenders, which to me is Still like kind of psychologically, i still struggle with them because im like whats the point of a range extender that isnt actually driving or whats when youre having an engine in the car that isnt actually driving the wheels. But in this case it kind of is but indirectly and its certainly simulating the fact or simulating a sense that it is doing that so that in that sense it is a very, very clever car. Indeed, so there you go thumbs up from the brown car guy.

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