Now mr chandra bose is with us to share his experience, hello, mr chandra boss. How are you hi everyone? I am fine, thank you, so mr chandra bose, please introduce yourself to our viewers, hi viewers. I am chandra bose from malcoly hyderabad. I am a doodle user since uh six months, okay, so chandra bose g. So you have clocked around two thousand kilometers with these doodle cycle. Right. Yes, so my know: what is the exact purchase price of this vehicle uh? Actually i bought it for uh 81, 800, but now company is giving an offer for the new buyers at uh. 69. 999., so its almost 70 000., yes, nearly 70 000. right so and i think its a foldable cycle right. Yes – and there are other cycles in the market, then why did you especially choose have chosen this vehicle uh? So basically, this is a its a combo vehicle. Okay, i uh call it as a zebra. Why? Because it has the benefits of cycle, and it has the benefits of bike as well. Okay, because in the morning i use it for exercise and after my exercise, i use it for commute to go nearby like bank temple or supermarket wherever, and i stopped using my car for all the small distance places less than 10 kilometers 15 kilometers. I use this bike, okay, so, according to you, why should someone buy this uh electric cycle? Foldable one yeah basically see we can buy any electric bike or any cycle, but we will not have multi utility.

Okay, see, if you use electric bike, you cannot use it for exercise. Okay, okay, if you buy electric cycle, you cannot use it for commute. Okay, yes right and you cannot take your electric cycle wherever you want to go right, because this is a foldable electric bike and it has fat ass, it will give more uh grip on the road for commute purpose. Okay and whenever you want to take it for any recreation like you went for resort or you are on touring, so you can just simply fold it and keep it in your car dicky and you can take it along with you right, okay, so how much time It will take to charge this bike, hardly three to three and a half hours uh. The charger will have one indicator red indicator red light. Once the charging is done fully charged, then the red light indicator will turn into green right. Okay, so hardly three to three hundred of us once it is charged, we can go up to 40 kilometers on throttle mode and up to 55 kilometers on pedal system. So 55 is the maximum rates are using pedal assistant, yeah and the 40 is the maximum range for using only throttle? Yes, so in these vehicle they have used bldc hub motor right, yes, so it. I think it is having 250 watts capacity. Yes, yes, right and at the same time they are also using disc brakes, of course, both front and rear.

Yes, so is it really good for these vehicles? Yes, absolutely because this bike is made for any terrain. Okay, okay, see you can use it in the beach. You can easily, while climbing the uphills you can use it uh like any any part of the world. Okay, because because of the tires that will give more grip and because of the tires, it will give more better experience like you will feel that you are on a bike: okay and for 70 000 rupees in the market. We are having other electric vehicles – yes, especially scooties also will get yes by, but then what is the special feature of this cycle? Sir? It is a multi purpose utility vehicle see if you want to spend your money on one single purse, is it better or if you want to spend your money on multi utility purposes? Obviously, multi utility see all of us are having bikes and cars okay, but we lack exercise we dont do exercise. Very few people are using bike cycles, cycling, okay, but they are there. You need to spend at least one hour for cycling, yes, but whereas, with this factor within 15 to 20 minutes and with a short period, short distance, you can burn more calories. Yes, we can sweat more and we can. Yes, we can sweat more and we can burn more calories, okay, so with a lesser time with a lesser distance, if you can get your exercise done so thats the best part right, okay, so welcoming to top speed of this e cycle.

What is the top speed of this cycle, sir? This is 25 kilometers per hour is the maximum speed which which is uh under the rtn ohms rtn? Yes, that is the reason uh doodle doesnt require any license or uh yes, helmet for the purpose of uh rta. Okay, it is like a no registration and no license. No registration, no license bike right. Okay, so welcoming to subsidy. Do it has any kind of subsidy? Yes, sir uh company already submitted all the documents for subsidy. Okay. Now they are offering subsidy once the subsidy is allowed. So all the new buyers will have that facility. Okay under subsidy scheme, how much it will be. The cost uh sir anywhere 9000 to 15 000 will be the subsidy, so we are expecting uh less than or near to 60 000 rupees near to 60, 000 so and under 60 000. Also, we are having some electric cycles. So then, why should we buy these ones, sir? The the ultimate purpose to buy the dodo is multi utility, for example, you cant give your cycle or electric cycle or other other cycle to your family members for other purposes. For example, you have a child who want to ride the bike, but uh they may not be uh, they may be below 12 to 18 years. They dont get license yes, okay, but you cannot send him on a regular cycle to the school or college right. So this will meet all the requirements of the every person and this is any sex and any age any height, any weight bike.

Okay and any terrain, you said uh. Anyone can write this speculate. Yes, so how like um? I am. I can write this making, but very heighted person. How can he write? This is a height adjustable handle okay telescopic handle, and this is a height adjustable saddle. Okay, so we can again. Yes, yes, according to our height, yes, according to the height of the rider they can adjust and they can ride it comfortably right. Okay. So what are the warranty uh terms and conditions of this e cycle? Warranty, regular uh, wear and tear is not covered under warranty, but any manufacturing. How many years are there again yeah one year warranty on monitor only one year yeah battery, but actually we used to have two to three years minimum three years right. Yes, i think it is the negative point of this cycle right at present, company is offering one year warranty and at present com customers are comfortable, but if demand is more and if customers are very interested interested to or some customers may ask, we want extended warranty. Okay, so do we have any company already designed two years extended warranty, so once the uh tariff comes out, we can inform all the customers they can go for under uh. They can go for insurance as well, whereby paying 1900 rupees okay. They can ensure this vehicle right, thats, a good one, yes and uh its a foldable cycle right. Yes, so how much time it will take to fold and unfold this vehicle hardly 10 seconds? Yes, sir, yes, definitely see.

First, we need to ah remove the safety lock of the trunk. Okay, once we remove the trunk safety lock. Trunk will come like this and after that we need to open the safety lock for the frame and the pedals are also foldable. Okay, okay. Now this is very simple: thats all yes thats it. So we can uh put this in our boot space. Also, yes, any car, even you are having alto car. You can easily keep it in your alto car, okay, thats, a good thing. So can you unfold these ones? Yes, this is very simple. First, we need to mount the handle. Then we just need to lift it up and push it. Okay, so its hardly taking 10 to 30 seconds to fold and unfold this vehicle right, so thats a good part. So wherever we went also, it wont take much time to assemble this, its not like assembling it its like folding and unfollowing. Yes, thats very easy, very easy, even ladies and children and elderly people can easily you can easily just do unfold. Yes, so coming to modes and gates like we used to call uh for these vehicles called as uh gates right. Yes, so how many gates are there? Actually, this has a regular mechanical cycle for regular mechanical cycle. We have shimano, seven gear shift and pedal assist mode. Is there in pedal assist mode? We have five speeds, okay and walk assist mode. Is there walk assist mode? And after that, uh we have cruise mode cruise mode.

Yes, okay, so when you apply cruise mode it the lock, the speed will gets locked. Yes for that particular speed. Until you stress any brake uh, the the speed will continue for any distance, so we dont need to throttle again and like we dont enter through throat. Okay, it will be locked and it will maintain that speed you, you can leave the handle and you can enjoy that. Okay dont do that! Actually, okay, thank you, sir, and welcoming to suspension. Also, i think they are giving uh some kind of lock and unlock to the suspension. I know what what is this? Yes, actually uh. This is a dual suspension and e motored is the first company to introduce dual suspension bikes in india: okay, yes, okay, so uh! This suspension can be on or off. This is on, so it depends on the road conditions we can on and off. Yes, if you are traveling on a bumpy road, you need more suspension and if you are traveling on a smooth road, you dont need suspension. So you can lock uh or unlock the suspension according to your comfort right, okay, so well come into uh service point of view. What kind of services do companies offering to the customers? So at present a company is offering a wonderful service. If, if any customer is facing a challenge within half an hour, they will call back to the customer. The customer just need to send one message: a mail service at the right emoter.

com with mentioning the frame number and the name of the customer. So once they receive the mail within 30 minutes, company service personnel will call back them and they will understand. What is the situation? Okay and after that, they will make a video call whatsapp call, and they will guide the customer how to handle the situation, so they wont come physically, but they will do by virtually at present uh. These kind of bikes dont require any physical services, no because uh, all that we have is a software and some wires which are connected to the motor and battery right right. So, while riding some wires may get disconnected like that, only okay, there wont be much uh. So that anyone can do that, like normal uh cycle, mechanics cannot easily. Did you get any kind of issues, so you have clogged 2000 kilometers. While this is joining uh? To be frank, i didnt get any kind of technical issues luckily, but we just need to keep in mind that the charging is adequate when you are going away yes, otherwise you can carry the charger along with you and sometimes i travel from anaconda as well. Okay, its nearly 28 to 28 to 30 kilometers, okay, so once we reach the destination, we can put the charger right and uh if you charge for at least half an hour or so you can again travel for 10 kilometers, okay, so it we have to check Whether we are having charging or not in the battery right, so that is the important thing when we are trying to write this.

Yes, yes, right! Okay! Thank you, sir. Thank you very much for your time. Thank you for watching information, yeah, so thats all for now guys, if you like this video, give it a big thumbs up and also share this video to your friends and family members for more such videos.