As you can see, it is a mid sized crossover, BYDs latest addition. You might find this in other markets as the BYD Yuan Plus, but over here its the ATTO 3 now lets take a look. This BYD ATTO 3 comes with the latest BYD e platform 3.0. Now. What does that mean? That means that this EV is specifically made on a platform thats built for EVs. It also runs on BYDs high technology Blade Battery, which boasts a range of 480km, as well as some of the best safety standards out there Over by the front. You will find what BYD calls its Dragon Eye headlamps as well as this single strip that runs when you turn on the lights. You will also find the new BYD logo, This new BYD moniker. It looks a lot better than the previous BYD logo. Over by this BYD Design, charging port. You will find Type 2 and CCS charging BYD boasts up to 80kW DC charging, so thats insanely quick. You also get 18 inch rims with these kind of nice glossy designs, which dont look too bad. You will also find an NFC cutout here, because you can use an NFC card to unlock your car Inside the BYD ATTO 3. You will find that everything has been redesigned and it fits a certain purpose, for instance, this door trim. They are supposed to be based on muscle fibres because the BYD is supposed to represent fitness and health and life.

These aircon vents they are supposed to represent dumbbells. This armrest over here is supposed to represent a treadmill, and you can also find these kind of design trimmings all around like this. The way this door knobdoor handle is Over here. You can also see that the door bins are meant to represent guitar strings or guzheng strings, and they do actually play a note Because it is an electric vehicle. You can leave the aircon running while you are waiting for your kid outside school or waiting for your wife, and you can just play your tune Anyway. Heres Wonderwall, The seats are really comfortable because they are really well cushioned. You can see that that it actually dont feel as stiff as bucket seats, and they hold you in place very well. Byd says that these are based on gaming chairs and I really like the colour configuration on these. They remind of Kyogre from Pokemon. The design looks really good its not ventilated, but it has these holes here and it just looks very pleasing to the eye. So the BYD ATTO 3 also comes with a whole host of safety systems such as inbuilt cameras that are inside the car. So you can one touch access your driving recorder. As you can see, this is my front view. You can record it can act as your dashcam, so you can record everything and you can even choose to have you video overlay, your driving information, so things like what speed you are going at, whether you are stepping on the brake.

Is my parking brake applied? Whether I have turned on the signal indicators or the headlights, so all the information that you need directly here, You can also access a 360 degree view of the car. As you can see it actually projects the car in in rather high clarity. I can actually see the car all around as if there is a floating camera. If I do turn on the signal indicators, it actually appears on the model as well. It is not the highest resolution, however. The refresh rate is incredibly quick and I can see real world driving very useful information, whether it is parked or whether it is driving, because your resolution doesnt really matter that much but, more importantly, the refresh rate of the screen. I can see everything thats going on Very quickly very clearly, so it acts almost like. I am viewing it directly. Lastly, BYD says that this car comes in a single motor configuration, but you get two range options. You get a standard range as well as an extended range For the extended range you are going to get up to 480km worth of range. It comes with 201 bhp and it does the 0 to 100kmh in 7.3 seconds. But that is all the time we have here with the car today. If you want to see the full review on how the car drives stay tuned to our YouTube channel, do hit the Subscribe, as well as the bell notifications, so that you dont miss any of our future uploads.