Even the likes of more premium. Brands have been nipping at its hills, but not quite able to steal its crown, but more recently, more evs have come into the market. Youve got things like the id3, the skoda enyak. They now go further than the nero. So it was time to have a new generation of beta kia, nero evie and no im not saying that wrong. And yes, i did hear everybody taking the mickey out of how i said renault in the last video renault, renault, renault, renault renault renault, sounds fine to me, but i am saying that right its no longer the nero e nero its now, the nero evc even im. Getting confused and in todays video were gon na, be finding out all the new changes theyve made to this brand new car because its not just a brand new name, its a whole new platform. So if that sounds good, then please keep watching, and if you do like, electric car news and mobility then make sure you subscribe to electro heads the outgoing nero was not a bad looking car. It reminded me a lot of a friendly pokemon, all cute and soft. Well, thats, just not keirs design language anymore. Their new designs are sharp and stylish, so the nero ev has got a new design to reflect that the neros new front end is much meaner. I love this part along here. It looks like a pair of matrix sunglasses.

Unlike the ev6 and the sportage, the nero actually gets its own light signatures. Apparently this is supposed to look like a heartbeat monitor nice nice. This new model is longer and wider, so that should equal some more interior space which well chat about in a minute. However, its the same height as the existing model, what has changed and specifically to the ev is the front – is actually lower down and thats to allow for this rather large charging flap. But not everything about this new car is more aggressive. I really like these two tone: alloy wheels. They almost have a quite flowery design, its quite cute. The wheels come in 17 inches as standard which, as opposed to the ones that you get on the non ev models which can go up to 18s. You can now opt to have your nero in some two tone designs, either in gloss black or in this grey, that weve got on our vehicle to jazz things up a bit. I quite like this skid plate, which flows into the alloy wheel arch. However, what i dont like is something which has been splitting opinions and its to the back of the car, this contrasting c pillar. It feels very much like adding design for the sake of adding design. It doesnt really add anything and i dont really like it and a lot of you dont either. However, there is some good news. You can either change this to have it finished in gloss black, which i think will look a lot smarter or if you go for the lower spec models, its body colored anyway.

Its only available on this top spec 4 trim around the back. The designer of the nero seems to have lost his balls Laughter around the back. The designer of the nero seems to have lost his nerve, and i say that, because at the front of the vehicle, its quite aggressive around the back its a little bit confused, it feels much blobbier youve got these boomerang lights. That look like theyve come out of the prius. Youve got the bar along the top. It certainly doesnt have the design language that we get from the kia ev6 and that car is beautiful. There are elements i do like. I do like the different colors that are going on. Youve got the pearl white youve got the contrast in grey black and also the chrome, but just overall. I think this could have been a lot more handsome now. One thing that has vastly improved is the boot space its now seriously impressive at 375 litres, thats, not sure of the kia ev6 ‘0, but its not just boot. Space thats on offer now theres also a frunk. The nero now features 20 liters of space under the bonnet okay, its not much room, but it is enough to fit your charging cables, which means that theyre not going to get your boot dirty. So lets jump onto the interior and first of all, find out about space in the back. Well, its pretty generous back here. It definitely feels more spacious than the previous generation.

It just feels very relaxing im, lounged and ive also got heated seats in this top spec car. You can really imagine that your passengers will be super comfortable back here. Youve also got all the nice amenities like a center armrest with a couple of cup holders, and a really cool thing. Thats been brought across from the ev6. Is the usbc charge ports which are in the back of the seats? The first thing that youre going to notice when you get inside the nero ev is how many premium design elements it carries across from the ev6, which is great news, because this is a car in the class below you still get those great physical buttons which make Pressing things easy when youre driving along also youve got this great start button. I think this looks fantastic cole mentioned that it looked a lot like the ones in the mercedes, but i dont actually spend much time in mercedes. So i wouldnt know youve got the two sweeping screens and then youve also got the little switchable screen underneath this is my favorite thing, so you can control your infotainment systems, but if you press this little button here, it switches that into your climate control dials, i Cant believe the difference in quality in this model over the previous generation. It feels really high quality and like a much more premium vehicle, and i think theyve done that by using all different types of materials recycled matter.

Youve got this really nice industrial style material. On the dashboard, youve got the ambient lighting just hidden behind there. It feels just so modern and classy. It also gets a ton of equipment. Now this is the top spec car, but ive got things like apple carplay and android. Auto heated seats, cooled seats, memory, electric seats, adaptive cruise control lane assist the list goes on even on this car. Its got harman kardon sound system right lets, get this on the road as soon as you get behind the wheel of the new nero ev. It definitely feels like its grown up. You can tell that theyve made those tweaks and changes just to improve the drive. It might have the same 201 brake horsepower, but its definitely improved. In fact not to 62. Time is actually just a little bit slower, but thats because its not as jerky it doesnt pull off at an instant and really want to yank you into the back of your seat. The power delivery is fast mover driving this car. I really do feel like this. Is a brand new car on a brand new chassis, its not just a new funky interior and exterior? They have really made efforts to make this a more enjoyable car to drive a few important stats to cover. The range has improved by a measly four miles due to the 64 kilowatt hour battery being swapped for a 64.8 kilowatt hour, one that gives you 287 miles of range.

So that means its a little behind the id3 and the bourne. But what we do know is the nero has always been proven to be extremely efficient in achieving those figures. Technology previously was never bad, but its definitely gone above and beyond. In this new vehicle, the assistant systems are really good and you can tell theyve been refined. I love an adaptive cruise control and it works really well, but on top of that lane assist is pretty effective as well. Lane assist can be one of those things that is a little bit irritating to use, but actually in this vehicle. It holds you in lane nicely without tugging you about. There are three different driving modes to choose from and theyre all accessed via a drive mode button. On the steering wheel, how very ferrari manateno these drive modes are normal eco and sport, and by now you know exactly what those do, but its really nice to have that shortcut button on the steering wheel. It helps you toggle between them quickly. So, if youre driving in economy, because youre trying to reserve your range, but you need a quick burst of power as you get out onto the slip road, its really helpful. But thats, not the only thing going on on the steering wheel. Weve also got the nice heavy weighted paddles behind, of course, these arent for your gear change, but theyre for your regen braking to turn it up and turn it down in its highest setting, which is a one pedal drive called ipedal in the kia.

It will actually bring you to a complete stop, unlike some other manufacturers, charging comes at a speed of 72 kilowatts from a ccs. Yes, that is a little behind the old nero, but it can charge quicker as it can sustain maximum charging for a longer amount of time. As a result, a 10 to 80 charge would take around 9 minutes less at around 43 minutes, but disappointedly is still miles behind the ev6, which can support 240 kilowatts. I have to say, even in this short period of time, that ive been driving the all new nero ev. It does feel a step above the previous vehicle. In so many ways you can feel those suspension tweaks that have been made to give it a more comfortable ride, and that also means that its slightly quieter as well. The e nero previously was never a noisy vehicle, but its just been refined in so many ways. I definitely think that if a previous e nero customer was going to take one of these cars out for a test drive, it wouldnt just feel like a facelifted version of their current car itd feel like something brand new. If i did have to point out, one of my biggest bug bears of this car itd. Be this part here behind the rear view, mirror its really big and quite obstructive, and in fact, if youre sitting at the lights, it seems to sit exactly where the traffic light is at first glance.

The facts and figures might not seem that a lot has changed, but after ive spent a day with the new kia, nero ev its clear that this is an all new car. If you have an existing e nero, should you be excited about the facelift or the all new car? Absolutely this gives you a new platform with more comfort, its better looking from the exterior as long as you like some of that outrageous, styling and the interior is absolutely fabulous, but let me know what do you think of the all new model pop it in the Comments down below, if you have enjoyed this video today, please go ahead and give it a thumbs up.