I had it in november of last year, so were now almost july, so uh its almost a seven month review um point: one uh looks and design people in the street stopping and staring at it and thats ive never had a car like it all of the Technology from the remote parking, the heated cooled, seats, driving position, the size and clarity of the 212 inch displays um the 3d reversing cameras, the vehicle to load which im using daily now to power. My entertainment system in the lounge ive got a dedicated, socket wired into it, which i connect every day, and that saves me three or four kilowatts a day easily, because its a power hungry plasma, which i dont really want to replace because it cost me a lot Of money back in the day, the fast charging speeds when its warm as youve seen in my previous videos, youre approaching 20 degrees, its still not just about getting 200 kilowatts, but um 25 degrees is apparently the optimum temperature. It needs to be at um ill. Come to the things that need to fix him with that later uh, its the larger frunk in the front to store all my crap in thats, useful and the size of the boot. Also very good um, all recall, updates have been addressed pretty quickly and then ill. Come to the bad points, the size of the car im not quite used to, but im getting there i mean my accident went out.

Um the graze on the front is probably partly because im not used to it maneuvering, yet theres, no wireless, android, auto or car play, despite built, built in hardware for it so whats the point of the wireless charging pad. If you cant use it wirelessly to power. Carplay or android auto its just a bit pointless ive got marks on the drivers door where my shoes have been scuffing, but its left. A residue on so um plastics are quite scratchy, but that probably applies to quite a few keys, theres, still no destination charge in battery conditioning um its been promised and promised for a few months now and the updates they keep on promising to come next week and Theyre still not coming, but once thats in that will improve the situation of um the speed of charging massively soften the software map updates over the air are very slow coming and many dates missed and promises made new charging stations do not appear on the maps. They can take years just by hundreds of charges, going live in the uk every month and thats a very important feature, and even though it appears to download a list of charges, its not really downloading it. All its doing is checking the status of the ones that are in the map database, so thats hard coded in the maps database. This car needs to always be on and connected whats the point of being connected to the internet if its not using it correctly.

Theres still no full screen android auto despite north america, getting the updates so im hoping and expecting that to come soon. The recalls have met taking the car into the dealership rather than over. The air updates, like chester, vw and ford um thats a real pain. I mean why couldnt they just build a bridge from the hedge unit to the odb port and have a gateway that will work that way. Instead of having to wait for an nvidia chipset to do, it would have made it easier for the consumer, probably less work for the garages and the dealerships um. The remote parking assist is unreliable and does not work in the rain. Um youve seen my tests in my videos in the past. I can mostly get it to work, but if its raining, it doesnt like it, because its reliant on the cameras and the cameras get covered in rain. It doesnt work and nothing has come of the rumors of custom. Ve s support thats the noise that the car makes youre supposed to be able to put your own sounds on it, but nothings come with that um overall im very happy with the car, and i wouldnt change it for the world ill. Keep it as long as i possibly can. Um id still give this car 9 out of 10.. It wouldnt take a lot to address what ive listed in the bad section and just hope that also the over the air update, stuff, um comes and the destination charge.

Pre heating comes and full speed, android, auto comes, and the wireless android, auto and car play comes because those are the things that have always bothered me and ive even put these in the surveys that kia put out and all my comments have gone in there, so They know about it, so click here, please just get on with it and fix it. Since i recorded this video um on the 29th, the new keira update for the edge unit maps came out. The major thing which ive mentioned before is the full screen android auto, which works very well and its lovely, so thats. One thing: i can scratch off that list of negative points. Um the downside. Is it introduced a bug in the remote aircon? So you so you you cant, set the ac down to 17. It sets it to 28 on heat, but there is a workaround which is to press refresh on status. As ive said elsewhere. Um ive now heard that the major update that was promised for the summer is now coming in the autumn, so again, more rumors of wireless android, auto and battery preheating and improvements there um, as i said in the previous part of this video all that is addressed, Then yeah this is like a near perfect car, and one thing kier need to address is their testing of this software, because the bug thats in the remote um ac pre precondition and cooling um its a very easy bug to find and it kind of exposes their Quality assurance process, i cant believe anyones been in and actually tried all the functions again and tested every feature in this update, because if they had, then it wouldnt got released.