Just to be me had to rise up just so they could see me did what I had to do just to feed me and what was left over. I put towards my dreaming, but the only thing in life that has meaning are the things you got ta work for, believe me taking hands to plan your own hands can land your own branding down. I feel like no one takes accountability. They want the credibility convincingly unwilling to put in the hours it takes to get some power. Dont be sour, take a cold shower scream until youre, louder, work until youre prouder and all the doubters theyre, just jumping downers swear to God. They all. Let me down. I dont respond just to wear the crown Im pissed off at these clouds. They deserve it now, its only worth it if you work for it its only worth it. If you work for it, I will stop till they hear me now. I wont stop till. I wear the crown Music, foreign, Music, Music, Music, Music, foreign, Music, Music, foreign Music, Music Music years in this Lane, theres no stopping this flame cause. I came to the game and I changed it to play how I like rearranged it to my own domain yeah. I got what it takes: made: lots of mistakes, taking shots, keeping breaks, feeling lost, feeling great popping off singing straight. Never stop, never changed. All the squad here to play and Ive got something to say.

I work hard each and every day I get lost in the words I say I dont push pause. No, I push play. I wont, stop till I make a change Ill, withdraw on the things I build tall, never trapped in space. I wont stop till. I hear him say: Music, foreign, Music, 6 a.m and Im up again, I got tired eyes need a couple Blends thats right in the AM thats, my only friend no light just the sun. Coming up on the horizon. I lose track of time yeah I move fast and climb a new class Divine yeah, true passion, shines and Im through passing time. I choose second dimes, you snooze half the time. While I move passing by I work hard. Each and every day I get lost in the words I say I dont push Parts nor push play. I wont. Stop till I make a change. I withdraw on the things I make. I turn flaws into fathers traits I build tall, never Captains face.