Chevrolet is cashing in on consumer demand for Crossovers and SUVs. With the introduction of this, the new and larger Bolt euv the electric utility vehicle, it features a lot of similar Hardware to the bolt, as well as some available upgrades that are exclusive to this new model. So should you buy a 2023 bolt euv well lets go find out. Foreign Music Music bolt euv. Well, as the name implies, is a utility vehicle. More of a small crossover as such, based on the bolt platform, though at a glance, it could be forgiven for confusing the two because for some reason, Chevrolet did not see fit to change the styling between the two at all the bolt euv debuted for the 2022 Model year actually received the same song, the bolt got updated to for 2022., whether you love it or whether you hate it its up to you its a more mature look but its the only one, the bolt EVS ever had. That said, there are a few subtle cues outside to let you know. This is an euv, not regular, bolt EV like a more pronounced rear, spoiler and, of course, some badges, but its really. Once you sit inside that, you notice the difference, because the euv is a few tenths of an inch wider and a few tenths of an inch taller. You do a bit more hip aniram here up front, but thanks to a six inch longer length over three of that being within the wheelbase.

It means the cabin is much more spacious than the regular EV. The back seat, in particular, has several inches more leg room, and so, while at six foot one I do fit in the back of a bolt EV I fit comfortably in the back of the euv and the nice thing is theres. No real trade off in terms of storage either because trunk space is basically identical. I like that Chevrolet has focused on maximizing the space inside, were gon na use it with this euv to better distinguish the euv from the EV. Like I mentioned, Chevrolet has locked in some available extras and goodies. You can only get in this form factor not in the smaller bolt EV that includes his entire trim level. Im currently sitting in at the top of the line, Premiere trim Im going to show my bolt EV review, Im kind of bummed, only a black on black interior. The premiere has the option of this off white light gray against darker gray interior. It certainly lightens up this space and feels more premium along with more leather inserts, like on the door cards here and on the dash or my complaints with a bolt was that the interior felt a bit plasticky around the edges and sure this is not like a Full on Mercedes, Benz or anything, but it does feel nicer in this Premier trim. One comment I got quite a lot on the bolt EV review was that you cant get a sunroof in the boat, EV and thats.

True, it is only in this Premiere trim of the euv, its a large Pano roof. So if thats a deal breaker for you, that might just need to look into oh hi there, its your boy just checking in are you enjoying the video so far. Well, what else you are thats, because this is some grade – A Primo content were talking about so go ahead and show your support by hitting the like And subscribe buttons its free and help. The channel. Alright back to the video foreign has most of the same Hardware. Youd find in a bowl EV under the hood, I should say more explicitly Under the Skin, with a 65 kilowatt hour battery pack, which sends power to the front wheels by a single motor thats good for 200 horsepower and 266 pound feet of torque. Yes, the euv, despite its utility name, is front wheel drive only there is no dual motor. All wheel drive setup available, at least for now a bit of a common theme here, but because this is the same powertrain you get in the bolt EV the bolt euv with extra length and about 250 pounds of extra mass returns slightly less in terms of range 247 miles to the bolt EV is 259, though I suspect a lot of buyers will happily take that trade off for the extra space and, of course, utility. If you couldnt already tell Im going to be referencing, the bolt EV quite a lot in this video.

So if you havent already done so, please do click the link in the description down below or on The annotation above and watch my full review on that vehicle. It will answer a lot of your questions and give you a really great basis to understand where Im coming from what you should be looking at as a consumer. One area where the euv does distinguish itself from his little sibling is definitely the ride in handling. This. Does still ride and handle well like a car because of that bolt EV background, but the extra wheelbase, especially on the freeway, does result in a more relaxed and comfortable ride. That said, if you seek out this review, I bet there are a few more important things on your mind and dont worry Im going to get to them like the availability of super cruise, that is, parent company. General Motors Suite of autonomous driving assist its only available on the euv, not the regular EV. It costs 2 200 bucks and it works on interstates around the country. Yes, only on the freeway, not on city streets or during Town driving. My experience with the system overall has been quite positive when you are in a super cruisable area. A little light on the dash lies up to indicate as such. You turn it on and well, for the most part does a great job of driving the car. For you, you just tell it the speed you want to go, then let go of the controls and it takes care of everything from there.

Itll follow traffic itll navigate bends in the road. It does a pretty good job. The only thing you could do yourself is well in general: keep an eye on the road pay attention and handle Lane changes yourself at least for now. Is the system worth 2200 bucks? Well, its been a bit of a mixed bag in that regard, because that is a big ask. Also that 2200 price point comes with an asterisk, because this is actually a subscription based system for the first three years. Its complimentary, after that youre gon na, have to pay an additional fee, which is a definite bummer for me personally, twenty two hundred dollars would be a killer week, vacation in Cancun, with my wife and thats, a more impressive experience for the money. In my opinion than this service, does it work? Yes? Is it Flawless? No, I have run to do a few hiccups with super Cruise in terms of overall functionality. There are random stretches of California freeways where, due to degradation of the lane, markers and things like that, the system just cant really see where its going all the time so just disengage out of safety and thats. Really the big thing about super Cruise, its a very conservative system, even when its engaged the follow distance, it keeps between you and other traffic, is quite notable and in LA traffic people are going to cut you off and cause this thing to slam on the brakes.

On a longer road trip, though, I suspect this thing would be killer beyond that. My Week With The Bull UV has been pretty smooth sailing. Overall, I have run into the continued issue, in Los Angeles, of running into broken public charging kind of all over the place. Thats definitely an inconvenience though Chevy rectifies that, because, if you buy one of these things, they do a complimentary home installation of a level 2 charger thats, an AC charger. Thatll get you about 20 miles of range per hour plugged in so basically plug it in overnight and the next day youre good to go. The bolt also supports DC fast charging, though it is not on the same 800 volt electrical architecture that General Motors newer products with the Altium battery pack or need some other like Hyundai Kia vehicles, its not on that system, so it cant support super fast, rapid charging That said, Ive, yet to find the charger in the wild is even faster to take advantage of that anyway. Thats kind of a moot point, at least for now in the future, things might be different and one last note about the electrical architecture of this vehicle. After 401, miles of driving with the volt euv on average four miles to a kilowatt hour, thats kind of like your MPG equivalent, multiply it four miles per kilowatt hour times a 65 kilowatt hour pack and you get a theoretical range of 260 miles in the real World actually a little above the EPA estimates and its probably been a similar experience.

What I experience with the regular bolt EV, so it definitely earns brownie points in terms of real world efficiency there and Im. Sorry, the numbers fast is not over. Yet we have a few more things to cover, because the other big thing you care about besides the tech and luxuries available in this euv Premiere trim, is the price. Like I mentioned, the base prices thing is just 28 grand that is an unbelievable deal in the marketplace. The reason for that price is because Chevrolet dropped the price of the boat euv 5900 bucks for the 2023 model year. The reason why theyve done that? Well, its an edge to stay competitive first up and secondly, General Motors the parent company has sold enough EVS. They no longer qualify for the federal tax credit, originally budget qualified for a 7 500 tax credit when they bought an EV. Now that thats up and General Motors cant claim that well they decide to Lop the price right at the front instead and to me, like I mentioned my bolt EV review, I think thats the way to go, because not everyones going to have 7 500 worth of Tax liability come April, but everyone can enjoy the new reduced price and to answer some comments in that first video, yes, General Motors is retroactively applying that 2023 price to existing 2022 models. So you have to wait 423 to appear on your dealership, a lot. In fact, some people whove recently bought 2022s are actually getting rebate, checks in the mail from GM to reflect the difference in price, which is awesome.

So the euv has about a sixteen hundred dollar price premium over the regular bolt EV and I suspect, for a lot of people. Thats mean money well spent just for the extra size. This fully loaded Premiere trim is 37 Grand which sounds expensive Until you realize this thing fully loaded has pretty much all the luxuries youd ever want of any vehicle for 37 Grand, let alone an electric one, oh yeah, and still even at that price, its thousands of Dollars less than the base price of a Hyundai, ioniq 5 or a Mustang Mach e, or a Kia Niro ev anything you compare the bolt twins too. They come out and top in terms of value, its really unparalleled value right now, its so so impressive. In my opinion, the bolt euv is comfortable, refined, efficient, economical, somehow is kind of mind blowing. That Chevrolet has basically got an electric vehicle on parity to a gasoline vehicle in terms of pricing, which should make this a really great entryway for a lot of buyers who want to dip their toes in electric vehicle Market. Maybe for the first time and the fact they alleviate your charging Wheels by offering home installations for free is just icing on the cake.