3 is not the first electric car, its not even the first mainstream electric car, but it is the most popular electric car in the world during a once. In a generation shift towards this technology, its not just that, though, the tesla model 3 has made electric cars accessible and cool it doesnt matter, whether youre a family. Looking for their first electric car or a multi millionaire wrapper the tesla model 3. Is sexy and desirable? Really the car of the moment and its done all of this without being an suv, but with rivals now bearing down is the tesla model, 3s golden age behind it bear with us as we find out, but before we do remember to check out the full written Review over at carsguy.com dot – a! U and if you are watching on youtube, do hit those like subscribe and bell notification. Icons theyll help you keep up to date with all of our latest content. This version of the car is popular because, despite its performance and the amount of stuff it comes with its still one of the most affordable evs in australia wearing a price tag in the mid 60 000 range. Recently, this base car switched from being called the standard range and is now just called the rear wheel drive thanks to a larger battery. It shares with the model y suv. It has a range of 491 kilometers, thats heaps and one of the model 3s key advantages over its rivals, which are ever increasing in number its most prime rival in australia.

Right now is the polstar 2, which mimics a similar pricing structure to the model 3. Here, although it offers less range and slightly less standard equipment in its equivalent base form elsewhere, youll have to look outside the sedan space and to cars like the hyundai, kona, electric or nissan leaf. At the moment, though, none of these rivals seem to be able to compete on the value front standard gear on the model 3 reach beyond what we would normally consider for a car in this class. Yes, there are things like led headlights, vegan, leather interior, trims, a panoramic sunroof and that massive 15 inch center screen, but its the connectivity via the app, which makes a world of difference for this car. The app is as slick as the teslas nearly unrivaled software suite, and allows you deep control over the cars functions. The main drawback of this is youll, be stuck with the lack of apple carplay and android, auto with tesla betting youll use built in versions of your favorite apps. Tough luck! If your favorite native app is not available, even in the way this car safety suite and built in nav, so seamlessly blends together shows how tesla is almost more a master of software development than it is a car manufacturer, and therein lies a bit of a catch And a source of controversy for tesla, you see these cars are bought and sold like tech products complete with over the air updates, and while these are mostly good bringing improvements and new features to the car, they can also just remove things or fundamentally change the car.

On a whim, its something well be keeping a close eye on, because tesla wont be the only brand to do this in the future Music. Despite years of rolling updates, the tesla model 3 hasnt really been face lifted. It maintains the same almost anonymous visage. It started with to me, though it looks a bit like a wireless mouse theres, clearly a bit of porsche influence in its face here, but i suppose the anonymous overall visage of this car is what keeps it universally appealing, despite not being an suv one thing i Do know is that these wheels specific to the base model, rear drive, are seen, as so stupidly, cool that people are stealing them to put on other makes and models, which is weird because theyre just hubcaps over the top of regular old alloys. I think this is hardly a design which will cause an overflow of emotion, either for or against it, which, i suppose speaks a little to this cars popularity, despite not being an suv inside is where the model 3 remains one of the most unique offerings on the Market now, as soon as you sit in the model 3, its clear that this is a car thats meant to be from the future. As you look around this cabin its so clean and paired back theres a really appealing minimalism to it, theres, no buttons or toggles or anything sticking out at you, its just a clean slate design.

It feels spacious as a result, and the materials are even pretty high quality, which is good because you are playing an almost semi premium price for what would normally be a small sedan. This nice clean console works its way down here with an appealing mix of kind of matte and vegan leather finishes, as tesla calls them, and this open pore wood finish across the dash is actually quite nice ramming home. The fact that this car is a tech product. First, and perhaps a car second is the fact that theres, this huge screen here and its part of what makes this car so impressive, because the software is so fast theres, not even a moment of lag on any of its screens, and it is quite easy to Navigate at least when youre standing still but well, look at that more in the driving section of this review. Lets take a look at practicality now, as i said in terms of practicality, for an adult in the front seat. This minimalism goes a long way to making you feel like you have heaps of room in this car. My head room is plentiful. Knee room is plentiful, theres soft finishes even to rest, my legs on and my arms on so theres no question that the cabin does feel as semi premium as the price point suggests. Now, in terms of storage, you have one large bottle, holder in the door and two more in this center console here, theres a slide open tray here, which is actually really deep.

It sort of reaches all the way under where a transmission would normally be in a regular car. It also has like a nice kind of soft, close finish to it, which i, like theres, these two sort of alcantara finished pads here, which are actually dual wireless charging pads, really rare in any car, and they help to keep the cabin free of any cables too, Which is nice because you wouldnt want to clutter up such a clean space like this theres, also a large center console box and the seats are really adjustable too. Okay, so the back seat, things in here, arent, quite as good as they are in the front seat. You do sit really high off the ground and, i suppose thats, to facilitate that underfloor battery that provides this car. Its gratuitous range now there are hard covers on the backs of the front seats, feels a little bit less premium than you might expect from another car. Maybe but theyre good for kids, if theyre gon na kick or spill things, i suppose theres small pockets on the back of those as well, and a single bin that also serves as a bottle holder in the doors theres. No real specific bottle holding function in there, which is kind of interesting. You also get dual adjustable air vents back here and two usb c ports, because you dont get the wireless charger thats nice too. The seat trim is okay, tesla called a vegan leather.

It feels a bit vinyly to me. I cant tell you how hard wearing it will be, though, but it is kind of comfortable it. Just doesnt breathe quite as well as real leather i find anyway, and in this drop down armrest thing, there are two more bottle holders which will hold our bottle nicely. Now before we move on. I should note one thing: the headroom isnt as good as it could be back here, possibly because of those high seats, im 182 centimeters tall and its okay. But i feel like, if you are any taller than me, your head might be touching that glass panel, the boot, comes in at a total of 561 litres, which seems above par. But it comes with a catch that the stated volume includes the large underfloor storage area, which we needed to fit the whole cars guide luggage set, and meanwhile the so called frunk holds 88 liters, which surprisingly, was just enough for our smallest case. Music tesla wont actually tell us how much power the model 3 has, but suffice to say it has a lot. The brand doesnt shy away from its performance aspirations. Data listed elsewhere, though, has the rear, wheel, drive producing figures, youll see on your screen. Now performance is unhindered to the point where i feel as though you dont really need more from the variants further up the range seriously. This one has plenty now. The tesla model, 3 really does feel quite different from any other car youve, probably driven before, but there are some things that are the same, and so the steering and pedal layout is all familiar, and the visibility out of this car is actually pretty good too.

With this big windscreen, these nicely sized real mirrors on the outside and the only angle that really brings me any kind of concern is out the rear, because that boot lid is quite high. There are other parts of the model, 3 drive experience, which are quite different, and that starts with the steering, i think, thats. The first thing youre going to notice as soon as you go around a corner in this car, its got three steering modes and all of them feel really artificial. The bass, comfort mode is, by far the best, its also got a normal mode and a sport mode. But to me those modes are pretty useless because they just feel artificially heavy. I dont like them at all likely. The next thing youre going to notice is the fact that theres no dashboard theres no dashboard at all theres, no digital dashboard, theres no head up display theres, nothing directly in front of you, and while this does make the car good for concentrating on the road, because There are literally no distractions in front of you. It does mean that you have to turn your entire head to look at things like the speedometer to use the functions of the car, to see key things like how much range you have or how much the car is regening and these kind of critical features. Its cool, but i dont like the fact that i have to turn my eyes away from the road that far just to see how fast im going.

Of course, another downside to the screen based setup here is the fact that everythings controlled through the screen and the buttons are really kind of small. It means that you have to again take your eyes off the road and concentrate on where youre, pressing to kind of get these smallish touch elements and, as you buy one of these cars and get used to driving it around, you will get used to where the Touch elements are but its for everything its for the multimedia functions, its for the cameras, its for the climate control its for the basic functions of the car. Again it just its a little bit distracting while youre driving a few buttons and toggles physical ones that you can grab would not go awry. Okay, so ride and handling so handling straight away is really quite good. If you use this comfort steering mode because you dont need to turn the wheel very far to get a quite alarming reaction at the front wheels, it makes the model 3 feel really responsive and darty in the corners. It really does stick to the ground as well. Theres heaps of traction on offer, but the ride famously in these model threes is quite firm. That does help keep things under control. Youve got to remember this car is really heavy. Its got a massive lithium battery, hundreds of kilos worth of that all under the floor and keeping that all under control must be difficult.

So its no wonder that the ride is a bit firm. Unlike the model s theres no adjustable suspension either so youre stuck with the single tune. I will say in these base cars. The ride is quite a bit better with the smaller wheel than it is on the higher spec cars which have giant alloys and slimmer rubber. So thats something to keep in mind as well. If you are after a bit of ride comfort, the base car is actually the best in the range that firm ride and low profile tyres across the range does mean that there is quite a bit of road noise. In the tesla model 3 – and you notice that a bit more obviously because theres no combustion noises going on at the front either, but it is a little above average for what id consider in a premium car. You do hear the suspension thud about as well, and if you do catch a bump in the corners, it can be a little jittery too. It really is quite fast as well lets give it a go here, its just instant from the get go, and you know what the funny thing is. Tesla says that this car only accelerates from zero to 100 kilometers an hour in 6.2 seconds, thats only about as fast as a hyundai i30n, but it feels faster its just that instant torque without any need to worry about a gearbox or anything its just instantly available.

Theres no delay, so in that sense it feels faster, even though its nowhere near as quick as the dual motor versions of the car and thats. Another reason why i dont think you need to pick a higher grade of the model 3, this ones just as fast as a hot hatch, and only costs a little bit more, while giving you 491 kilometers of all electric range whats not to like now. In terms of ev driving characteristics, the model 3 seems to have one tune of regen. Braking now and its really quite strong. I wouldnt go so far as to call it a single pedal driving mode in the same sense that some rivals have and it doesnt have. The ease of paddle adjustment, like some rivals, have either but its a really nice tune and its always on even when youre going down little hills and things theres no need to use the mechanical brakes, which is a really nice touch and no doubt plays into how Efficient this car is one final thing i will note is the entire model. 3 range is really close to the ground in terms of its ride, height and thats. Important because youve got quite a long wheelbase on this little sedan too, which means it can scrape on things like speed, bumps and driveways, so its something you always have to be conscious of, and i cant help but feel like it gives some eevee suvs or even A kind of crossover style car like the polstar 2, a little bit of an advantage in that department.

Now, when it comes to charging teslas have a bit of an advantage because they can make use of the tesla charging network, as well as the rest of the public charging network, like this jolt charger here, and that gives them the most comprehensive amount of places that You can charge up across australia on the slower ac standard. The model 3 will charge up at a decent 11 kilowatts, while on dc its said to go up to 250 kilowatts on compatible tesla stations, which is very quick, tesla says using one of these. You can expect around 300 kilometers to be added in around 15 minutes on a much more common 50 kilowatt dc charger, though you can expect it to charge from 10 to 80 in just over an hour when it comes to efficiency. On my week of testing, the car returned a consumption number of 13.4 kilowatt hours to 100 kilometers against a claim of 13.1, while that is above the official number, its one of the best numbers ive seen in any ev. So far, so color me impressed okay, so safety is a little different in the model 3. because of the amount of sensors and cameras this car has. It has equivalents of all the active safety items that we normally mention. You can see the full list of those over at carsguy.com.au, but the best way that you can see what this car sees see a little bit into its brain is on that radar camera, and it really illustrates how much this car picks up and how much it Sees around it, which is well up and beyond what most of its rivals can do suffice to say, with its comprehensive suite of sensors, the model 3 scored a maximum 5 star ancap safety rating to a 2019 testing regime.

At the time it was one of the safest vehicles to ever be rated Music teslas new car warranty is now a bit behind the pace at just four years and 80 000 kilometers thats now ahead of only bmw in terms of mainstream automakers. The battery pack, however, has a much longer warranty extending to 8 years or 192 000 case servicing is computer determined like bmws. The model 3 will tell you when it wants to go to the shop scanning the schedule of items like brake, pads, fluids and air filters. None seem particularly expensive on teslas website Music, the tesla model 3 isnt, just a good electric car, its a good car full stop its fast its futuristic. It offers an unprecedented level of connectivity, but its important to remember that its not perfect, it has its own share of frustrations, which annoyingly could all easily be fixed. Still, though, it has a well deserved place at the top of the ev market, and it looks like its set to stay there for some time, because this rear drive variant to me is the best value ev money can buy at the moment. The question is with more rivals than ever launching in the next year.