Well, if youre wondering about buying an electric car, i got a great one today, a guy just recently bought this its a 2022 hyundai and were going to show you the truth about these things. No bs, no company sends it to me. These are real people, so he bought this yondai ioniq five. The brand new vehicle now theres one problem because of all the cars today and thats the price. These things are supposed to start at ‘ 100.. He paid about 53 grand for it and this isnt the top of the line, one the top of the line, one start at like 53 grand and go even further, so youre gon na overpay for them theres. No arguing that theres just no way out of it. But since this is a brand new one, since its a modern design watch this this system set for any type of charging system, one of those gigantic 800 volt jobs. You can plug that in itll. Also do the 400 volts and also do the 220 and itll. Also do the 110 so its set up for anything people are going to ask what about the range okay. He feels real comfortable going 230 miles, but hes got one caveat and that is recently its been over 100 degrees here and coming over here. He had to turn that ac on full blast. It knocked his range down quite a bit and he barely made it into a charging station so understand if youre in a really hot climate or a really cold climate, less range on.

It also realize, when you do charging where youre getting it charged, has a big deal to do what can happen. A lot of the stations dont work correctly. Arent even set up ive seen that when i drove around the nation looking at them, but the big thing is how they actually charge can change radically by what type of charging youre using what level. And if anybody else is using it because he was in cooksville, things were going fine, he got like a 15 charge. Guy comes with a chevy volt plugs it in the whole system goes out, realize the more ones that are on there. Gon na have problems ive. Also had customers with them that somebody else comes and plugs it in they didnt go out, but the rate went down and instead of being able to charge it up in 15 minutes, it took two three hours. Instead, now before he came over here, he charged it up one of those electrifying america places because the deal with buying this is you get two years free, electrify america, so you didnt pay anything for it, hes more into this time, saving there well, it went from 30 to 80 in 10 minutes now, thats fast. Of course, you got to have the station to plug it into because, if youre going to plug it in at your house, at 110 man its going to take a long time to recharge it, so just realize that it has the capability this particular one to use Any of the charging stations, but you never know where youre going to find them, and even if theyre, going to work when youre there now its got a fascinating design.

If you look here kind of looks like somebody creased the door, no, it was designed that way to be more aerodynamic to get the most out of the battery that you possibly can, and, of course these are open now, because we got them open, normally, theyre, just Flush fancy alloy rims, look theyre aerodynamic, theyll cool, but they wont take up all the wind turbulence that a normal wheel. Well, one interesting fast set. Is this no windshield wiper? I guess they didnt want drag now its pretty aerodynamic coming through here theres my fingers. A lot of the turtle blow off, but there isnt a wipe around the back. They wanted to go that far and yes, it has a frunk like a tesla but its quite a bit smaller, as you can see a few cans of soda or a bathing suit. In the towel is about it, it looks like a motor, but it isnt. Now a lot of people are worried with electric battery cars. The batteries are going to start on fire and yonder actually had a lot of problems with them originally, but this new design, as you can see, theyve got cooling systems on it with regular old antifreeze, so youre not really going to have to worry about that. They even went so far that when things get hot, these little vents open up to suck more air into the cooling system and, as we go inside its got a spartan, modern, look and its not as insane as a tesla look map.

Nav media pretty easy tune. Not too many buttons and what i really like is its a very simple system, its just like a regular car drive neutral park in reverse and, unlike the crazy tesla, where you got ta mess with the screen heres the wipers easy to do. You dont have to mess with some stupid screen and going to the other side, look same thing: headlights simple! None of this garbage of having to push buttons on the screen i got ta say yondai was pretty smart in this. Instead of making this futuristic space thing of elon musk, they made a thing that looks like a regular car and has regular car controls and a regular steering wheel things that people are used to and when you go in the back, it says a crossover type vehicle. Theres, a reasonable amount of room im sitting here. Look he has his girlfriend and his mother in law and father in law to be, i guess, sitting in the back plenty of room very comfortable and sure its, not leather. You know what these are comfortable. This take. The sweat off you theyll, keep you warm in the winter cool in the summer and they will last a lot longer than leather, just take it for a spin. So start it up. Of course you wont hear an engine start because it doesnt have an engine. You can see everything you got to confirm, so your blah blah blah blah blah and its got all the information you want and where is it its right here in front of you? This is not a tesla.

If you remember the teslas wheres the information its over here, so youre looking to the side its right here now, this is the lower range one. If you get the luxury one that starts at 53, theyre, probably selling them for 75. thats got a heads up display, but this particular one does not various drive modes. Its in normal were going to put in sport because you want to zoom in he said an eco. It goes like a granny car, but sport it goes better, so were going to find out, got a real nice wide angle, backup camera – and i got ta say this thing handles really well when you got a car thats, this smaller side on the outside. A lot of space inside but they maximized it. You dont have an engine transmission, driveshaft, so its a lot simpler of a machine. You got a really fun driving experience now this isnt as quick as a bmw i3, but not only does it cost a lot less theyre making these they stop. Making the i3s – and i do have to say this – is definitely the smoothest hyundai. I have ever been it here. We go and were off were now going 50 miles an hour now were on 60 miles an hour. This thing is fun and still at that speed, the only thing you hear the tires: they cant stop tire noise, thats. The only thing you hear now that was with traction control on now weve turned traction control off lets see what it does a tad bit quicker.

This things fun to drive. I feel like im in a miniature rocket ship and it does handle its got really. Nice handling look ma no hands its still going straight. Yonda here is going for regular people. Hopefully, when the interest rates go up higher and when people start defaulting on their car loans that are a thousand bucks a month. The price of everything will come back down to earth and a car like this if they do actually start selling them in a 30, 000 range theyll, probably start selling like hotcakes, for people that dont mind a little inconvenience when theyre doing highway traveling, but understand that. Ah, they put a 220 volt charger at their house, easy to charge it up overnight. They live in a place, thats got good wiring system and has plenty of electricity, and it is a car that fits a lot of peoples needs and sure its not lightning like the model s i mean 0 to 60. Time is three times slower than that, but its still really fast. Do you really need a car that can go zero to sixty in two something seconds you really dont? This is more manageable comfortable, as can be all electric you dont have to deal with gasoline. You dont have to deal with changing oil, really this particular one when he bought it two years of free electricity at electrify america, so you can get it charged. You have to worry about paying for charging and they got all the setups in the screen.

Like the rest of them – and you get your computer and you see where the charging stations are, they got a 20 25 minute commute. You can go a lot of commutes before you have to recharge it, its totally practical enough for that. This thing is supposed to be rated at 300.. He says hes comfortable with 230.. Now this is the more economy. One its just rear. Wheel drive its. Not all wheel, drive you go all wheel drive. You said guys that have all wheel drive ones instead of the 230 youre, probably going back down to 180 youre gon na use up more energy thats, just the way that it goes its probably unnecessary for most people because realize this is an electric car and guess What whats it controlled by electricity and computers, so you get in the snow! You really dont have to worry about sliding all over the place, because all the systems that this thing has can handle driving in the snow, its not like an old mustang with rear wheel, drive thats going to be doing donuts the whole time. Even if you put five tons of salt in the backing bags to hold it down, so you dont really have to worry about having all wheel drive in a vehicle like this. Now. What i like about it, too, is, if you see its got a reasonable amount of clearance, because technically it is like a crossover suv, its not like a prius where its a quarter of an inch off the ground, the lower the ground.

You go, the more aerodynamic, ive had guys bring me teslas that they rented they didnt buy them. The company will never give me or they dont like me, but people that rented them i jack them up. The bottom of the car is all scraped up. Those things go over speed, bumps, scrape rip things off. This has got good enough clearance, so thats, not something that youre gon na have to think about. If you didnt think about that and you bought a low car and it kept hitting youd say why not buy this car its too low to the ground. This is not too low to the ground, as you can see its a little bit lower than my matrix, but not all that much lower just coming out with them. Theres, not that many of them for sale, but still as old scotty says id wait, because i think, with the interest rates going up, people are going to be defaulting on car loans that are a thousand bucks a month and over the price of these cars is Gon na have to drop at some time in the future, now im, not a magic crystal ball. I cant say its gon na happen three months from today, but i could just about guarantee it within the next two or three years at the match. Things are going to start dropping and you might wait till they drop plus think about this theyre kind of a unique thing now, if they become more acceptable, other companies jump in theyre going to be competition and price and then with the people that are defaulting on A thousand dollar a month, payments that are out there theres going to be a flood of cars and youll get a better price.