The 80 cm has a maximum dc range of a thousand kilometers and a maximum battery five height of 150 kilowatt hour and four wheel drive, always fun and real. Modern unilan motors is a china ev exporting expert. We got the latest ev models: the best price sufficiency, stock, fast delivery and stable supply chains, uniline your best choice of ev exporting, firstly, power system e design is equipped with two motors at the front and the front model is 180 kilowatt and the rear one is 300 kilowatt together it has a total of 480 watts and the 850 newton meter torque. It has air suspension. This can achieve height adjustment from minus 10 millimeter to 40 millimeter under dynamic suspension. Dumping control can also achieve a balance between confirmed and the moment. The edison also features a full piston high performance caliper, with a broken distance of 33.5 meter from 100 kilo hour to zero. Here comes the appearance. The loss of 87 reaches 5.1 meter, the 3 meter will rise and the rise is close to 2 meters. The class leading wheelbase and wires provide generous space for each occupant. When you come to the front silence. The double dash camera light, adding 1 led light, makes the whole face the new. Finally, from this design that i saw – and the bike is also straight in tall light – and you can see these sensors looks very futuristic – there are totally 33 sensors, including the sensors that we can see and the guidance these sensors make up new oculus supersensor system, which Redefines the autonomous driving system, the photos of et7 are all electric suction doors when entering you just hold the door handle the door automatically opens slightly when you are seated the door automatically closes off with a softer pull when existing the door automatically unclogged with just the One single click, the windows uses a frameless design and the gloss is all double layer, laminated glass, which will achieve a very good noise isolation effect.

The streamlined shape of vehicle also enables it to achieve a drug coefficient of 0.208. The friction neo family design launches using ied7 that redefines the appearance of autonomous electric vehicle sitting in the car. We can see some new renewable materials, and this is the first time this material has been used in a production model. The material called current comes from tropical reinforced and each piece has a unique texture and a natural touch. We can see that 87 does not have traditional air conditioning once but use visible ones to make the air softer and more comfortable. We can control the air volume and direction more accurately on the screen, and the 87 is also equipped with a smart air quality system to keep the air in our car. Clean and fresh. This plane is a 5.8 inch oled panel with a floating design with oled. The contrast ratio can raise 100 000 to 1 and when we look at the screen at night, the black color on this display is absolutely black. This is so comfortable cuddling armorized, when the hydrolyzed other forces are equivalent ventilation, heating and the masses function. Listen to the music Music 87 uses a immersive speaker system, it has 23 speakers and 20 channel amplifiers and also supports adobe altima and a maximum power output can be 1000 bar. There are many refined details used in et7, like some form decorations, and these patterns makes the combo luxuries. So the feeling of this interior makes me feel that the space is very large, very comfortable, very modern, just like our living room.

This modern designs make the whole cockpit more refined and comfortable. I smell the flight chains and then each side of the delivery supply by the high sensitive like soap, the designs in the and the drawing qualities from this i think design is the best electric car can hazard me and, as i said at the beginning, it is Used built against those traditional germany, luxury brands and furthers the frontline realtor motor and the air suspension ladder and a 7114 frame speaker system and all four seats with. Thank you for watching our video.