After a dependable family, electric car, the second generation model was launched in 2017 and its been just as popular as the first. You can have two different batteries: a ‘ kilowatt hour or a 59 kilowatt hour, which brings an official wltp range of between about 168 miles about 240 miles. This is the smaller battery car that weve got here, its a 2020 top spec techner its been loaned to us by eevee experts really great for a really great range of used evs, and you can find all of those on uk were going to talk about When you want to buy one of these used, what you need to look out for and why they are such a popular used electric car right now with the 2022 used car market more buoyant than ever, prices start from around about 16 000 pounds for the mark Ii leaf and stretch right up to 30 000 pounds or more for the big battery leaf e plus. The good news is that the leaf is proven to be really reliable. Owners have few complaints with the power train itself really solid, and if there are any issues, its likely to be with the trim or with ancillary electrics. Now i want to talk to you about battery longevity and range, because those are things that a lot of people really worry about with a used ev, understandably, because it is common knowledge that batteries do lose performance over time.

Now, how much is it going to drop? Well, thats the key question and it does vary depending on which car you go for and how its been maintained. The nissan leaf has a pretty good reputation, particularly this mark ii, one. So you can expect after three years. The rough kind of like estimate is about. Six percent that you might have lost on the actual maximum range that the car will do as that battery gradually degrades now battery degradation is not linear, so these cars tend to lose all evs tend to lose a little bit of their battery performance, a bit more. In the first few years, and then it plateaus and then it will probably drop a bit faster when the cars get really quite old after 10 years and 100 000 miles, youre, probably looking at more like 15 to 20 battery loss with the leaf. The key thing is to check the battery health bar. It should have 12 segments to it and, if theres any less than that, it means that the range will be a bit less than when it was new. When you go and look at the car that youre considering ask to see it with the battery fully charged, so its got 100 that it will take and look at what the range estimate is on the car. Bear in mind that that might have been affected by how the car has been driven previously. Ask the previous owner or the dealer about the car and get a feel for how it was used.

And you really shouldnt have any problems, especially because the real world range is pretty good on them, but i will come back to that a bit later in the video. The boots are really decent size and youll get a big dog or chunky buggy in there. No worries the rear seats do fold down too, but they leave a big step up. So loading in a longer item might be a bit of a problem. The rear seats offer loads of passenger space more than you get in your typical family hatchback, such as a ford focus for instance, and of course there are two pairs of isofix fittings if you need them, in fact, when it comes to safety generally, this version of The nissan leaf fares well in crash tests, and it comes stuffed with safety aids, including semi, autonomous pro pilot mode, on top spec techno models. The nissan leafs interior is not bad. Actually, when youre buying a used one in particular, you always want to see how well its worn, and this is wearing the miles really well. However, i do think that one of the weak points with this car is the driving position, because its a bit short of adjustment, so the wheel adjusts to go up and down, but it doesnt go in and out. So if youve got particularly long or short arms, that can be a bit of a pain. I also feel that i want this seat to drop lower.

This is as low as it goes, and yet it still feels like youre kind of perched quite up high. So i think it just needs a bit more adjustment to the driving position. Really and definitely id say you know your bmw i3, even your mg zs, so they have better driving positions than the leaf. All of the leafs get this infotainment system, which gets your apple carplay android, auto you get sat nav, you get all the features that you want: the graphics theyre, definitely not the best, and the screen does show up fingerprints really badly. There are better systems out there. I would say again: the bmw, i3 uh, definitely a better option for infotainment bose sound system is really good that you get in this top spec techno model. Now you see a lot of techners and a lot of end connectors, which are the two higher spec versions. You dont see many of the base ascenters, but they are well enough equipped. You still get a reversing camera adaptive cruise control and really kind of the stuff that you really need on the basis center, but you can only get that with the smaller battery. I think the end connector is the sweet spot because it gets upgraded upholstery to this part leatherette that weve got here. You also get your heated seats and you get bigger 17 inch. Alloys techno is really popular because you get the pro pilots, semi autonomous drive mode, not to mention led headlights and quite a bit more.

I do think one of the best things is that its very durable it wears the miles really well im, also going to mention the beeping, because this car is extremely paranoid. So as soon as you open the door, it beeps and even if you turn it off, it carries on beeping and its really annoying. So i do find that quite frustrating, but im sort of looking for things to pick at now on other than that. Everything in here does exactly what you want it to do, and i really do think its actually quite a comfortable place, despite having perhaps not the most adjustable driving position. As for charging, if you go for the big battery leaf e plus, you get rapid charging of 100 kilowatts which will deliver an 80 top up in around about 35 minutes or a 100 mile top up in more like 20 minutes. The smaller battery leaf has a maximum charging rate of 50 kilowatts and will take more like 40 minutes for an 80 top up. The bigger problem with charging the leaf is that it uses a chademo socket this isnt the end of the world, as there are many chademo compatible rapid charges around the uk, but theyre, not as common as the ccs charges that almost every other modern ev uses plug Into your standard home car charger and the leaf will be fully charged in between six and a half and ten hours, depending on which battery you have Applause.

First, im going to talk about the real world range because i think thats, probably more, of a priority for most people so, like i said, were in the smaller battery leaf here real world range. At the moment we are in almost ideal conditions, so its sort of you know 24 degrees out its really lovely nice summer day, kind of middling to slow driving and youre. Getting the absolute best range that youll get out of an electric vehicle thats when theyre at their most efficient and were seeing quite easily actually about 140 miles to 150 miles out of this car and thats with a few motorway miles as well worst case, i think Youre going to see more, like probably dip down towards about 120 in the winter on the motorway. This kind of thing so do bear that in mind. As for the long range. Similarly, i think real world in these kind of conditions in the summer youre talking more, like probably around about 2 20 2 30. You might even see inch up towards the actual claimed figure um its really not unreasonable to expect that in the winter thats, when it will dip – and you will see it drop right down to more like sort of 200 miles or slightly under the leaf – is pretty Good, really, you normally see, i think, reasonably 3.1 to 3.2 miles per kilowatt hour, so one of the more efficient evs out there and when it comes to how it does drive its just very pleasant, really theres, nothing exceptional about it.

You do get a slightly different performance if you go for the different batteries, so the standard leaf gets 147 brake horsepower, not to 62 in 7.9 seconds. If you go for the e plus, which is the big battery um, that gets 215 brake horsepower theyre both front wheel, drive you dont ever get four wheel drive in the leaf. The e plus also goes a bit faster, so 6.9 seconds to 62 miles per hour and honestly, who really cares? Because this is not the kind of car that you drive around trying to achieve your best? Not to 62 time in its very much a sit back and relax, enjoy the really lovely very nice progressive, throttle response. Its a big improvement in this over the previous generation leaf, which sometimes it was quite unpredictable at parking speeds, actually can be a little bit hard to judge sometimes for smooth. Stopping the whole thing just feels actually very familiar its just like driving a normal car and, i think, thats. One of the reasons people really like the leaf is because its very unintimidating, if youre coming to it for the first time from a petrol or diesel car. Now, one of the things that the leaf is most well known for is its one pedal, drive mode or e pedal as its known, which you access by this switch down here. The leaf sort of pioneered this and what it means is that the brake regeneration, which means that the car feels like its breaking when you lift off the throttle, it suddenly becomes so strong that you dont actually need the brake pedal at all.

You can literally just drive it on the throttle self explanatory thats why its called one pedal mode. You dont need the brake pedal. Now i dont mind one pedal mode. I dont feel its really strictly necessary does take a bit of familiarity, but the other thing is you: dont have to use it. If you dont want to, you can have it turned off down here and when you do the brake regen in the nissan leaf is really mild. You can access a sort of mid level, brake regen with the little mouse gear selector here and putting it into b. Um thats good for hill descents and this kind of thing im quite happy just to stick it in eco and its really nice. I do feel like theres quite a lot of suspension noise thats one of the things that does bother me a bit, particularly around town or on scruffy roads. You can hear the suspension working and at higher speeds. I think you do get quite a lot of wind noise, so i wouldnt say that its the quietest ev out there, but in terms of just generally being really confident, calm, peaceful its exactly what you want: nothing exciting its just extremely fit for purpose. Overall, then, the nissan leaf is a really great ev, whether youre buying new or used the driving position, and that chademo charging socket are its biggest flaws, but otherwise its pleasant to drive its full of tech, and it is safe and reliable.

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