So what i thought id do is just do a quick video for you about the ionic 5 and maybe ev life in general. From the point of view of a petrol head, so maybe, if youre thinking of converting over from a petrol car to an ev car heres, some of the things ive found over the week. Okay, driving impressions now im going to refer to some of my notes that ive made over the week just to just to give an idea. Whats been happening. First question: i guess everybody seems to ask about. Evs is range um. The ionic 5 comes in two versions: its two wheel drive, which this one is today that has a range on a full charge of around about 451 kilometers and theres, an all wheel, drive version which has a range of around 430 kilometers. Now, in the week of driving this car did the normal family chores shopping, dropped. The kids off to school did a 300k round trip um to drop the kids off to their grandparents because of um school holidays as well um yeah. It does drop down the battery. A fair bit if you do use a lot of the electronic bits in the car like heaters and things like that, like sydneys, had really bad weather over the last week. So you know heated seats, heated steering, wheel, windscreen wipers. It does drain a fair bit of the power going down one of the big things that you do notice coming from a petrol car to an ev.

I guess is its different in the way that it drives in terms of the power delivery, its just a wave of instant talk that ev cars have and it doesnt have like a gear feeling when you, when you drive the car, its just seamless, um, look some People like that, i guess some people find it a bit weird um, i didnt mind it. It felt like the closest thing i could um relate this to was a dodgham car. I guess thats thats, how you drive it. Okay, right ive got to say the ride in this car is excellent. I honestly probably havent driven a car that is as comfortable as this car. Its super quiet, its even running on 20 inch wheels um, i dont know how theyve done it, but it it just its just yeah wafts this car thats, just the feeling. Conversely, to that i guess um handling, not so great um, you know its its not a sporty car um yeah, so if youre looking at fun and family friendly fun, probably not so much in this car um. However, there is an end version of this car coming supposedly in a couple of years 2024, or something like that, so that might be one to look out for the other thing about this car too, its a deceptively big car from the outside. When you look at it, it doesnt look all that big, but when you actually drive it, it feels big um.

I understand its probably equivalent to the size of a like a rav4 or something like that. The visibility um its pretty good um. There is a bit of a big c pillar in the back, however, um its chock a block full of cameras um. There is a 360 degree camera too. So when you want to park it its pretty good, because youve got all the cameras to assist you there, one great thing that the cars got too is that when you indicate the um, the camera is actually light up in the dashboard as well. So thats really good. You dont have to crane over to look at a mirror. You can actually look at the dashboard and it will give you the mirror view when youre turning corners, which is great, okay, practicality, family features. Um. This car is really a showcase of hyundais technology thats. The way youve got to look at it every possible thing that they could do. Um hyundai could do with the car theyve chucked into this car, which is great um. It is very roomy for five people um and, like i said before, it is superbly quiet. This thing i i dont understand how theyve done it: weve been on bumpy roads and and potholes and rain, and everything and it just you, cant, hear anything its great theres. A lot of smart thinking in this car um, for example, when youre charging it like. I am today after the long trip yesterday, you can recline the seats fully back like youre in first class, which is great so thats, thats nice.

As i mentioned, it has the top suite of safety features, smart sense, hyundai, smart sense, so yeah its its got. All the autonomous sort of uh braking rear cross traffic alert, um uh yeah, everything like that, which is which youd expect for the car. The other thing its got to is remote parking, its its on the key fob and you can actually use it to move the car forward into tight spaces or things like that. So, in all honesty, you havent really tried it, but i dont know how often youd want to try it, but yeah, no thats thats an interesting feature. I got to say, though it has a lot of tech. So if youre not comfortable with tech, it can feel a bit intimidating to know how it all works, also to um theres, not an awful lot of buttons in the cabin everything is in the menu system in the car um. So again, yeah the. If you need to figure out how to do things, the manuals about that thick, so youre going to have to go through and spend some time and and figure it out. I guess its like any new technology, mobile phones, things like that. You know theres plenty of things on my mobile phone that i dont use that i i but ive got it on the phone, so the boot its large um its a little bit shallow um because of the design of the the c pillar at the back there Um, but you know we fit to three peoples luggage to go down to the the grandparents and it was all fine, so thats good.

There are plenty of usb ports in this car. So on a long trip, the kids were perfectly happy. They were able to plug in their devices and and yeah. It was really cool. They also have rear vents in the back for the kids too, so thats thats another great feature. It feels like that theyve electrified everything in this car that can be electrified um. You know its its even got: um heated rear seats and they are electrically um uh adjustable as well, which you can adjust it from the passenger seat um. So yeah theyve really taken advantage of of powering up everything, thats electric, so got to say the exterior door handles um. They do pop out. They are a little bit weird to use if youre not used to them. Ive had a lot a few passengers that have come up to the car and havent figured quite figured out how to open the car or shut it. You figure it out after after a while, but um yeah its its not as simple as just normal car handles. There is another great feature that this car has its called vehicle to load. What you can do is actually plug in a adapter plug to where you charge the car, and you can send power from the car to say 240 volt things like if you want to you, know, go camping or something or have a kettle or a light, or Something like that thats a really great feature.

This car also has the ability to tow up to about 1 600 kilos, but, judging from the way i drove it this week and watching the power drop down, i wonder how thats going to affect the battery life if youre towing, something okay in terms of value. For money, this car, the two wheel, drive version, has a list price of 71 hundred and the all drive is seventy: five thousand nine hundred um it comes with a five year. Unlimited kilometer warranty, the battery in the car has an eight year. 160 000 k battery warranty. We live in new south wales, so there is some rebates for having an ev car um. I think its about three thousand dollars, but when i looked it up, it looks like its only for cars up to about 68 750. So i dont think that the ionic five is actually applicable for that, however, it um looks like it is exempt from registration stamp duty, which is for all evs under seventy eight thousand dollars, so that could possibly save you up to around about twenty six. Twenty seven hundred dollars when you register the car um ive, got ta, say this car at that price sells amongst a lot of top of the range five and seven seater petrol and hybrid suvs. Now it is exceptionally well equipped if you like technology, but you are sport for choice at that at that price range in terms of evs as well.

I suppose there are a lot of evs at that level. Now too, youve got um just looking at that price list and things the tesla model: 3 um polstar, the volvo xc40 theyre all around about that price range, so yeah. It makes it interesting. Okay, i think most people buy evs because theyre green – and you know they are cheaper to run than a petrol car and it this car does have an awful lot of green features. To it i mean the interior is made of a lot of recycled materials and things which you can tell and thats great thats really good, and it is cheaper to run maybe in terms of actual fuel costs. I suppose in this week that ive driven it ive charged it three times now. This is the third time and ive charged it a couple of different ways as well. I and it didnt, cost me anything too um. I downloaded a couple of apps um. That showed me where charging stations were public charging stations and ive used. Those which is great the charger in the shopping center is a bit quicker than parking it on the street to do it um. However, there was an issue for me. I guess on a saturday trying to actually get this spot and find it vacant um yeah. When i looked at the app all day it there was somebody in it which was interesting if youre a busy person and youve got to get around the convenience of actually just going to a petrol station and taking five minutes to fill up your car uh far.

It would outweigh spending uh look. Ive got to spend another five and a half hours sitting here to charge this thing to a hundred percent. So yeah you got ta. You got ta weigh that up. However um you know they do have fast charges around, but in in sydney that the ev infrastructure i dont thinks matching the number of ev cards that are around at the moment, so yeah thats something youve got to weigh up as well. So what id probably say about the charging aspect of things it it? It only really makes sense if you can do it at home. I guess for convenience um that will cost you money in terms of installation cost for the for the charger and also, it probably will add, cost to your home power bill as opposed to bringing it to a public place to charge up so yeah thats. Probably one thing youve got to weigh up against. You know the convenience of having a petrol car as well servicing for this car, its um. Looking at the hyundai website 220 for the first three years, you charge it every year or 15, 000 ks and then its um, a big one at the fourth year, which is 804 dollars, and it drops back down to 220 for the fifth year. Okay, um x factor on this car yeah its got it in spades, the its a futuristic looking car um ive had so many people um just you know, stop and look at the car wave come up to us chat about the car um yeah, its its a Its a stunning looking car this car, its definitely one that you know you when you park it, you look back at it: yeah, okay, um! I just wanted to throw this one out.

I suppose like as a petrol head. Is it better to get to go ev or maybe go hybrid hybrid will give you um. You know really really good fuel consumption, but youre still using a a petrol engine in the car, and you wont have that inconvenience of of taking ages to to recharge the car, so maybe have a think about that, as well as an alternative. There are plenty of hybrid cars out there, but i guess with everything at the moment in australia, its going to take you ages to to get a new car um, so yeah youve got plenty of time to think about it. All right, i just want to put a big thank you out to our friends at hyundai, australia, for the loan of the ioniq five, its its been an interesting week, um for a petrol head in an ev car, um yeah its its a really really nice car. However, i dont know if i could live with it. If i didnt have a charger at home, um coming and filling filling it up. Charging it up is just um yeah too much time out of my day, so yeah, okay, thanks everyone um.