This nero is so much better than the previous one in every way that its possible to be better mainly because his tuning man, graham gamble, had a lot of time to spend in this making it perfect. The ev has made the playing field level because its got so much power deep deep down. So lets get a few facts out about the new 2023 kia niro. It comes as a hybrid and pure ev. In an s and in the gt line, the hybrid s is forty, four thousand three, eighty, the gt line, fifty thousand thirty, the evs is sixty five thousand and three hundred dollars gt line. Seventy two thousand one 100. theres a few other facts as well. The output for the hybrid is 104 kilowatts, while the ev is a little more generous at 150 kilowatts. The range for the ev is 460. heres, a couple of other interesting facts too. The batteries the battery for the hybrid weighs around 43 kilos and sits under the back seat, but the massive 64.8 kilowatt battery for the ev weighs 443 kilos and takes up the entire back floor under the boot. That means the ev doesnt have a spare it you just make do with one of those awful repair kits something we really loathe. However, the hybrid has a space saver spare its also worth noting the hybrid has just four liters per hundred kilometers and a six speed. Dct so youll get about a thousand kilometers out of the 40 litre tank, which we think isnt too bad.

All gears have a seven year warranty and, of course, in this case that includes the battery and the electric motor, but theres also seven years worth of roadside assist and seven years worth of telematics now well get into that in a minute. The steering is nice and neutral, and you can use the paddles to set the amount of regenerative braking, so it can go right down now, ive got ipedal on, which is one pedal and thats breaking all by itself. You, like acceleration, is brisk without being nasty youre not going to snap your head. Of course its got all kias safety gear thats standard now, and you need that to get five stars they did tell us. Kia did tell us that they are anticipating that this will be tested at euro end cap facilities and then theyll homologate, that across the australian market as well, the screens are nice and easy to read. Now remember, it is just this top gt line model that has these screens the other ones do with smaller screens. No, i dont think it works as well, and because this is the gt line as well as these screens ive also got a heads up display. So i can clearly see about the end of the bonnet. What my speed is, what my cruise control set at the lane control, and also what the speed limit is very important if you dont want to lose your license. All of the controls are nice and easy to get at so im going to set cruise control.

Thats now set press the steering wheel button and now the lane control set actually will take length control off because on bendy twisty roads, its just not advisable in any car doesnt matter what it is to have the link centering switched on. This is such a beautiful area. Oh ill, just put my foot on the brakes. Of course, its cut out. This is such a beautiful area, and you wouldnt think that this little battery powered suv would be so much fun, but it is so smooth and it handles like a sports car thats. The fact that i went over a line – and you can hear on this relatively smooth tarmac how quiet this is as well cube, put a lot of effort into making the cabin very quiet the windscreen is specially sounded. The carpet is specially sounded and theres extra sound quietening elsewhere in the shell and, of course, the range in this is a little bit more than there was in the previous model and, as all ev owners know, youre going to want to charge your car sooner or Later so, pull up to a charging point, whether its out or at home, hurrah its in the front bumper, so open the port plug in and off. You go but remember, even on the fastest charger, its going to take about three quarters of an hour to go from 10 percent to 80. So you can go and do a bit of shopping and what have you? But you can leave it plugged in at home overnight, be aware, if you do, leave it plugged into a standard socket at home, its going to take about 27 hours so thats, quite some weight kia has some other advantages as well.

Of course, there is the seven year warranty, but theres also seven years worth of telematics. As ive already mentioned with telematics, you can connect your car via a sell signal. It can do really nifty things like monitor the status of the car. Tell you where the car is, but also other things like. If you are charging, for example, out and its a very hot day, you can turn the air conditioning on so that the cars, nice and cool when you come back to it, it operates through a built in sim which currently has seven years worth of access through Kia, its the optus network, so works just like your normal mobile phone after that therell be some kind of subscription, which here will work out in due course, its the same with other brands, and i think that thats, the most common question people ask is how far Can i go in my ev? How long does it take to charge and what other things i can do with it? Well, this of course has vehicle to load yeah. So like the ev6 and hyundais ionic 5, you can plug stuff into this. Should you be out and about on this top model? It also works on the outside, whereas inside theres just a couple of sockets in the back and on these 17 inch wheels, the ride is still incredibly smooth. That bit of road was pretty dreadful, and yet this is as smooth as silk and, of course it would be remissivist not to mention the flat floor in the rear seat and the seats themselves covered with nature friendly fabric.

No leather to be seen here. Its all artificial theres vents for climate control, as well as some usb for the rear seat, passengers in the front seats themselves in the front its beautifully laid out and as all new gears have, the beautiful digital screens theres cleverness everywhere. I particularly like the dual function: audio and climate control screen the center console again; quality materials and what looks complex at first is actually quite simple: theres, just on off switches gear, dials, the seat, heating and cooling park, sensors cameras, steering wheel, heating, auto hold and electronic Brake theres also a 12 volt charger, a conventional usb plus a usbc, and just in case your phone needs it a qi charger as with all kia models. Only the cars that dont have navigation have wireless apple carplay. Everybody else has to plug a wire in the sound is sensational these harman kardon speakers really are beautiful. I particularly like the light splay at night. I love a good theme lighting and this has a color for almost every single season. Theres plenty of space in the boot and the boot itself is electric hoorah. Its got a kick to open function too, and this clever rear parcel shelf is actually a sun shade. So you can take that off and put it on the rear window. As a sunshade, we drove nero in town and in the country and no matter where we put it it did beautifully. In short, we really like this car theyve really done a great job.

I think the only thing that ive really got slight reservations about is this is a 72 000 plus change car plus on roads. For that you can get one of the base model ev6s. So my question is: would you do that some people prefer this car? Some people prefer the ev6 as far as preference goes ill, leave that up to you and thats it thats all this week from kias nero. I think its a great car handles beautifully smooth and lovely ride. I do worry about the 72 thousand dollar price, but you know hey ho.