My name is nate aka tonight im going to be your auto road map dealership salesman today and today we have a great view good to show off for you guys today. Today we have the 2021 tesla model y today were showing off talking about it and everything that you need to know about our amazing tesla here we have today again guys want to uh. I want to crawl from us here at road map. Just come on down. Ask for africalus man gotcha all right, so today were looking at our view here. So obviously, if you guys lets see the guys living under a rock, you guys know its an electric vehicle. Now this is a um suv, um the base model again starting price. I believe in the 30 000 range this is the perform now. The trim level you see in front of you honestly is the performance um. You would notice by the door, handles being black and everything all these other black parts youll know, but its the performance trim level right all right again. You guys want to be exact if you guys want to know the exact stats im talking range thing. Things like that well be going over. All of that, at the end of the video at the end of the video well be going over. A range horsepower for now were gon na go over, looks, were also gon na. Do some tests such as brake testing, zero 60 testing, as well as a turning radius test, and also a little pov, try to see how it handles in day to day uh driving activities so without further ado lets get into it now? The first thing i want to talk about is the appearance now personally, im, not the biggest fan out of all the teslas down that are in the game.

My least favorite type of looks is the tesla model y. I think i think the tesla x s and three look a lot better than this. The one does so again with the performance trim levels, you got a mini spoiler in the back again. I got this view. I could believe. I believe this testimony sits up to five people. So again you have plenty of space for you and your friends, and this is also decently fast again get these nice big tires theres, nothing! You dont get! These super small tires again were gon na see where the tri signal is housed and anything like that. So without again, if you guys saw a little cinematic, i did in the beginning, you guys will know this is a definitely you know you guys. Dont know the changing isnt everything but were gon na, go over that in a little bit so again, five people again it doesnt, look bad honestly. I think the front. I think the front looks a lot better than the back of the tesla model y thats. My opinion again decent, not bad again, we got this in this nice red color without further ado lets get into again. This is a fully electric vehicle um here at a daytime running lights. This vehicle does come with our road map safety package, which does include automatic, braking, blind, spot monitoring and, of course, automatic lighting um. Okay, so let me go ahead and show you guys the startup sound, not bad.

I got ta say for the like, i got ta say all the electric cars this has to be. One of the best startup sounds for for electric people in the game: hands down percent i was gon na. Take it were gon na do some tests. I will see you guys on the road im gon na. Do the zero to six tests see you guys over Music there right everybody we are here at the road were going to do. A 0 60 test were going to do the timer, as usual. Again were going to do. We want to get the fastest possible 060 time as we can. Unfortunately, this vehicle does not have a sports gear, which sadly kind of sucks a little bit because that sports gear, if you guys an automatic, really allows you to get that really good performance and launch, but this thing does not have it. This is the performance version, not the long range. So again, the base model again a little bit different, so were gon na go ahead and do it and then one of the things i love about, i like it all right so when you guys are revving up an electric car right, listen, listen to the sound! This car makes that is so freaking cool all right. Three two one go. I was a little bit off, but im gon na round it down a little bit im, gon na, say three im going to say i was like ill say.

I was a couple couple: milliseconds late, im, going to say 3.5 seconds, which is not bad at all, so were gon na. Do a nice little fashion break test, all right Music, so well do two break tests. All right so were going to do two break tests. Oopsies, my bad, oh im, so sorry about that. Okay were gon na, do two break tests all right, all right, so 1.61, from 100, 3 2 1 break wow wow, thats impressive. That is really really impressive. Lets go ahead and do 100 miles an hour now, as you guys can see, really good turning radius were gon na do another turn were gon na, do like a better turning radius test, ready 100 3 100 100, its not going to okay, 3. 2. 1. break. Not bad at all for a hundred miles an hour, so were gon na go ahead and now were gon na. Do a turning radius test lets. Do it over here, 154 top speed. All right lets slow down top speeds. 154. Here we go okay, um! It does understand a little bit um okay, so it can be tight, tight corners. Also, i love the sound this car makes when youre backing up. It sounds so cool Music. So now we got ta train with these tests done again spreading signals real, quick and the lights oops wrong thing here: the lights so without further ado were gon na head back to the dealership and im gon na go over the uh the detail, details of like Range horsepower pricing for both space and performance lets get lets all see you guys at the dealership.

So i hope you guys enjoyed that little test here and again um we will be doing a pov drive as a separate thing. Ill put this up video after me. Doing a pov drive all right for this specific vehicle. Again again, i hope, if you guys want to see that more, let me know, but lets talk about some of the steps. So again, here at roadmap, we pride ourselves on our information here: 230 230 horsepower, which again is the average horsepower for an electric vehicle in the game of greenville wisconsin thats. The average horsepower number some a very small group of electric vehicles, for example western motor sense um, have more horsepower than that, but the average horsepower number is 230 um somewhat like somewhere lower like like, for example, the v cup panel im gon na have a vehicle Review im gon na be, i will be reviewing for you guys pretty soon the uh loose air dreaming, lucid air yeah. It has 210 horsepower its a little bit less than average, but the average electric horsepower v for other vehicles is 230. now with the range now when it comes to now, when it comes to buying the tesla model y performance and base, you need to think of It like this, what do you want? Do you want range or performance, because the range does change quite a bit, and i mean quite a bit between the base and the performance, so the base model you get 326 miles of range on a single charge right, if you, if you opt for the performance Version you get 303 miles of range on a single charge, a little bit less than ford mustang mark e Music.

Okay. So please keep that in mind if youre buying it model y for range, you want to buy the base model, because that gives you more range. Theres, less performance performance version gives you more performance, but you take a pretty big hit on range. You go down. You go from 326. You go down 303, so youre losing quite a bit of range there um. So why should you buy this? Should you buy a tesla on a wide? Should you come here to my ship and buy one well? First of all, one of the things i will say about this vehicle is the the handling is really nice and not just because its just fast it corners, really sharp and when it comes to driving this thing on a day to day basis and using it on A day to day basis, the tesla model y in this game is actually pretty nice. It drives very smoothly and its very easy to drive handling is not like feeling. One handling is not overly sensitive, its like the perfect balance right. So its really good like if you want a great electric suv to daily drive. This is definitely the cream in the crop here. The tesla model y 100 of cream and crop right definitely definitely consider it hard hardcore um, instead of acceleration again, even with even without the sports gear, again around like 3.5 or 3. 3.5 seconds, thats, not bad for without a sportsman, thats, not bad at all.

Um top speed is 154, the stats say 157 for the performance. That is incorrect. That is wrong. Its 154. um brakes are really good. So, for me, when it comes down to is that looks, do you prefer the looks of a tesla model three or a different electric vehicle? Please, let me know um. Also last thing i want to talk about. Is the pricing the base, the starting price for the testimony in the game with content is ‘ 000, so the base model at ‘ 000. This is quite cheap. Now the bait, the performance trim level is 56 000 56 000, which again is really sweet all right. So i hope you guys enjoyed this little review video again, i will get a tesla motorway at definite overall 10 out of 10. amazing suv, miss suv, great performance, it does a daily driving and everything hope you enjoyed. The video please subscribe, drop a like comment and share share and again i will have a pob drive video coming out for you really soon.