That means ev. Drivers no longer need to choose between the convenience of a tethered unit where the cable is permanently attached or the flexibility of an untethered unit. You can keep the cable attached if you like or store it away. It also includes open pen conductor protection, which means a separate earth. Rod does not need to be installed that results in a simpler installation and a neater result. Overall, it uses both a 4g mobile data connection and wi fi to enable smart functionality and communication with the smartphone app having both data connection options is ideal as those without a good wi fi connection, where the charger will be located can make use of the 4g Mobile connection or the other way around its a great overall package at a competitive price. In fact, you can get a price for installation for the easy one on our website, or if you just want to buy the easy on its own without installation. You can also do that right. Lets. Look at the design a little closer. The easy one is a looker in keeping with scandi design, it isnt overly fussy, but it stands out thanks to the angles and bold color options, its simple, but seductive all the same. You can also purchase additional face plates which are easily swapped in a range of colors if the standard black isnt to your taste for most drivers, the car charger is a functional device first and foremost, so it doesnt need to make a statement, but the easy one Gives you both it? Does the job of charging and also offers an understated elegant design that wont stick out like a sore thumb? Nor will it have you wincing each time you see it on your wall, Music.

The easy one charge point backs up: its smart looks with a solid, build too, of course, its mostly plastic as our most ev chargers, but it doesnt feel cheap, theres, a reassuring weight to the easy, even though it only weighs 1.5 kilos and when plugging in and Unplugging, a cable from the unit, the easy one holds firm. What you dont want here is any wobble, given that youll be inserting or removing the charging cable multiple times so its good to see the easy, build quality stands up here, of course, if youre using the easy one in tethered mode, then this is less of a Concern but its good to know the unit is well put together. The easy one app is a pleasure to use and it streaks ahead of the competition when it comes to user experience. It just looks and feels like a modern app from the home screen. You can see the status of the charge session as well as access some basic settings, such as changing the brightness of the leds. Here you can also access the cable lock feature, and this is what determines whether the easy is in tethered mode or untethered mode unlock. It if you wish to remove the charging cable at will or lock it from the app. If you prefer, to leave the cable in place from the home screen. You can also set up a schedule, so your vehicle will start and stop charging at any desired time.

Such as when your electricity price is cheapest, there are some cool gimmicks thrown in for good measure. You can change the color of both the easy one image and animated charging wave in the app largely pointless, of course, but a bit of fun of more use is the charger consumption section which lets you see the total energy and total cost of your charging sessions. As well as being able to view individual sessions, this is handy from a budgeting point of view and also useful. If you need to expense charging costs for business use. However, you can only input one price for your electricity. This is fine if youre on a fixed price per kilowatt hour, but owners of electric cars are increasingly shifting to tariffs that offer an off peak rate, so you need to be able to input more than one price. Ideally, hopefully, easy will release an update to fix this, but it is a bit of an oversight Music. Overall, i was very impressed with the easy one as a driver. It was simple. I had no trouble charging and the app offers pretty much all the information. I need i had no need to contact easys support desk, but reviews from our customers are very encouraging. In addition, and just as telling our own customer service team are very complementary about the support, easy offers them with tickets raised and dealt with quickly, while more complex issues are investigated properly. Ultimately, problems can occur with any product but theres, nothing more frustrating than being unable to get a response from the manufacturer, whether youre, the end user or the installer such as ourselves.

Fortunately, easy has showed no signs of faltering here just yet so should you buy the easy one? Well, its one of the best dv charge points on the market right now. The killer feature is arguably its ability to work as a tethered or untethered unit. Many customers are unfamiliar with this jargon anyway and theyre, not always sure which is best, but the easy one. Smartly sidesteps this issue by giving drivers both options. The easy one and app deliberately keep things simple, and i see this as a plus to be honest. But if you want more advanced app features such as automatic syncing with your energy tariff to work with something like octopus, agile, then the only home pro is probably a better bet in this price bracket. You can check out my review of the ome home pro by clicking the pop out banner or the link in the description below. Otherwise there is little reason to choose anything other than the easy one right now. It looks good has enough smart features to keep the majority of ev owners happy and everything else just works. I cant emphasize how important this is. If youre new to evs and getting to grips the concept of home charging, then you just want to know that when you plug in your car it will all work the easy delivers that so, if youre not sure which charger to choose on our website right now. This is the one id go for head over to smarthomecharge.