It is from china and it is suv – and i think it has the potential to make a huge impact on the future of motoring here in singapore. Buy or sell your car now with car buyer singapore check out the latest automotive content with us now. What is a byd 803 well lets have a look at the car from the side for a start. Now it is an electric suv and its kind of mid sized. I reckon its about the size of a toyota rav4, some interesting design elements here, like this floating roof design and this lovely textured panel over here very smooth lines. And if you look at the arches actually the way theres a kind of line to catch the light. The first saw that in an audi uh many years ago, now the bit that interests me is the front of the car. Now, if you start over here, what do you see? Well, like many electric cars theres, an absence of grill area, its all very sort of smooth and closed in here slim headlights, which are very fashionable nowadays and then youve got this element here. That joins the front that links the two headlights together. There is a light bar that stretches across the front of the car thats also very fashionable nowadays, and this is a new badge for byd. One of the managers was explaining to me that it stands for openness and cooperation, something i should tell you, though, is that this car is running and the aircon is on and all sorts of stuff.

So you know that just tells you that it is electric were in a closed space, theres no fumes and im, not choking since im. At the front, though, lets have a look at whats under the bonnet okay lets see what we have here. So this is a front motor front, wheel, drive car and it does have a 150 kilowatt motor thats just over 200 horsepower, and it propels this car from zero to 100 in 7.3 seconds. So it actually should be pretty quick that humming you here is actually the air conditioning system going and thats the beauty of electric drive, because this is running um. The car is powered up, theres, no heat or anything coming up off here so yeah. I really like what i see here and just one thing to mention. This car is built on a dedicated ev platform, so its not converted from a combustion car with all the engine bits taken out and all the electric bits put in its built and designed from the ground up to be electric okay, so lets have a look at The charging port here at the front of the car now i can see theres an ac and a dc inlet. Now, apparently, this car byd says is good for 480 kilometers on a single charge. Lets call it sort of 400 km uh in real world conditions and thats actually not too bad, because this car doesnt have a huge battery, its actually only 60.

5 kilowatt hours in terms of capacity, so it must be quite efficient. Now um, i think the fast charging uh it can accept up to 80 kilowatts charging rate, and i figure that at that sort of rate, if you can find a fast charger for one hour, you could probably get from zero to eighty percent and thats not too Bad, actually, you think about it. If you go to a mall on the weekend and spend an hour there on your groceries or at a restaurant, you should be good to go for another week. Okay, so here i am inside and i have to say, i have never seen anything like this. I i dont know where to start, but okay, so youve got a steering wheel with all kinds of controls on it: uh a fairly small five inch digital instrument cluster. Here, but it does tell you, i think, what you need to know: theres, a speedometer um theres, a power output in kilowatts, a range and a driving mode indicator im sure ill, find that button somewhere. Uh now have a look at these aircon vents. I think thats. Actually, quite interesting, they look, like i dont, know, sort of kind of retro, modern, theres. Quite a lot of storage space. The cup holder actually goes in quite deep if you take this spacer out and theres actually space under here for your arms and yeah um. Of course, a tray for your phone and uh its you know fairly standard array of buttons.

Here i think whats interesting is that there is a 12.8 inch digital touch screen, and this runs something called byds d link system, which is the in house os. I guess things like android, auto and apple carplay are not available yet, but they will be coming to singapore by the end of the year, and that will be done as a software update. Something thats quite interesting, though, is if you look at the orientation of the screen, some people like it this way some people like it this way, and then you know they always argue but check this out. I push a button, and now i can have it the way i like, and actually i never really thought about whether this is better than this, or this is oh thats better than this, but now that i could do it, i think ill be just be doing That every day, just for the hell of it uh what else is interesting now in terms of the design of the car, i think youve got actually quite nice textures and look at this sort of padded material here i dont know if this reminds you of anything, But its actually supposed to make you think about when i take my shirt off and do this, this is actually supposed to remind you of human muscle. I think, which is a heck of an interesting design feature. You cant see this from where you are but theres. Some strings here that make up the door pockets and they actually they actually make some noise when i joined them, thats going to be, if you have kids thats, going to drive you crazy and finally theres a really interesting.

One looks like a speaker here, but i think its actually uh just the door handle and im gon na use it. So i can get out of here and show you the back. Okay, now lets check out the back seats, which is very important because the car like this is always intended for family use. Now theres the same sense of visual quirkiness youve got those very cool air convents back here. A couple of usb ports as well one usb a1 usbc and the quirky design is still the human muscle motif is here this rotary hand, this rotary sort of handle for the door very industrial looking bit here, and then these strings of course lets have a look At the space i have to say this is my default. Driving position and ive got so much room back here for my legs and knees very flat flow, of course, which is an electric car thing, and you can just kind of slide back and forth across and you dont have to straddle a tunnel and at the same Time you dont have the high flow that puts your knees to your ears, either so thats, really quite nice, um headroom wise im, not the tallest guy in the office, but actually this actually does fit me quite well. I have to say um. I want to see if the seats slide they dont, okay and uh – lets just see if yeah theres a strap here.

I can pull this and fold that down so fairly conventional back here, but i think quite suitable for family use and one last thing: ive, just spotted out the corner of my eye: lovely pockets for your mobile phone. A must have in 2022. Finally, lets have a look at a very important part of the car for family users boot so lets pop that open and have a look now byd says this has 440 liters, which isnt all that huge, but you can of course fold the rear seats down. You gain an extra 900 liters that way im just having a look here. There is some light, but i dont see any 12 bolt socket and i dont see any grocery hooks actually, but you know what the toyota rav4 doesnt have those either at least not the hooks um. Now its not super sort of deep in there, but it does have these cutouts on the side over here and these nets. So if you have small items that you dont want to roll about, thats not too bad. Look under this floor. Ah, okay, some compartments there. No spare tire but a tire repair kit and, of course, this bit here, you can raise it and create a higher loading floor. Now, of course, that takes away from some of the space in the boot, but it does create a flat surface for you. If you have something heavy to put into the car finally button here, electric tailgate, which is very handy, very posh, okay, so ive managed to score myself a really quick drive for the byd 803.

First thing i want to show you is: this is actually a rfid key card, so you dont, there are conventional keys, but you dont need them. Just have to have this on. You can tap the wing mirror over there lets you enter the car and then you can just start it up and youre good to go. I think thats a good idea now. This is an suv, but you dont really sit super high up compared to other cars. Visibility out the front is okay, um on the back less so because the the glass back there is quite small, but really quite an easy car to get to grips with so far, its actually quite conventional in terms of the layout, so just jump in theres a Gear lever and you can go something that you might want to get used to is actually the some of the chimes that this car makes like. This is the turn signal. Dont know if you can hear that, but thats fairly unconventional and when youre going slow, it does actually play a little bit of music, so that takes a bit of getting used to now. First things: first, this is very much an electric car, so you know its got all the quietness and smoothness and really the instant throttle response that goes with electric mobility. Um 150 kilowatts is actually a decent amount of power and in terms of 0 100, i think that this is actually quicker than a lot of cars that cost slightly more money and have like say a 2 liter or 2.

5 liter engine. So, actually, nothing to complain about in terms of the drivetrain. Now i cant really tell you too much about the suspension of the car and thats because uh well, you know obviously im just driving along at a slow pace. Some electric cars tend to have quite hard suspension, theyre quite bouncy im, not really feeling that so far, but again well find out more when we take the car out for a longer spin. I do want to tell you, though, that this car is really packed with a lot of safety features. Um and active safety features uh. Okay lets start with. Actually, the drive recorder now notice, theres, not one up there, but theres one built into the car, and it is actually a bit of a black box as well as a video recorder. It records my speed when im braking and whether my turn signals are on. So you know if something does go wrong. People cant really accuse you of say not not. Turning on your signals or something like that, thats very handy, okay, something i do uh want to explore. Actually is the adaptive cruise control system. So, as with other cars, i can simply set a target speed and a gap to the car in front, and the car actually just maintains that gap. For me, whats interesting about the byd is that it actually has stop and go. So if the car in front of me comes to a complete stop, the car should stop as well and itll hold it on the brakes until youre ready to move off, and then i just have to relaunch it with a touch on the accelerator pedal.

There is lane keep assist things like blind spot monitors so actually is actually loaded with a lot of active safety features as well as driver aid, and i should say that in case it all horribly goes wrong. There are seven airbags, so this is, i think, quite a safe car and i dont know if you can see but im, not using my legs at all but im, just kind of following this bmw in front of me at a reasonable pace and a reasonable gap And the car is doing all the work. All right. Finally, lets have a look at the back of the car uh very smooth lines, just like the rest of it, but uh whats interesting is this chrome strip that stretches clear across the back and, of course, a light bar that is actually a bit mercedes ish. If you squint, you can see hints of eqa back there. I think so. This is actually quite a nice looking car, but lets sum up, uh and think about what the byd actually iii does offer us here in singapore. The first thing is, i think, theres a lot of value for money here, uh its july 2022, as we film this and the car has a launch price of 179 000 triple eight and keep in mind more than 100. Grand of that is for the coe alone. So for the bits that youre paying for the car itself, you do get quite a lot for your money number two design.

I think this car does move the design game on a little bit and really gone on the days where the chinese could be accused of just copying. Everybody else theres bits in there that look like they escaped from a concept car and it really does feel like a breath of fresh air and, finally, its worth asking a question about whether this car is good enough to kind of really change the way people think About both chinese cars and electric cars, now, as we speak, byd is actually the leading electric car brand in singapore. They overtook tesla in the early part of 2022, and i think that means something because we here we are in the middle of a once in a generation change from combustion to electric power, and i think it means something to be in pole position. So i dont know if you knew about this, but byd stands for build your dreams. This car could well be a nightmare for the other car makers, so thats our quick look at the byd 803. If you like this video, please give us a thumbs up and subscribe. Tell all your friends but yeah tell us what you think in the comments below.