Show you the all new mghs, plugin hybrid. This is the excite vehicle. So excite is the sort of the lower entry model they have introduced in new zealand and australia serene zone. This vehicle is currently retailed at 51990 driveway with seven years warranty and all that information and yeah. This is how the vehicle looks like from outside um in new zealand youre, also getting the government rebate at the moment for plugging hybrid brand new vehicles, which is five thousand seven hundred and fifty dollars so pretty much youre getting this car for sort of around forty. Six thousand dollars in total, equivalent and uh. If youre looking to purchase one of these, please contact me. My name is jerry. I will leave my email address down below jerry at We are dealership in auckland. We have two sites: one is olmsted which is going to open soon in ninth on ninth of july and ebitda, which is in south auckland and do not forget to subscribe and like the channel, interestingly, and if youre interested in any other videos. So at the front we have led data, running lights and standard halogen lights. We have a 17 inch alloys with maxi styles, so comfortable tires nothing to sporting combs, around chrome window, trims and chrome door handles all the decoration on the side. Just as a new car. We have also have led tail lights, reflection, its very nice, open tail lights, two exhaust pipes, parking sensor, bag and also reverse camera, and on the left we have the fuel tank and then, on the right hand, side.

We do have the charge unit. So thats your charging port, its supposed to type two charger by the way, so lets have a look at the back lets open the boot. This is manual tailgate by the way um only on the essence, the top spec youre getting ultimate detail tailgate. So we get about 460 litres of boot space on this vehicle enough space and you can drop the seats if you need to you can take the cover off. If you need to, we have we dont have a spare wheel by the way we do have the fixing tools for your emergency needs and a charging port, so thats a three pin household socket and that will charge the vehicle in about eight hours from zero. To hundred percent all right drop that lets have a look at the bag, so we still have the full leather seats, and this is synthetic leather. So man made leather should say we dont have the sunroof again on the only on the essence. We are getting the sunroof, but nice thing we used to have two charging ports at the back air vents at the back for the rear passengers, and we do have a very premium nice finish, armrest just like that and they hold it for your storage space. Everything. So thats quite handy and the seats is reclinable, so you can push this forward backwards. So the two position and well get these nice pockets thats the lumbar support for the driver seats, so yeah everything is quite nice.

Six speaker sound system for the mghs plugging hybrids by the way, so on the driver side, we have kelly sentry and kelly stat. So as soon as the vehicle is locked, the winner automate going and that unlocks as long as you have the key with the way – and this is how the khaki looks like and on the drivers side, we have electric seats same as the passenger vehicle passenger side. So thats nice and we do have a manual lumbar spot, as we mentioned at the front, youre still going to have the same synthetic leather seats from top to bottom, its soft, its nice. It hugs you well so thats, good and thats jumping so for the drivetrain uh specification wise. The vehicle does come with a full siding. The 1.5 liter turbo patch engine at the front, and we do have a 16.6 kilowatt hour battery at the back. So that allows you to drive on pure ebay for 62 kilometers up to 64 kilometers real world youre, probably getting 50 to 60 case. Excuse me, and power wise and combined were getting 189 kilowatts at 360 newton meters, so that will allows this vehicle to spring from zero to 100ks per hour in about 6.9 seconds. So thats really fast in comparison, the the mitsubishi eclipse cross, phev thats, a very hard name for me and im into that in 8.5 seconds. Something like that where to the raffle hybrid well, do that in eight something seconds as well, so yeah this car.

Overall, this guy is very fast, as you can tell, and its got plenty of power to go start the vehicle up. We notice this standard mg steering so its going to be pretty much the same as you you notice. All the mg range zs is the um hshf hybrid, so its all the same, but the most important part we get full digital dash even on the base model, so its a sort of 10 to 12 inch display, then theyre not categorizing. How much how large it is, but you do have all the information battery information, petrol information. We can go left and right to change all your things. You can change your display. You can go up and down to check all your triple meter check all your tire pressure monitoring system, so yeah theres a complete system behind this vehicle uh. We do have cruise control lever just down there, so thats a little bit different from other cars, maybe but its individual switch on the left and in terms of safety features. We do have adaptive cruise control, auto headlights and auto high beam assist, and we also have other things like pre collision warning, emergency, braking, speed, assist systems and lan assist systems, plus mg pilot traffic, assist and rear driving assist, which is your blind spot detection, which is Located inside the a pillar, so yeah theres tons of features thats available on this vehicle for safety systems, what we call it its mg pilot assistant systems and in the middle, we have a 10 inch display so thats, exactly the same as all the other hs.

With navigation, inbuilt, two zone, climate control and heavy seats on both sides, um video control and also phone connection, apple carplay, android low as standard yeah, so complete feature and put on reverse. This is how the reverse camera looks like we do: have parking sensors and just reverse camera just like that park, so underneath we have two usb charging ports and other direct buttons for your air con for your music, all that things and has a light eevee mode. You can switch to ev and auto whenever you like, to drive on either just hybrid or just pure electric handbrake or to hold just like that cool. So this is pretty much all about this vehicle uh in terms of size, in terms its all the functions and storage on the side, just a couple: two cup holders, you can take this out as well and some storage for your phones for paints or anything like That and thats another storage over here we have a cover. It looks nice. This can be covered as well yeah. I think thats pretty much all about this vehicle again. If youre interested in this purchase of this vehicle in new zealand, specifically in auckland, we are ebit mg dealership. We have a dealership in olmsted, flatbush, east auckland or another dealership in poke, which is south auckland. If you want to purchase one from me, my name is jerry ill leave. My email address down below its jerry abbott.

. My direct phone number is oh, two, seven, two, three zero, four, eight one one. So thanks for staying by and subscribe and like and enjoy the video, i will see you next one.