You certainly do get a lot for your money. The all new mg5 get emergency, braking pedestrian and bicycle detection systems. Lane keep assist traffic jam, assist intelligence, speed, limit, assist, high beam, assist and adaptive cruise control. This is all part of the mg pilot system and will come on every single mg. You will also get the mg smart apple, the ismart app. This allows you to control varying different features. After downloading the dedicated app the system will integrate into the car and youll be able to use internet communication. Give you the power to operate several key functions, youll be able to use hands, free voice control, and you can find your parked car check your status and find your nearest charging point. You can even pre heat the climate control system, so everythings, nice and toasty, for when you get in, you can also use the app to schedule charging whenever you want to as well and for the first time mg are introducing vehicle to load charging. This means youll be able to charge various electronic items from the car itself from the car plug itself, so things like laptops and hair dryers phones, whatever you need to get on your journey, typically, an electric scooter. Other standard equipment, of course includes things like a 10.25 color touchscreen display android, auto apple carplay and then adding to this youll be able to upgrade to the trophy edition. The trophy starts at 33 495 pounds and will include a 360 camera.

Instead of the standard camera heated front, seats, rear privacy, glass range sensing, wipers and automatic air conditioning. There is more to that as well, and, of course i will cover it in a video soon. Well, as soon as i can get a hold of one anyway, in fact, if you want us to go through the mg5 in detail, much like we did with the mg zs, which we did um uh here, you click on that little annotation itll. Take you to it, then. Let us know in the comment section below or by leaving a like. Of course you can subscribe as well were nearly at 700 subscribers. Thank you to everyone. Whos subscribed. So far, of course, if youre not enjoying the content, you can unsubscribe at any time its completely free the powertrain for either or either specification is a 61 kilowatt hour battery, which should hopefully give roughly the same sort of range. As you got out the previous mg5, which was fantastic, you get 479 liters of boot space as standard and 1 367 liters. If you fold the seats flat. Finally, the design, the whole of the interior and exterior have been completely redesigned. There are six colors to choose from as well including arctic white, piccadilly, blue black pearl, cosmic silver, hamster great and dynamic red, and the best bit about all of this information as well is that its available now, once they now sit at the google festival of speed, You can actually walk into any mg dealer inquire about it and buy one.

I mean this was almost unexpected. To be honest with you, its very rare that you get like a like, oh here, it is oh by the way you can buy it now, sort of situation in the modern digital age, youd think itd be easier to get something thats announced and then released, but Often its not the case, this is an almost apple like scenario where they announced something and two weeks later, its available, except instead of two weeks its now. So if you want to find out more about the car or if you just cant, wait and want to order one, there is a link down below which will take you to one of our mg sites. You can inquire that all. Of course, you can ring the number on screen right now or, of course, send us an email too and, of course, any questions. I will be happy to reply to in the comment section. I try to reply to every comment down there. I certainly read all of them as well, so thank you very much for watching see you next time.