Well, this is actually an all electric toyota mr2. The owner has converted it to electric. I think thats whats, going to happen to a lot of old cars, especially if their engines are bad in the future. This one has two battery packs, one in the front and one in the back and uh there. You have it its basically one fourth of a tesla, so he gets about 50 miles per charge and uh well its kind of a unique looking car too. He customized the looks. His name is jose and hes done a fine job of customizing. This car look its got the public charger, its got the house charger all in the same place here and uh. This is a cut off switch that they ask for in inspections. With these electric conversions, it still has the five speed manual, transmission and uh. It still registers the correct time that is really cool, so uh youve got the best of what the 86 toyota mr2 has to offer. Great handling, rear wheel, drive manual transmission and you have all electric travel capabilities. He says the zero to 60 is probably about seven seconds slightly quicker than the original and uh. He says the batteries total weigh about 600, so 600 pounds. So its probably quite a lot of fun to drive, is it a lot of fun to drive jose? Yes, it is you wan na hear the motor. We can hear the motor – oh thats, amazing, totally cool, so yeah.

I regret not buying one of these. Probably about five years ago for 1800, i think it was 1800. It was white, it was lovely, it was an 84. I believe, and i should have bought it, but it was very late at night and uh logistics were an issue at that point, but anyway i do regret it well. Here i am with jose and uh. He says i can drive this incredibly wild. All electric mr2 and ive put it in it started. You cant, really hear anything. Ive got it in reverse. Im checking all around me, because the car is totally silent and look at that. It just backs up its its insanely quiet. Oh there, it goes it kicks in im, actually gon na reverse this way and uh get out of here. This way that way, i dont have to reverse into anybody, its just so quiet. That is just listen. You know in in teslas and priuses they uh put uh some sound in kind of a whirring sound thats, a little bit weird and disturbing that tells people when youre driving around very slowly in a parking lot like this uh. But this one is just quiet. Just passing by my uh lancia delta integrale that i drove today, google driving ivan in any car but were gon na head out on the road with this just a bit of the way. So i can experience this incredible, mr2 electric vehicle here with jose.

Did you build it jose? Yes, i did wow, so he building himself. This is you know, youre in a 1986 toyota mr2, and you know, youve got that uh. What at the time was very tight, steering and uh tight handling, uh its a little different neutral works and everything just neutral. Yes, yeah wow thats great. So here i am at a light and uh just waiting ill show you the gauges and uh kind of uh everything you see here, any special gauges you put in just temperature for the controller and whats the range where, where is that? Oh there, you said there was a no, i dont have anything connected for the range, but you can go like 50 miles per charge. Okay, whats, the top speed uh. You can go like 70 80 miles per hour like any other car. Okay. So here we go were uh, oh wow, still in first here, Music, wow, surprisingly, smooth a very strange and quiet experience, just downshifted into third gear and uh wow its exactly like driving uh. First gen mr2, except uh, its just so quiet, still have about the same speed and pickup and torque uh. It is quick, it is torquey and uh. You know this is the future of the classic car and evs. I think you know years from now, 10 years from now they will be taking whatever insert your favorite classic a beetle uh triumph, a renault, even old porsches are already doing it and uh.

You know, electric cars are fast and theyll be lighter and lighter, and when they get lighter, theyll work on the balance and they will have every bit as much excitement as any other car out there, plus they will have those beautiful classic car looks like this. Mr2 is just a shape to be reckoned with, uh its a really really good. Looking car, i think uh timepiece, and if you have this timepiece with modern electrics of the day, then you have the best of all worlds and uh wow. I think jose did an incredible job here. Thank you of building this uh classic toyota mr2 ev vehicle. I see the future in this car and uh. It is a fun future. It is a fun and stylish future.