That is pro vlog. I hope you all are doing great, so todays video is gon na be about the 2023 volkswagen id 0.4 gtx, so lets get started for the 2023 model. Air. The volkswagen id 0.4 manufacturing facility is allegedly moving, the all electric suv will be produced in the united states claims car and driver. The german manufacturer now makes the id 0.4 inside the cabin the 2023 id.4 might perhaps receive some design modifications. The id force external appearance is not anticipated to undergo significant changes in its third era of sales, however, the volkswagen has claimed that the interior would change to include a center console. That is more american style. There is huge central display panel now used for the eevee and is unknown if volts vegan plans to add more physical knobs, the 2023 volkswagen id.4 wont be available until, although no release date has been specified if the manufacturing timeline holds, we anticipate it to be available By q4 of 2022, regular id 0.4 is the starting point, but the gtx receives an additional motor, increased torque, modified suspension and stylistic upgrades the volkswagen id 0.4 gtx sports, a sportier design and interior, as well as the various variant specific tweaks. The front bumper of the id.4gtx has three honeycomb daytime running lights on each side, in contrast to the id 0.4, whose bottom half is entirely body colored, the inside of the 80.4 gtx boost are dark. Color schemes and a few subtle, athletic easements here some significant alternations are the gtx fabric seat covering the glass black dashboard trim and the steering wheels with the gtx emblem and red asin.

The dashboards upper portion is the painted a dark x, blue color. Additionally, the front seat backrests top and the sill panel trims have the gtx emblem: volkswagen releases an upgrade for the id.4 gtx on june 15, 2022. to increase consumer interest in the product. With this upgrade the business made the design and comfort optional equipment packages standard. As a result, the heated seats are complete comfort, windshield, two usb c ports, tinted sides of the rear windows, a changeable center console and air care. Climatron dual zone automatic climate control are now included as standard. The id.4 gtx is an awd suv, thanks to an auxiliary electric engines that drive in the front wheels. The combined output of the front and rear motors is 220 kilowatt that is 299 ps. Slash 294 horsepower the id.4 gtx comes fitted with a long range that is 77 kilo watt per hour battery pack. That has a range of up to 500 kilometers that is 311 miles. The maximum dc charging power is 135 kilowatt, which translates to a rapid charging. Time of 36 minutes from 5 to 80 percent, the rays from 0 to 100 kilometer per hour takes 6.3 seconds and the highest speed is electronically caped at 180 kilometer per hour. The id 0.4 gtx is therefore just as speedy as the golf gti. Even yet it isnt nearly as quick as the hatchback, which has a top speed of 250 kilometer per hour. That is limited. The german spec volkswagen id 0.

4 gtx has a energy efficiency rating of 17.2 to 15.8 kilowatt per hour.