We have always imagined silhouette of the new era electrified streamliner. This is the ideal space where your full potential is awakened and your story begins: Music, hi, im mia, a sustainable artist Music for this collection. I recycle trash into fashion. What the world calls trash in art. In order to raise the environmental awareness, i decided to put on attraction show in the metaverse Music to prepare ive been doing lots of long commutes jeans, fishing nets, plastic materials. It takes a lot of effort to find recyclable materials, Music. Good thing. I can use the voice memo function right away while im on the go. It even parks itself too nice. My schedules been hectic, but having a stress, free driving space really helps Music. It assist me in so many smart ways. Even after the sun goes down. Mia still gets all the help she needs with plenty of driving range left for her trip back home now, its time to sit back and relax. The interior lighting sets just the right mood. Theres, no finer cafe is there so mia can use the space for healing and to recharge her body and mind her exhaustion disappears. I wonder what trash and idea shes dreaming of now its the perfect space for mia to finalize the details of her upcoming show Music hi, im, frederick, im, a metaverse designer and i design spaces for the virtual world. I constantly go back and forth between the physical and the virtual in my work, Music and with my workspace too.

Sometimes i work in the studio, and sometimes i work in the car from here to there to anywhere really Music design. Ideas come to me in all sorts of places, even when im driving, but if i hit a creative roadblock, i simply customize the driving mode and then im ready for some fun driving Music. As i drive faster, the lights change and my creativity starts to flow and suddenly a new idea, pops into my head boom, just the spark he needed thats when frederick goes to work Music and does he need to go to the office to do it? Of course, not thanks to this perfect workspace, hes able to turn his ideas into reality, anytime, anywhere, Music, Music Applause, three Music, frederick hi – where are the files? Oh, i completely forgot. Okay, well, im going live in one hour. Please send it to me asap absolutely. I will thank you, hello, im, joan, im a social content creator and i introduce the latest fashion and lifestyle trends to the world and theres no better place to do it from than this cozy space. It also has plenty of room to enjoy a variety of entertainment. Music, but today ill soon be busy broadcasting to let people know about the virtual traction show. First, i simply plug in the device then set up the table and camera and now im ready to socialize with the world and were live hi. Everyone welcome back to joan day today i have special news.

The virtual trash show and joans broadcast has gone live in this space. She can connect with her followers anytime anywhere raising awareness about a virtual trash and show. Finally, the preparations for the show are complete. Perfect. Now lets turn it up and drive Music wait, theres more Music with ionic. You can experience a living space on wheels, allowing for time to gather with your family a living space that accommodates flexible lifestyles and a personalized space that awakens your world ionic for each and every lifestyle.