The company plans on bringing five super cool luxury evs and the development and design of the first model arriving in late 2025 is well progressed by now. One thing is for sure the car will be an incremental product to the ones we have today and wont compete with anything we do well. We wont be having anything to compare with these over the past few weeks, more information about bentleys. First, ever electric vehicle has been coming to light each year. One to two evs will be released, but bentley is keeping their future portfolio under wraps. According to recent speculations, their first electric car would be a crossover based on audis artemis project. The four ringed brand revealed its idea last year, promising a groundbreaking and extremely efficient electric car as early as of 2024. The manufacturer also hinted that the vehicle might have new technology and a highly automated driving system. As a result, bentley will be participating in the artemis platforms development with their present vehicles. They had to start engineering after the platforms were completed. The difference today is that artemis is right there from the start, helping to define it. You and i know that bentley is famed for this strong v8 and w12 engines, but guess what buyers are already considering going? Electric ‘ are considering an electric vehicle as their future vehicle that might not sound great for some motor enthusiasts, but dont worry, though there will be some cool icy engines still on the bentley.

Lineup, hey but dont wait until 2030 cause theyre, not gon na wait until there. Yes, bentley will become an ev only brand with petrol engines phased out by 2030 bentley utilized their beyond 100 event to unveil its audacious goal of being a leader in sustainable luxury transportation. According to the concept, bentley will only sell plug in hybrids and electric vehicles by 2026, the plug in hybrids will be phased out and the manufacturer will become an all electric brand by 2030.. Well, this will be a significant shift, since bentley is the worlds largest maker of 12 cylinder petrol engines which will be phased out in less than a decade. The shift will take time, but by 2023 every vehicle will have a plug in hybrid option. In addition, bentley will introduce its first electrified car in 2025.. Anyways bentley will release two new plug in hybrids next year. The business provided no further details, but spy photographers have already captured an electric flying spur. The second model will very certainly be a facelifted version of the bentayga hybrid, although nothing has been confirmed as of yet bentley is currently investing in two new r d facilities, a vehicle test center and a launch quality facility to support the introduction of these new vehicles. What the company is saying is that this growth and increased priority of digitization enhances bentleys position as a values led organization, complementing client values of sustainability, innovation and cooperation, which are more vital than ever in a digital age.

Every car will adapt a notion of bentliness to electric, with excellent power and innovative user interface concepts that will delight their present consumers and target new customers. According to the company, bentleys expressive design language will be really authentic. They will be enjoyable to drive with effortless elegance. Superb workmanship and refinement and power and performance. Basically, the new transition will not just be about the vehicles powertrain. This will be a total change from what bentley is now. The eco friendly attitude will extend beyond powertrains with bentley, stating that it would utilize only materials produced from sustainable sources across its current and next generation of vehicles. The business would not provide details but did highlight the exp 100 gt concept, which featured copper, infused riverwood, historically, created wool; carpets and litter, like textile upholstery derived from a byproduct of wine, making now thats quite creative huh. Even the crew factory will become more environmentally friendly by reducing energy use and co2 emissions in the future. The facility will also be plastic free and create less waste water. In fact, these guys are planning on making everything related to manufacturing green. The improvements will also assist the factory in becoming more ecologically friendly. Bentley claims that the facility is already carbon neutral, due in part to large solar panels that line the roof. These solar arrays will be increased, as will other environmental issues such as water and waste management. Bentley will also investigate the use of sustainable biofuel in its fleet vehicles, including the vintage fleet.

Bentley also intends to collaborate with suppliers and dealer network to lower emissions. The manufacturer has set a target of becoming carbon neutral across all of its activities by 2030.. So what about the current automobiles? What if you had a 2020 flying spur in your hands? Bentley stated that current vehicles will be phased out and replaced by evs. As a result, the new collection will comprise electric versions of the bentayga suv flying spur sedan, continental gt, coupe and continental gd convertible, as well as maybe one more car bentley desires, an electric vehicle, but is not in a hurry to launch one that gives bentley plenty Of time to decide on the design of its first electric vehicle, there have also been whispers that the eevee may be a mall saints successor. The ev, on the other hand, would need to sit higher to fit a massive battery on the floor, while still being aerodynamically built to maintain a minimum range of 300 to 350 miles according to the designers. They also hinted at one option that was similar to but more extreme than the jaguar i pace. Bentley might take a more traditional approach with solid state batteries, as a smaller battery would be necessary to get the same range as a larger lithium ion one. However, they believe that the technology will not be ready for prime time until closer to the end of the decade. Therefore, bentley will remain with lithium ion technology for its initial ev.

However, unlike many major automakers bentley will rely on plug in hybrid electric cars as part of its transition to all electric vehicles. Bentley presently sells plug in hybrid versions of its bentaiga suv and flying spur sedan for 160 thousand dollars and 208 thousand dollars respectively. Both have engines as well as ev components and range, and as we were speaking in the beginning, another five phevs are likely to be launched in the coming few years, as bentley expects plug in vehicles to account for more than 20 percent of company sales. This year you know, bentley has a tiny lineup in comparison to other manufacturers, with the mull zane, formerly retired. In 2020, the continental gt flying spur and bentaiga are the only models available from the british luxury brand that will soon change and the bentley selection will increase. Even further so yeah you could really witness a great change in the automotive industry soon and if you guys were a great fan of bentley icy engines, sorry to say to you, but you guys might be running out of time. Fossil based vehicles might soon turn out to be like the autobots and transformers over the following decade. The manufacturer will also invest 3.4 billion dollars in sustainability. This will result in the total overhaul of bentleys entire product line, as well as the transformation of the companys crew plant into a world leading next generation. Digital low impact, high value advanced manufacturing facility, while 2025 is still a few years away.

Bentley isnt holding back on electrification, the company claims to be at the forefront of the premium hybrid car market and plans to solidify that position with the arrival of the flying spur phev in 2022, as well as five new variations to the existing bentayga phev. This is, in addition to the companys previously declared aim to offer solely plug in hybrid and electric vehicles by 2026. So what do you guys think? Are you waiting for the new five evs or do you wish to stick to the good old combustion engines? Well, if you asked us, our opinion stands along with sustainability and climate change got ta, do something with it unless it changes us and all these transitions among such kinds of brands make massive improvements. One thing we know for sure is that bentley is planning the biggest product offensive in its 100 year history and by the way, if you guys, are so interested in knowing luxury evs. Why dont you guys take a look at our episode on the cadillac lyric anyways. Please share your thoughts on the new video in the comments area below well, this isnt the end more exciting material will be released in the following days and we here at luxury archetypes, will bring you the best of the best. Meanwhile, do check out our electric vehicle. Playlist linked below in the comments for more eevee videos and thats, all weve got for you today make sure to subscribe to our channel.

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